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In the language of OTAHEIT2.- By M. de BOUGAINVILLB.

(With an interlined Translation, according to Capt. Cook's

GLOSSARY.) * Prettyman to call liar interjection

Peetimai, tooo too, 000, taata, Allaheueeai ! Insincere man to cuff liar nasty Prettyman Hamaneeno, eparoo, taata, erepo, Peetimai.


In the language of Terra INCOGNITA (viz.

AUSTRALIS), by the noted Mr. Bruce.

[A translation is requested by the earliest discoverer, the original being left at the publisher's for his inspection by the author, who has most kindly communicated the following representation of the genuine words, adapted to the English type.—May we not presume to suggest the infinite service Mr. M‘PHERSON would render to his country, were he generously to embark in the first outward-bound ship for Terra AUSTRALIS-No man in Eu. Rope being so well qualified for the useful station of universal linguist and decypherer to the savages—“ I decus, I nostrum.] . ...


* Pestimai is wonderfully near the original Prettyman, considering that, after every effort, the inhabitants of Otaheite could not approximate to the name of Banks nearer than OPANO-nor of Cook, than TooTE.

Hot. Tot.
Hum. Scum.

Hot. Tot.
Row. Row.

Kiken. Ass.

K16sen. Ass.
Licen. Tock.

Kiken. Ass. Tot.

We must apologize to several of our more erudite correspondents, for suspending some short time the publication of their most curious epigrams on the Doctor. We have not the least objection to the extra expence necessarily incurred on the present occasion, by the purchase of a variety of antique types. Nay, we have actually contracted with the celebrated CASLON, for the casting of a proper quantity of the Coptic and RUNIC characters, in order to the due representation of the PRETTYMANIANA, communicated by Professor White, and Mons. MAILLET. As it might be some time, however, before Mr. Caslon, even with the assistance of Mess.


Fry and Son's foundery, can furnish us with the Persic, SYRIAC, and CHACHTAW types, we cannot promise the Doctor the insertion of the Gentoo REBUS, or the New ZeaLAND ACROstic in the present edition. ..


Missing from the genealogies of the new Peers—three FATHERS--five MOTHERS-nine GRANDFATHERS-fourteen GRANDMOTHERStwenty GREAT-GRANDFATHERS-and nearly, twice the number of GREAT GRANDMOTHERS -also some COMPLETE GENERATIONS OF AN: CESTORS.

i. " ? If any person can give notice at the HeRALD'S OFFICE of any Fathers, Mothers, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Great-grandfathers, and Great-grandmothers, worth owning, of the names of C , D ,H- , L-om, P , E , &c. &c. &c. so as that the said Fathers, Mothers, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Great-grandfathers, and Greatgrandmothers, may be taken and restored to the advertisers, the person so informing, for

every such notice, shall receive ONE GUINEA" reward, and no questions shall be asked.

And if any person will undertake to find ANCESTORS BY THE GENERATION, for every regular descent of not less than three, and not more than five, he shall receive TWO GUINEAS each ancestor ; and for every regular descent of not less than six, and not more than ten, he shall receive FIVE GUINEAS each ancestor, and so in proportion for any greater number.

A HANDSOME COMPLIMENT will also be given, in addition to the rewards above proposed, for ANCESTORS who distinguished themselves under JAMES II. CHARLES II. and CHARLES I. in the cause of PREROGATIVE. Likewise an extraordinary price will be paid for the discovery of any ANCESTOR of REMOTE ANTIQUITY and HIGH FAMILY; such as the immortal Duke Rollo, companion of WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, and founder of the present illustrious family of ROLLE. Et

N. B. No greater reward will be offered, aş THE HERALDS have received directions for making New..

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-But what says my good LORD BISHOP OF LONDON to this same WESTMINSTER SCRUTINY-this daily combination of rites, sacred and profane-ceremonies religious and political under his hallowed roof of St. Ann's CHURCH, Soho? Should his Lordship be unacquainted with this curious process, let him know it is briefly this:-At ten o'clock the High Bailiff opens his inquisition in the Vestry, for the perDITION OF Votes, where he never fails to be honoured with a crowded audience. At eleven o'clock the High Priest mounts the rostrum in the Church for the SALVATION OF SOULS, without a single body to attend him; even his corpulent worship, the clerk, after the first introductory AMEN, filing off to the Vestry, to lend a hand towards reaping a quicker harvest !—The alternate vociferations from Church to Vestry, during the different serVICES, were found to cross each other sometimes in responses so apposite, that a gentleman who writes shorthand was induced to take down part of the

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