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A STUDY, Biographical and Somewhat Critical in the History of the Scottish Covenant, by Rev. ROBERT GILMOUR



“I think you will find that this will be received by the press and the public as an admirable and most competent Appreciation of Rutherford.”-Dr Whyte.

“Well written and extremely interesting throughout-the work of a man of much penetration, clear insight, and undoubted capacity for estimating the moral values of the details in a move. ment which has been diversely interpreted. ... Mr Gilmour has given us a capital book, and one which should find many grateful readers at the present moment."-Aberdeen Journal.

“A delightful book, for which we thank both author and publishers.”Witness, Belfast.

“Next to his own classical Letters in Dr Bonar's classical edition, it seems to be the book from which to learn what Calvinism can do in the making of a saint.”—Expository Times.

“The book is luminous with rays of Rutherford's own bright intellect, and fragrant with the aroma of his real saintliness." Presbyterian.

“This clear, sympathetic presentation of his life will be appreciated by many."-Dominion Presbyterian, Ottowa.

A very welcome volume to all who are interested in the history of Scottish Covenant times."

--Scottish Patriot. "A luminous study of a great Scotsman and a great period." -Monthly Messenger.

Mr Gilmour's work is the outcome of a careful examination both of the original and the modern literature bearing upon his subject, and it is written in a style so clear and telling that it possibly brings him under the ban pronounced by Mr Lang upun * rhetorical popular historians.'”Glasgow Herald.

“The author shows a large amount of reading and an ex. cellent knowledge of both Rutherford and his times.”—Free Press, Aberdeen.

“A discriminating, well-balanced, and lucid account of the career of the Saint of the Covenant."-- United Free Church of Scotland Missionary Magasine.

“The book throbs with vitality. The main points in the great struggle are kept prominently before the reader's mind.” - Edinburgh Evening News.

“It is a book that will well repay the reading."-Christian Guardian, Toronto.

“The work has been done with all his heart, and with both care and skill."-Scottish Congregationalist.

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“Mr Gilmour has done his work admirably. We hope that this will not be his last contribution to biography. There is a fine discrimination characterising the book.”—Saint Andrew.

“A popular exposition—a book which may be commended to young people desirous of learning in brief compass something of a man who left a strong impress of his work on the history of his country.”-Scotsman.

“No book could be more appropriate as to the time and manner of its appearance than is this study of Samuel Ruther. ford." -North Britisle Advertiser,

A most excellent book.”—Kilmarnock Herald.

“His presentation of Rutherford is winning, like the saint's own character, and his book is a really valuable contribution to the study of Covenant testimony and literature."-Dunfermline Journal

“The latest biographer of Samuel Rutherford has plainly, at all events, endeavoured to hold the balance level and true in his estimate of this great Scottish reformer. He has certainly done justice to his religious and patriotic enthusiasm, his intellectual acumen, and his strenuous sincerity of conviction.” --Scottish Historical Review.

"For style, spirit, insigḥt, sympathy, and knowledge, it is all that can be demanded or desired." -Outlook, Dunedin, N.Z.

“Has set the Saint of the Covenant in his environments, thereby enabling the reader to see him and understand the motives by which he was actuated, the persons with whom he had to do, the work he accomplished, and the saintly life he lived, which was closed so fittingly with a radiance from Immanuel's land.”—Christian News.

“This is a volume of Church history, which, in the hands of young people, will have a high value, lifting the veil from one of the noblest Christian lives ever recorded. The style is popular, so that the simplest reader will thoroughly enjoy the reading ; while every earnest mind will be moved by the well-told story of the little fair man,' who gave us a book described by Charles Haddon Spurgeon as the nearest thing to inspiration which can be found in all the writings of mere men."-Christian.

Mr Gilmour writes good, clear, nervous English. ... There is a capital index to the book, and the chapters are well laid out. It is a handy, a deeply interesting, and a sanctifying volume.”Reformed Presbyterian Witness.

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