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While Thurlow damns these cold delays, ,
Mysterious diamonds vainly blaze, . .

The impending vote to check ;
K.B. and Peer, let HASTINGS shine,
Impey, with pride, will closely twine

The collar round his neck.

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Ennobling thus the mean and base,
Our gracious S 's art we tracc,

Assail'd by factions bold;
So prest, great Frederick rose in famé,
On pors de chambre stamp'd his name *,

And pewter pass'd for gold.

Tactions bold;

Should restive Sydney keep the seal,
Jenky, still shew oficial zeal,

Your friend, your master, charm;
Revive an ANGLO-Saxon place to
Let George's feet your bosom grace,

Your love will keep then warm.

• The King of PRUSSIA replenished his exhausted treasury in the war of 1756, by a coinage of pewter ducats.

+" Besides the twenty-four officers above described, there were'eleveu others of considerable value in the courts of the ancient Princes, the most remarkable of which was, that of the King's feet-bearer ; this was a young gentleman, whose duty it was to sit on the floor, with his back towards the fire, and hold the King's feet in his bosom all the time he sam at table, to keep them warm and comfortable."

Leges Wallica, p. 58.--Henry's History of Great Britain, 7. 2. ff275.

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Æli, vetusto nobilis a Lamo,
Quando et priores hinc Lamia ferunt
Denominatos, &c.

ELI-JAH, noblest of the race
Of * Imps, from whom the Impers trace,

If common fame says true,
Their origin ; and that they found
Their claim on just and solid ground,

Refer for proof to you

You, who could post nine hundred miles,
To fathom an old woman's wiles,
· Possess'd of dangerous treasure;
Could hurry with a pedlar's pack
Of affidavits -at your back,

In quest of health and pleasure.

And all because the jealous Jove +
Of Eastern climes thought fit to prove

· * MILTON makes honourable mention of the founder of the family: « Fit vessel, fittest Imp of Fraud."

Paradise Los:, b. IX. . It may be observed, in proof of the descent, as well as to the credit of the present Representative, that he has not degenerated from the charace teristic “ obliquity" of his Ancestor.

+ Late Tyrannus.

The venom of his reign ;
On which, to minds of light esteem,
Some few severities might seem

To leave a transient stain.

Soon * on your head from yon dark sky,
Or WoodFall's Hasty Sketches lye,

The gather'd storm will break !
Deep will the vengeful thunder be,
And from the sleep he owes to thee,

Shall NuNdCOMAR awake!

Then arm against the rude attack,
Recall thy roving memory back,

And all thy proofs collect !
Remember that you cannot gain
A second hearing to explein,

And + therefore be correct.

* Demissa tempestas ab Euro

Sternet-Nisi fallit Augur

Anosa Cornix.
+ See Declaration of Sir E , offered to the House by Mr.





To the Tune of " LET THE SULTAN SALADIN," in

RICHARD C@ur de Lion,

Let great George his porkers bilk,
And give his maids the sour skim-milk;
With her stores let Ceres crown him,
Till the gracious sweat run down him,
Making butter night and day :

Well! well!
Every King must have his way;
But to my poor way of thinking,

True joy is drinking.


BILLY Pitt delights to prose,
'Till admiring Grocers dose;
Ancient Virgins all adore him,
Not a woman falls before him ;
Never kissing night nor day:

Well! well!
Every child must have its way;
But to my poor way of thinking,

True joy is drinking.


You too, Hastings, know your trade ! No vile fears your heart invade, When you rove for Eastern plunder, Making Monarchs truckle under, Slitting windpipes night and day:

Well! well! . Governors will have their way ;. · But to my poor way of thinking,

True joy is drinking.


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