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the temple was dedicated. The river, moving with augmented rapidity as its channel is confined, at length rushes headlong over a lofty precipice ; the noise of its fall resounds through the hills and groves of Tivoli; a liquid cloud arises from the foaming water, which afterwards divides into numberless small cascades, waters several orchards, and, having gained the plain, flows quietly for the rest of its course, till it loses itself in the Tiber. It is not surprising that the following lines have been so often quoted by those who visit the Sibyl's Temple, because they delineate, in the most expressive manner, some of the principal features of the country around it.

Me nec tam patiens Lacedæmon,
Nec tam Lariffæ percussit campus opimæ,

Quam domus Albuneæ resonantis,
Et præceps Anio, et Tiburni lucus, ut uda

Mobilibus pomaria rivis *


* But me not patient Lacedæmon charms,

Not fair Larissa with such transport warms,


The elegant and graceful form of the beautiful little temple I have so often mentioned, indicates its having been built when the arts were in the highest state of perfection at Rome. Its proportions are not more happy than its situation, on a point of the mountain fronting the great cascade.

Before they take their leave of Tivoli, strangers usually visit the Villa Estense, belonging to the Duke of Modena. It was built by Hippolitus of Efte, Cardinal of Ferrara, and brother to the duke of that name; but more distinguished by being the person to whom Ariosto addressed his poem of Orlando Furioso. The house itself is not in the finest style of architecture. There are many whimsical waterworks in the gardens. Those who do not approve of the taste of their construction, still owe them

As pure Albuneus' rock resounding fource,
And rapid Anio, headlong in its course,
Or Tibur, fenced by groves from solar beams,
And fruitful orchards bath'd by ductile streams.



some degree of respect, on account of their being the first grand waterworks in Europe; much more ancient than those of Versaillese The situation is noble, the terraces lofty, the trees large and venerable ; and though the ground is not laid out to the greatest advantage, yet the whole has a striking air of magnificence and grandeur.

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RESCATI is an agreeable village,

on the declivity of a hill, about twelve miles from Rome. It derives its name from the coolness of the air, and fresh verdure of the fields around. It is a bishop's fee, and always possessed by one of the six eldest Cardinals. At present it belongs to the Cardinal Duke of York, who, whether in the country or at Rome, passes the greatest part of his time in the duties and ceremonies of a religion, of whose truth he seems to have the fullest conviction; and who, living himself in great fimplicity, and not in the usual style of Cardinals, spends a large proportion of his revenue in acts of charity and benevolence; the world forgetting, by the world forgot, except by those who enjoy the comforts of life through his bounty.

Tivoli was the favourite residence of the ancient Romans. The moderns give the preference to Frescati, in whose neighbourhood fome of the most magnificent villas in Italy are situated.

The villa Aldobrandini, called also Belvedere, is the most remarkable, on account of its fine situation, extensive gardens, airy terraces, its grottos, cascades, and waterworks. Over a saloon, near the grand cafcade, is the following inscription :


HIC DELPHI, HIC HELICON, HIC MIHI DELOS ERIT *. The walls are adorned with a representation of Apollo and the Muses; and some of that God's adventures are painted in Fresco by Domenichino, particularly the manner in which he treated Marsyas. This, in my humble opinion, had better

Hither I, Apollo, have come, accompanied by the Muses. This ihall henceforth be our Delphos, Delos, and Helicon.


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