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e homme à gros ventre,” said he; and while he spoke, his teeth began to chatter. ". Ah, Diable, voilà mon chien d'accés—cet “ homme qui marche comme un Di“ Di-Dindon, c'est l'aumonier du regiment.”

I begged he would allow himself to be put to bed, for by this time he was all over shivering with the violence of

the ague.

“ Non, non, ce n'est rien,” said he, “ il « faut absolument que je vous conte cette « histoire. Cet homme qui l'engraisse en

nettoy-nett-et-et-en nettoyant l'ame " de mes soldats, faisoit les yeux doux à la “ femme d'un Ca-Ca---Caporal-Diantre

je n'en peux plus. Adieu, mon ami, c'est “ la plus plaisante hist--fis-pelte ! de6 mandez mes gens.”

He was put to bed directly. I found the court below full of soldiers, who had come to enquire after their Colonel. Before I had reached the street, the Marquis's Valet-deChambre overtook me, le ris sur la bouche,


li 3

et les larmes aux yeux, with a message from his master.

The soldiers crowded about us, with anxiety on all their countenances. I assured them, there was no danger ; that their Colonel would be well within a very few days. This was heard with every mark of joy, and they dispersed, to communicate the good news to their comrades,

" Ah, Monsieur," said the Valet, addressing himself to me, “ il est tant aimé de

ces braves Garçons ! et il merite fi bien « de l'être !"

Next day he looked better, and was in his usual spirits; the day following, he was still better; and having taken a proper quantity of the bark during the interval, he had no return of the fever. As he has promised to continue the use of the bark, in sufficient doses, for some time, and as relapses are not frequent at this season of year, I am persuaded the affair is over,


the year,

and that he will gradually gain strength till he is perfectly recovered.

He received me with less gaiety than usual, the day on which I took my leave, and used many obliging expressions, which, however

you may smile, I am entirely difposed to believe were sincere; for Altho' the candy'd tongue lick absurd pomp, And crook the pregnant hinges of the knee, Where thrift


follow fauning:
Why should the poor be fatter'd ?

Just as I was returning, we heard the music of the troops marching off the parade.-“ Apropos,” cried he, “ How do your affairs

your Colonies ?” I said, I hoped every thing would be arranged and settled



go on with

“ Ne croyez vous pas,” said he, u

que ces Messieurs," pointing to the troops which then passed below the window, “ pourroient entrer pour quelque chose dans “ l'arrangement?"

I faid,


I said, I did not imagine the Americans were such fools as to break all connection with their friends, and then risk falling into the power of their enemies.

que ces

“ Il me semble," answered he, « Mesrieurs font asiez peu de cas de votre “ amitié, et aufli, quand vous aurez prouvé

qu'ils ont tort, il ne s'en suivra pas que

vous ayiez toujours eu raison.” “ Allons," continued he, seeing that I looked a little grave, point d'humeur;" then seizing

permettez moi, je vous prie, “ d'aimer les Anglois fans haïr les Améri

my hand,“

“ cains.”

I soon after parted with this amiable Frenchman, whose gaiety, wit, and agreeable manners, if I may judge from my own experience, represent the character and difposition of great numbers of his country


After a very agreeable journey by Gray, Langres, and Troyes, we arrived at thiş capital a few days ago.

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LTHOUGH it is a considerable time

since my arrival, yet, as you made fo long a stay at Paris while we were in Germany, I could not think of resuming my observations on the manners of this gay metropolis.

It has been said, that those times are the most interesting to read of, which were the most disagreeable to live in. So I find the places in which it is most agreeable to reside, are precisely those from which we have the least inclination to write. There are so many resources at Paris, that it always requires a great effort to write letters, of any

considerable length, from such a place. This is peculiarly my case at present, as I have the happiness of passing great part


time with Mr. Andrew Stuart, whom I found at this hotel on my arrival. The integrity, can



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