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that gentleman, that he earnestly wished to have a conference with the Pope, on a business of infinite importance, and which admitted of no delay. It was not difficult to perceive the state of this poor man's mind; the good-natured ecclefiaftic endeavoured to foothe and amufe him, putting off the conference till a diftant day; in hopes that means might be fallen on, during the interval, to prevail on him to return to his own country. A few days after this, however, he happened to go to St. Peter's church at the very time when his Holiness was performing fome religious ceremony. At this fight our impatient missionary felt all his paffions inflamed with irrefiftible ardour; he could no longer wait for the expected conference, but bursting out with zealous indignation, he exclaimed, "O thou beaft of nature, with feven "heads and ten horns! thou mother of "harlots, arrayed in purple and fcarlet, "and decked with gold and precious "ftones


"ftones and pearls! throw away the golden

cup of abominations, and the filthinefs "of thy fornication!"


You may eafily imagine the astonishment and hubbub that fuch an apoftrophe, from fuch a perfon, in fuch a place, would occafion; he was immediately carried to prison by the Swifs halberdiers.

When it was known that he was a Britifh fubject, fome who underflood English were ordered to attend his examination. The firft queftion afked of him was, "What "had brought him to Rome?" He answered, "To anoint the eyes of the fcarlet whore "with eye-falve, that fhe might fee her "wickedness." They afked, "Who he

meant by the scarlet whore?" He answered, "Who elfe could he mean, but her who "fitteth upon feven mountains, who hath "feduced the kings of the earth to com"mit fornication, and who hath gotten "drunk

"drunk with the blood of the faints, and
"the blood of the martyrs ?" Many other
queftions were asked, and fuch provoking
anfwers returned, that fome fufpected the
man affected madness, that he might give
vent to his rancour and petulance with
impunity; and they were for condemning
him to the gallies, that he might be taught
more fenfe, and better manners. But when
they communicated their fentiments to
Clement the Fourteenth, he faid, with
good humour, "That he never had heard.
"of any body whofe understanding, or
politeness, had been much improved at
"that fchool; that although the poor
"man's firft addrefs had been a little rough
"and abrupt, yet he could not help con-
fidering himself as obliged to him for
"his good intentions, and for his under-


taking fuch a long journey with a view "to do good." He afterwards gave orders to treat the man with gentleness while he remained in confinement, and

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to put him on board the first ship bound from Civita Vecchia to England, defraying the expence of his paffage, However humane and reasonable this conduct may be thought by many, there were people who condemned it as an injudicious piece of lenity, which might have a tendency to fink the dignity of the facred office, and expose it to future infults. If such behaviour as this did not pafs without blame, it may be easily fuppofed, that few of the late Pope's actions efcaped uncensured; and many who loved the easy amiable difpofitions of the man, were of opinion, that the spirit of the times required a different character on the Papal throne. This idea prevailed among the Cardinals at the late election, and the Conclave is supposed to have fixed on Cardinal Braschi to be Pope, from the fame motive that the Roman fenate fometimes chofe a Dictator to restore and enforce the ancient dif cipline.






IUS the Sixth performs all the religious functions of his office in the most folemn manner; not only on public and extraordinary occafions, but also in the most common acts of devotion. I happened lately to be at St. Peter's church, when there was scarcely any other body there: while I lounged from chapel to chapel, looking at the fculpture and paintings, the Pope entered with a very few attendants; when he came to the statue of St. Peter, he was not fatisfied with bowing, which is the ufual mark of respect fhewn to that image; or with kneeling, which is performed by more zealous perfons; or with kiffing the foot, which I formerly imagined concluded the climax of de


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