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in opposition to the encroachments of tyrannical and despotic power in Church and State.

“Who Antichrist do thus oppose,

And for truth's cause their lives lay down,
Will get the victory o'er their foes,
And gain life's everlasting crown,

“The mortal remains of Captain Paton sleep amid the dust of kindred martyrs in the Greyfriars' Churchyard, Edinburgh.

“Near this is the burying place of his family and descendants."



“In memory of the late Rev. James Renwick, the last who suffered to death for attachment to the Covenanted Cause of Christ in Scotland-born near this spot, 15th February 1662, and executed at the Grassmarket, Edinburgh, 17th February 1688.

“The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.' Erected by subscription, A.D. 1828."

N a Stone in the CHURCHYARD, North BERWICK.


“Here lies the body of Mr John Blackader, minister of the Gospel at Troqueer in Galloway, who died on the Bass, after five years imprisonment, anno dom 1685, and of his age sixty-three years.

“Blest John, for Jesus' sake in Patmos bound,

His prison Bethel, Patmos, Pisgah found ;
So the bless'd John, on yonder rock confined,
His body suffer'd, but no chains could bind
His heaven-aspiring soul ; while day by day,
As from Mount Pisgah's top, he did survey
The promised land, and view'd the crown by faith
Laid up for those who faithful are till death.

Grace formed him in the Christian Hero's mould,
Meek in his own concerns—in's Master's bold;
Passions to reason chained, Prudence did lead-
Zeal warm'd his breast, and reason cool'd his head.
Five years on the lone rock, yet sweet abode,
He Enoch-like enjoyed, and walk'd with God;
Till, by long living on this heavenly food,
His soul by love grew up too great, too good
To be confined to jail, or flesh or blood.
Death broke his fetters off, then swift he fled
From sin and sorrow, and by angels led,
Enter'd the mansions of eternal joy ;-
Blest soul, thy warfare's done, praise, love, enjoy.
His dust here rests till Jesus come again-
Even so, blest Jesus come,-come Lord. Amen!"




3 Vols., 30/ net. With Supplement, 50/ net. Christian Missions and Social Progress. A Sociological Study of Foreign

Missions. By the Rev. James S. Dennis, D.D., Author of "Foreign
Missions after a Century.” In 3 volumes, royal 8vo, cloth extra. Vol.
I., with upwards of 100 full page reproductions of Original Photographs,
price 10s. net. Vol. II., with 80 do., price 10s. net. Vol. III., price

10s, net. Centennial Survey of Foreign Missions. A Statistical Supplement to

Christian Missions and Social Progress, being a Conspectus of Achieve-
ments and Results at the Close of the Nineteenth Century. By Rev.
James S. Dennis, D.D. Oblong 4to, with Maps and Illustrations.
Cloth extra. Price 20s. net.

21/ and 5/ net. The Great Marquess of Argyll: Life and Times of Archibald, 8th Earl and

1st and only Marquess of Argyll. Dedicated by Special Permission to H.R. H. Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll. By John Willcock, B.D., Lerwick, Author of “Sir Thomas Urquhart, of Cromartie, Knight," etc. With 7 Portraits and other Illustrations. 50 copies on royal 8vo, hand-made paper, bound in art cloth, gilt top, Numbered and Signed by the Author. Cheap Edition, 58. net.

21/ net. A History of the Tron Kirk and Parish of Edinburgh. By the Rev. D. Butler,

D.D., Author of “Thomas a Kempis, a Religious Study,” “Scottish
Abbeys and Cathedrals,” “Eternal Elements in the Christian Faith,"

Crown 4to, fully illustrated, buckram binding.
The Religious House of Pluscardyn. Convent of the Vale of Saint Andrew,

in Morayshire. With Introduction, containing the History and a description of the present state of the Mother-House of Vallis Caulium (Val des Choux) in Burgundy. By the Rev. S. R. Macphail, D.D. Illustrated by 13 Full-page Lithographs, 2 Chromo-Lithographs, a Badge of the Order in gold and colours, 5 Charters in facsimile, and numerous Woodcuts. Only 500 copies printed.



China in Convulsion: The Origin ; The Outbreak; The Climax ; The

Aftermath. A Survey of the Cause and Events of the Recent Uprising.
By Arthur H. Smith, Author of “Chinese Characteristics,” “ Village
Life in China,” &c. In 2 Volumes, demy 8vo, cloth extra, with

numerous Illustrations, Maps and Charts. Lectures on the Epistle to the Hebrews. By Rev. William Lindsay, D.D.

Two vols., demy 8vo. Bible Characters. By Dr Alexander Whyte. 6 volumes bound in art cloth

in a case, price 21s. ; also in balf morocco binding, each 6s. net, or 36s. net for the set.

“By far and away the most complete exposition of Bible Characters yot published."

15) net. Kitto's Daily Bible Illustrations. Sunday School Edition. 8 vols., cloth,

in cloth box. See page 13.

12/ net, and 21/ net.

