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Their characters are so notorious that no person can be found to give them credit for a shilling-YET they are constantly running in debt with their tradesmen.

They are obliged to sponge for a dinner, or else must go without-yet they indulge themselves in every species of debauchery and dissi. pation.

Their prose is as devoid of argument as their verse is of wit-yet whole troops of ministerial writers are daily employed in answering the one and criticising the other:

Their speeches are laughed at and despised by the whole nation-YET these laughable and despicable speeches were so artfully framed, as alone to raise a clamour that destroyed the wisest of all possible plans, THE IRISH PROPOSITIONS.

They have traiterously raised a flame in IRELAND-Yet the Irish are too enlightened to attend to the barkings of a degraded faction.

Their Rolliads and Odes are stark nonsense--yėt the sale has been so extensive as to bave new clothed the whole BLUE AND BUFF GANG.

They are possessed of palaces purchased out of the public plunder—yet they have not a bole to hide their beads in.

The infernal arts of this accursed faction, and not his measures, have rendered Mr.




Pitt unpopular-YET 'is: Mr. Pitt much more popular than ever. i . ':*.. . .

In short, OPPOSITION are the most unpo-, pular, popular; poor, rich; artless, artful; incapable, capable ; senseless, sensible ; neglectful, industrious ; witless, witty ; starving, pampered ; lazy, indefatigable ; extravagant, penurious ; bold, timid; hypocritical, unguarded; set of designing; blundering ; low-minded, highminded; dishonest, bonests knaves, as were ever honoured with the notice of the MINISTERIAL NEWSPAPERS. .

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October, 1787. "Told the Chairman the Company had long been in want of four regiments of King's forces—said it was the first he had heard of it-told him he must require them as absolutely necessary for the safety of India—the man appeared staggered ; reminded me of my usual caution ; grumbled out something

about recruits being cheaper ; muttered that I expected too much from him, and talked of preserving appearances.--Called him a fool, and ordered him to do as he was bid.

October, November, December, January.--Employed in disputes with those damned fellows the Directors--would not have my regiments

-told them they must-swore they would not--believe the Chairman manages very badly—threatened to provide transports, to carry out the troops at the Company's expence-found afterwards I had no rightordered Pitt to bring in a Declaratory Bill!

February 25th.--Bill brought in—badly drawn-turn away Russel, and get another Attorney-General—could not make MulGRAVE speak-don't see what use he's of.

March 3d.—Bill read a second time-SHERIDAN very troublesome-much talk about the constitution-wish Pitt would not let people wander so from the question. · March sth.—Bill in a Committee—Members begin to smell mischief—don't like it-Pitt took fright and shammed sick—was obliged to speak myself—resolved to do it once for all-spoke four hours—so have done my duty, and let Pitt now get out of the scrape as well as he can.


, March 7th. -Pitt moved to recommit the bill-talked about checks and the constitue tion-believe he's mad. Got into a damned scrape about cotton-second time I've been detected-won't speak any more.--N. B. Not to let BARing come into the Direction again. -Fox spoke-Pitt could not answer him, and told the House he was too hoarse-forgot at the time to disguise his voice. .

March gth.-Got THURLOW to dine with us at Wimbledongave him my best Burgundy and Blasphemy, to put him into good humour.- After a brace of bottles, ventured to drop a hint of business--THURLOW damned me, and asked Pitt for a sentiment-Pitt looked foolish-GRENVILLE wise-MulGrave stared-Sydney's chin lengthened tried the effects of another bottle. ---Pitt began a long speech about the subject of our meeting---SYDNEY fell asleep by the fireMulgrAVE and GRENVILLE retired to the old game of the board, and played push-pin for ensigncies in the new corps-GRENVILLE won three.--Mem.-To punish their presumption, will not let either of them have : one. 1. .. . . .

Thurlow very queer.--He swore the bill is absurd, and my correspondence with those cursed Directors damned stupid. However,



will vote and speak with usPitt quite sick of him--says he growls at every thing, proposes nothing, and supports any thing. · N. E. Must look about for a new Chancellor-Scort might do, but cants too much about his independence and his consciencewhat the devil has he do with independence and conscience abbesides he has a snivelling trick of retracting when he is caught in a lie -hate such puling fellows~GEORGE HARDINGE not much better-must try him tho' will order him to speak on Wednesday.

Took Port to town in my chariot-drove to Berkeley-street-get Pirt to the door, but he would not come in-lounged an hour with CHARLOTTE-promised her a company in one of the new regiments for a disbanded private of the Horse Guards. Why not order the whole House to be qualified at DrumMOND's, and charge it to the Company's secret service?

March 10th. -Sent for TWINING—when he came, had by me a large bason of his SouCHONG-drank it without a wry face—the most nauseous black draught I ever swallowed-swore it was excellent-quoted a sentence from Cicero, which I got from PRETTYMAN for the occasion-promised to put TWINING on my House-list next year, give him one of the Chairs, and put the Tea

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