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To the Tune of A COBLER THERE WAS," &c. ****


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Ye boobies of Britain, who lately thought fit
The care of the state to a child to commit,
Pray how do you like your young Minister's budget?
Should he take your last farthing, you never can grudge it,

Derry down, &c.

A tax on your heads! there'd be justice in that;
But he only proposes a tax on your hat;.
So let every ENGLISHMAN throw up his beaver,
And hollo, Prerogative Billy for ever!

Derry down, &c.

Not being much favour'd with female applauses,
He takes his revenge on their ribands and gauzes ;
Then should not each female, Wife, Widow, or Miss,
To Coventry send master Biliy for this ?

Derry down, &c. .

How oft has he told us his views were upright!
That his actions would all bear the test of the light! !
Yet he sure in the dark must have something to do,"
Who shuts out both day-light and candle-light too...

i .. Derry down, &c.

John Bull's house is tax'd, so he plays him a trick, "?
By cunningly laying a duty on brick; '
Thus John for his dwelling is forc'd to pay twice, is!!..
But Billy hopes John will not smoke the device. ini

" Derry down, &c.

What little we may have by industry made;'.
We must pay for a licence to set up a trade;
So that ev'ry poor devil must now be tax’d more
For dealing in goods that paid taxes before. ..

Derry down, &c.

The Callico-printers may beg if they please,' .
As dry as a sponge he their cotton will squeeze;
With their tears let them print their own linens, cries he,
But they never shall make an impression on me.

: Derry down, &c.

The crazy old hackney-coach, almost broke down,
Must now pay ten shillings instead of a crown;
And to break him down quite, if the first will not do't,
Ten shillings a-piece on his horses to boot.

Derry down, &c.

The tax upon horses may not be severe,
But his scheme for collecting it seems very queer;
Did a school-boy e'er dream of a project so idle ?
A tax on a horse by a stamp on a bridle!

Derry down, &c,

The tax upon sportsmen I hold to be right,
And only lament that the tax is so light; .
But, alas ! it is light for this palpable cause,
That sportsmen themselves are the makers of laws !

Derry down, &c.

He fain would have meddled with coals, but I wot
For his fingers the Gentleman found them too hot;
The rich did not like it, and so to be sure,
In its place he must find out a tax on the poor.

Derry down, &c. ...

Then last, that our murmurs may teaze him the less,
By a tax upon paper he'd silence the press;. -
So our sorrow by singing can ne'er be relax'd,
Since a song upon taxes itself must be tax’d.

. . . Derry down, &c.

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But now it is time I should finish my song, .
And I wish from my soul that it was not so long,
Since at length it evinces in trusting to Pitt,
Good neighbours, we all have been cursedly bit.

Derry down, &c.


While Burke, in strains pathetic, paints
The sufferings dire of Gentoo saints,

From Holy City * driven ;
Cries Hastings, I admit their worth,
I thought them far too good for earth,

So pack'd them off to Heaven.


MAJOR SCOTT's Defence of the Rohilla MASSACRE.

So poor Rohillas overthrown,

That Hastings has no mercy shown
In vain, crics Scott, to prove you strive ;

By G-d he never murder'd one,
For half are still alive.

+ BENARES, the Mecca of HINDOSTAN.


And whoever believeth not all this shall be damned.

... . Sr. Athanasius.


or ones


The Members of Opposition are all equally poor-yet the poor ones are wholly maintained by the rich.

Notwithstanding the above is their only support-yer their only means of living arises at the gaming table. ..

Though these poor dogs win so much money at BROOKES's--YET the Members of Brookes's are all equally indigent.

Opposition cannot raise a shilling—YET they maintain an army of scribblers, merely to injure, an immaculate Minister, whom it is not in their power to burt.

They are too contemptible and infamous to obtain a moment's attention from any. gentleman or man of sense, and the people at large hold them in general detestationYet the gentlemen and men of sense, who conduct the Ministerial papers, are daily employed to attack these infamous wretches, and in endeavouring 10 convince people who are already all of one mind.

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