The most complete HOGARTH ever published. Hogarth's Works. With Life and Aneodotal Descriptions of the Pictures

by J. Ireland and J. Nichols. The Work includes 150 Illustrations reduced in exact facsimile of the Original Plates. In 3 volumes, large crown 8vo, art buckram, in a case 12s. uet. Also in half fair calf, gilt top, in case 21s. net.


A History of Missions in India. By Julius Richter, D.D. Translated by

Sydney H. Moore, Master in the School for sons of Missionaries, Black

heath. Outline of a History of Protestant Missions from the Reformation to the

Present Time. A contribution to modern Church History, by G. Warneck, D.D. Translated from the latest edition by arrangement with the Author, and revised by George Robson, D.D. Demy 8vo, cloth extra,

with Portrait and Maps. The Lore of Cathay; or the Intellect of China. In five parts, Arts and

Science, Literature, Philosophy and Religion, Education, History.
By the Rev. W. A. P. Martin, D.D, LL.D., Author of A Cycle of

Cathay,” etc.
Tho Races of European Turkey : Their History, Condition, and Prospects

By Edson L. Clark. Square 8vo.

7/6 net. Scotland, Historic and Romantic. By Maria Hornor Lansdale. Large crown

8vo, cloth extra, with twenty-three Portraits, and thirteen Coloured Maps. John Thomson of Duddingston-Pastor and Painter. A Memoir with a

Critical Review of his Works. By William Baird, F.S. A. Scot. New and cheaper Edition. With numerous Woodcuts in the text, and 12 fullpage Photogravures. Fcap 4to, elegantly bound.

7/6 Some Nineteenth Century Scotsmen. Being Personal Recollections by

William Knight, Eneritus Professor of Philosophy in the University

of St Andrews. Demy 8vo, cloth binding, gilt top. Arabia : The Cradle of Islam. By Rev. S. M. Zwemer, F.R.G.S. Studies in

the Geography, People and Politics of the Peninsula ; with an account of Islam and Missionary Work. Demy 8vo, canvas binding, with Maps and numerous Illustrations from Drawings and Photographs.


6Continued. Village Life in China. A Study in Sociology. By Arthur H. Smith, D.D.

Author of “Chinese Characteristics." Demy 8vo, art linen, with

numerous Illustrations. Fourth edition. Chinese Characteristics. By Arthur H. Smith, Twenty-seven Years &

Missionary of the American Board in China. New and enlarged edition,

with numerous Illustrations. Demy 8vo, art linen. A Cycle of Cathay. Or, China South and North, with Personal Reminis.

cences. By the Rev. W. A. P. Martin, D.D., LL.D., ex-President Emeritus of the Imperial Tung-wen College, Peking; Author of “The Chinese : their Education, Philosophy, and Letters,” etc. Demy 8vo,

art canvas, with Map and numerous Illustrations. Jerusalem the Holy. A Brief History of Ancient Jerusalem ; with an

Account of the Modern City and its Conditions, Political, Religious, and
Social. By Edwin Sherman Wallace. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, with 15

Illustrations and 4 Maps.
Persian Life and Customs. With Scenes and Incidents of Residence and

Travel in the Land of the Lion and the Sun. By S. G. Wilson, M. A., fifteen years a missionary in Persia. Second edition, demy 8vo, cloth

decorated, gilt top, with Map and Illustrations. Memoirs of the Life, Time, and writings of the Reverend and Learned

Thomas Boston, A.M., sometime Minister at Simprin, afterwards at
Ettrick. New Edition, with Introduction and Notes by the Rev. George H.
Morrison, M. A., Glasgow, and Recommendatory Note by Alexander Whyte,

D.D. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, with Portrait and other Illustrations. Lectures, Exegetical and Practical, on the Epistle of James. By Rev. R. Johnstone, D.D. Crown 8vo, cloth. Second edition, revised.

6/ net. The Poetical Works of sir Walter Scott. With the Author's Introductions,

Notes, and Appendices, together with the Annotations of J. G. Lockhart and others. New Edition, with four Photogravure Frontispieces by Marshall Brown. In 4 volumes, post 8vo, art cloth. Also in 4

volumes, half fair calf, gilt top, 15s. net. Dawn in the Dark Continent. By James Stewart, M.D., D.D., Lovedale.

New edition. Demy 8vo, handsome binding, with Nine Coloured Maps

and Portrait of the Author. Synthetic Bible Studles. Containing an Outline Study of overy Book of the

Bible, with Suggestions for Sermons, Addresses, and Bible Exposition.
By James M. Gray, D.D., Author of “How to Master the English
Bible.” New Edition, revised and enlarged. Demy 8vo.

6/ 1. The Web of Time. By Robert E. Knowles. Large crown 8vo. 2. The Undertow. By Robert E. Knowles. Large crown 8vo. 3. St Cuthbert's of the West. By Robert E. Knowles. Large crown 8vo,

cloth extra. 4. Ian of the Orcades ; or, The Armourer of Girnigoe. By Wilfred Camp

bell. Large crown 8vo.

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