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VII. To the Commonalty of this Realm, to drink with their victuals and otherwise, at one pound for each person per ditto.

AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that no excuse or plea whatever shall be deemed valid, for the non-compliance with the above regudations ; AND that whoever shall pretend, that the said wholesome and benign decoction, either does not agree with him, or is more expensive than his finances or state of life will permit, shall be only considered as aggravating the offence of disobedience, by a contumacious doubt of the better knowledge of his superiors, and a ridiculous endeavour to seem to be better acquainted with his own constitution and circumstances, than the efficient Minister of the country. Given at our Palace in DOWNING-STREET,

this 2416 Day of June, 1784.

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Many doubts having arisen, principally z' among the gentlemen who belong to the

same profession with the Master of the
Rolls, whether that distinguished character
has really sent à draft to the High Bar-
Liff of WESTMINSTER, for the ex pences of
a late trial and 'verdict in the Common
Pleas; and although the fact ist not ex-
actly as it has been represented, yet the
following authentic' letter will sufficiently
evince the generous intentions of Sir
LL-D, as soon as he becomes rich enough
for him to answer so heavy a demand. At
present, all who know the very circum-
scribed state of his income, compared with
the liberality of his expenditure-who con.
sider the extent of those different establish-
ments, which he feels it necessary to keep

up by way of preserving the dignity of his ii

high office-his wardrobe and table for ininstance-will acknowledge the plea of po

yerty to be justly urged.

for min



, My dear and faithful friend, Tho. Corbett, :7 “I anticipate your application to me, for

the expences of defending yourself against the action brought by that fellow, Fox. If

eternally damning the jury would pay the " verdict, I would not scruple to assist you to

the utmost of my abilities. Though ThurLOW is against us upon this point, and to swear with him, you know, would be just as

vain a thing as to swear with the Devil; but, :- my friend, the long and the short of this

matter is, that I am wretched poor-wretchedly so, I do assure you, in every sense and signification of the word. I have long borne the profitless incumbrance of nominal and ideal wealth. My income has been cruelly estimated at seven, or, as some will have it, eight thousand pounds per annum. The profession of which I am a Member, my dear THOMAS, has taught me to value facts infinitely more than either words or reasons. I shall save myself, therefore, the mortification of denying that I am rich, and refer you to


the constant habits, and whole tenor of my life. The proof to my friends is, easy-Of the economy which I am obliged to obserye in one very necessary article, my taylor's bill for these last fifteen years, is a record of the most indisputable authority. There are malicious souls, who may object to this, as by no means the best evidence of the state of my wardrobe; they will direct you, perhaps, to Lord SFÖRMONT'S Valet de Chambre, and accompany the hint with an anecdote, that on the day when I kissed hands for my appointment to the office of Attorney-General, I appeared in a laced waistcoat that once belonged to his master. The topic is invidious, and I disdain to enter into it.- I bought the waistcoat, but despise the insinuation—nor is this the only instance in which I, am obliged to diminish my wants, and apportion them to my very limited means. Lady K. will be my witness, that until my last appointment, I was an utter stranger to the luxury of a pocket handkerchief.q.i . “ If you wish to know how I live, come and satisfy yourself-I shall dine at home this day three months, and if you are not engaged, and breakfast late, shall be heartily glad of your company; but in truth, my butler's place is become an absolute sinecure-early

habits of sobriety, and self-denial, my friend, have made me what I am-have deceived the approach of age, and enabled me to support the laborious duties, and hard vicissitudes of my station. ' r ..

.;.$Besides, 'my dear BAILIFF, there are many persons to whom your application would be made with infinitely more propriety than to me. The nature of PeppeR ARDEN is mild, gentle, accommodating to the exa treme, and I will venture to engage that he would by no means refuse a reasonable contribution. MACDONALD is, among those who know him, a very proverb for generosity i and will certainly stand by you, together with DUNDAS and the LORD ADVOCATE, if there be fidelity in Scotchmen. BEARCROFT too' will open his purse to you with the same blind and improvident magnanimity with which he risqued his opinion in your favour ; besides, you are sure of Pitt.--A real zeal for your welfare, a most disinterested friend ship, and some consciousness that I have ma. terially helped to involve you ; and, believe me, not the sordid motive of shifting either the blame, or the expence upon the shoulders of others, have made me thus eagerly endea, vour to put you in the way of consulting

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