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To all you young men, who are famous for changing,
From party to party continually ranging,
I tell you the place of all places to breed in,
For maggots of corruption's the heart of Billy Eden.

Then give him a place, oh! dearest Billy Pitt O!
If he can't have a whole one, oh! give a little bit O!


On Sir Elijah Impés refusing to resign his Gown as Chier.

Justice of BENGAL.

Or yore, Elijah, it is stated,
By angels when to Heav'n translated,
Before the saint aloft would ride,
His prophet's robe he cast aside ;
Thinking the load might sorely gravel
His porters on so long a travel ;
But our Elijah somewhat doubting,
To him Saint Peter may prove flouting,
And wisely of his mantle thinking,
That its furr'd weight may aid his sinking,
Scornful defies his namesake’s joke,
And swears by G-d he'll keep his cloak.



On reading Mr. Rose's Pamphlet on the Irish Propo


Uncramp'd yourself by grammar's rules,
You hate the jargon of the schools,

And think it most extremely silly ;
But reading your unfetter'd prose,
I wish the too-licentious Rose

Was temper'd by the chaster LILLY *.

• A famous grammarian, well known for his excellent rules, and fill more for the happy classical quotations he has furnished to Sir GEORGE HOWARD, and others of the more learned Ministerial speakers.

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WHEREAS it hath been made known to us, from divers good and respectable quarters, in several parts of the empire, that a practice of great and salutary consequences to the health, wealth, and good order of our subjects; to wit, that of TEA-DRINKING, has of late years been very much discontinued : AND WHEREAS

it is a true and admitted principle in all free · governments, that the efficient Minister is the

best and only judge of what suits the constitution, pleases the appetite, or is adapted to the wants of the subject. NOW IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, and strictly ordained, by and with the advice of the Prive Council, that all his Majesty's liege subjects, of all ranks, descriptions, or denominations whatever, be henceforward, and from the date hereof, required and enjoined, under the penalty of a premunire, to drink, swill, and make away with a certain quantity of the said nostrum and salutary decoction in the course of each natural day, in the order and proportion as directed and ascertained in the list or schedule herein after following, viz."

1. To every DUKE, Man Qur's, EARL, V18Count, and BARON, within his Majesty's kingdom of Great Britain, one pound per day --If G'REEN be too strong for theit nerves, they may use souCHONG.–The method of making it, that is to say, strong, weak, and so on, is left to the noble personages themselves.

II. To every Irish ditto, two pound per ditto. This will be no inconvenience, as smuggled claret will not be in future to be had.

III. Duchesses, Duchess Dowagers, COUNTESSES, and 'BARONESSES, one pound per ditto. As this regulation is not intended to hurt his Majesty's Customs, a mixture of LIQUEURS will be permitted as usual.

IV. Maids of HONOUR, CHAPLAINS, the MEMBER:s of the CLUB AT White's, and other young gentlemen of that Rank and DESCRIPTION (being pretty nearly the usual quantity), two pound per ditto.

V. To COUNTRY 'SQUIRES, FOX-HUNTERS, &c. as a most agreeable substitute for stinGO and October, three pound per ditto.

VI. TO DRAYMEN, CHAIRMEN, and Bargemen, instead of PORTER, two pound per ditto.



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