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Church-medley-dialogue of one day, which he here transcribes for general information, on a subject of such singular importance, viz. High Bailiff. I cannot see that this here

fellow is a just vote. CURATE.—In thy sight shall no man living be

`justified.Mr. Fox. I despise the pitiful machinations

of my opponents, knowing the just cause

of my electors must in the end prevail. CURATE.- And with thy favourable kindness

shalt thou defend him as with a shield.WITNESS.He swore d-n him if he did not

give Fox a plumper! CLERK_" Good Lord! deliver us.Mr. MORGAN.-I stand here as Counsel for

Sir Cecil WRAY. CURATE.--" A general pestilence visited the land.

serpents and FROGS defiled the boly temple." Mr. Phillips.-Mr. High Bailiff, the auda

city of that fellow opposite to me would almost justify my chastising him in this sacred place; but I will content myself with rolling his heavy head in the neigh

bouring kennel. CURATE.— ** Give peace in our time, O Lord !" Sir Cecil WRAY.-I rise only to say thus

much, that is, concern myself— I though as for the matter of myself, I don't care, Mr. High Bailiff, much,

about it Mr. Fox:-Hear! hear! hear!.. *** CURATE.-" If thou shalt see the ass of bim that

bateth tbee lying under bis burtben, thou shalt

surely help bim.Sir Cecil WRAY. I trust –I dare say—at

least I hope I may venture to think that my Right Hon. friend—I should say enemy-fully comprehends what I have

to offer in my own defence, CURATE.—“As for me I am a worm, and no

man; a very scorn of men, and the outcast of the people !fearfulness and trembling are come upon me, and an borrible dread over

whelmed me! ! !High BAILIFF.-As that fellow there says he

did not vote for Fox, who did he poll

for? ¿CURATE.-" BARRABAS !—now Barrabas was

a robber.

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High BAILIFF.—This here case is, as I'may

say, rather more muddier than I could

wish. Deputy Grojan.—Ce n'est pas clair-I tink,

Sir, with you. Curate.-Lighten our darkness, we beseech

thee, O Lord!Mr. Fox.--Having thus recapitulated all the

points of so contradictory an evidence, I leave you, Mr. High Bailiff, to decide

upon its merits. CURATE." He leadeth Counsellors away spoiled,

and maketh Judges fools." High Bailiff.—I don't care three brass pins

points about that there—though the poor feller did live in a shed; yet as he says he once boiled a sheep's head under his own roof, which I calls his castbillum

argyle, I declares him a good wote ! CLERK: -“ Ob Lord! incline our hearts to keep

this law." BAR-KEEPER.- Make way for the parish

officers, and the other gemmen of the

Westry. Curate." I said my house should be called a

bouse of prayer, but ye bave made it a den of thieves !

. . Mr. Elcock.~Mr. High Bailey! Sir, them i there Foxites people are sniggering and . tittering on the other side of the table ;

and from what I can guess I am sure it

can be at nobody but you or me. Curate.“ Surely I am more brutisb than any

man, and have not the understanding of a

man !Sir Cecil WRAY. I am sure this same

SCRUTINY proves sufficiently burthen

some to me. CURATE." Saddle me an ass, and they saddled




High Bailiff.—Mr. HARGRAVE here, my

counsel, says—it is my opinion that this wote is legally substantiated accordimg

to law. CURATE.-“ So Mordecai did, according to . 'all that JEHOSAPHAT commanded bim!. Mr. Phillips.—And now, friend MORGAN,

having gone through my list of thirty votes, and struck off twenty-six bad, from that number, I will leave you to make your own comment thereon.

CURATE.-" And lo! when they arose in the

morning, they were all dead corpses !High Bailiff.--But for God's sake, good

Sir, in that case, what will the people

justly say of me? CURATE.—“ Let a gallows be erected fifty cubits

bigh, and 10-morrow speak unto the King, that MORDECAI may be banged thereon !"

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