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Էջ 53 - An act to encourage the importation of pig and bar iron from His Majesty's colonies in America; and to prevent the erection of any mill or other engine for slitting or rolling of iron; or any plating forge to work with a tilt hammer, or any furnace for making steel, in any of the said colonies, 1749.
Էջ 53 - WE do therefore hereby farther ordain, that from and after the Date hereof, no Mill or other Engine for Slitting or Rolling of Iron, or any Plating Forge to work with a Tilt-Hammer, or any Furnace for making Steel...
Էջ 208 - Company, and their successors, the sole trade and commerce of all those seas, straits, bays, rivers, lakes, creeks and sounds, in whatsoever latitude they shall be, that lie within the entrance of the straits commonly called Hudson's Straits, together with all the lands and territories upon the countries, coasts, and confines of the seas, bays, lakes, rivers, creeks, and sounds aforesaid, that are not already actually possessed by or granted to any of our subjects, or possessed by the subjects of...
Էջ 208 - YIELDING AND PAYING yearly to us, our heirs and successors, ' for the same, two elks and two black beavers, whensoever and as often as we, our heirs and successors, shall happen to enter into the said countries, territories and regions hereby granted...
Էջ 53 - Baltic are so nice, they even expect to be paid all in crown pieces. On the contrary, all the iron they receive from the plantations, they pay for it in their own manufactures, and send for it in their own shipping.
Էջ 188 - The General Mining Association, as tenants of the Crown, and of his late Royal Highness the Duke of York, are lessees of all the mines and minerals of every description in the province of Nova Scotia Proper, and in the island and county of Cape Breton.
Էջ 199 - The Sydney mines are situated on the north-west entrance, of Spanish River, or Sydney harbour, a harbour equal, if not superior, to any in British America, and which is accessible in all winds. It is here that the most extensive operations of the Association are carried on.
Էջ 173 - ... Prairies is exceedingly diversified. Along the eastern border, especially towards the north, there is an abundance of limestone, interspersed with sandstone, slate, and many extensive beds of bituminous coal. The coal is particularly abundant in some of the regions bordering the Neosho river ; where there are also said to be a few singular bituminous or ' tar springs,' as they, are sometimes called by the hunters. There are also many other mineral, and particularly sulphur springs, to be met...
Էջ xli - ... however favorably situated in other respects, not plentifully supplied with this mineral, need hope to rival those that are, in most branches of manufacturing industry.
Էջ 30 - Apalachian mountains, being in fact the end or termination only of the great ridges passing through the continent. European geographers, however, extended the name northwardly as far as the mountains extended ; some giving it, after their separation into different ridges, to the Blue Ridge, others to the North Mountain, others to the Alleghany, others to the Laurel Ridge, as may be seen by their different maps.

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