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you would be willing to live a life of sin, and go to heaven when you die, admits of no question; but to deny all ungodliness and every worldly lust, and engage actively and perseveringly in the service of Christ-this is more than you choose to undertake. Say then, if you perish, where will the blame of your perdition rest, if it do not rest upon yourself? When God says to you, "Thou hast destroyed, or art destroying thyself," what hast thou to answer? What answer will you be prepared to give, when that fearful charge shall ring in your ears, in connexion with the irrevocable sentence that dooms you to everlasting burnings?

2. You may gather some light from this subject, in respect to the process of becoming a Christian. It often happens in respect to persons under the awakening influences of God's Spirit, that they are exceedingly perplexed in respect to the course they shall pursue; in respect both to the nature of the desired change, and the means by which it is to be effected. But if what you have heard be correct, this difficulty must be in a great measure removed. What you have to do is to choose God as the portion of your soul; his service as the employment of your life; his will as the rule of your duty; his glory as the end of your actions. Now I admit that you cannot make this choice unless you really see ground for it; but if you do not see it, remember it is your sin, not your apology. Yield yourself then, I pray you, to solemn reflection on your own wretched condition as a sinner; on the character of God; on the law of God; on the reasonableness of the claims which he makes upon you; on the provision which he offers for your salvation; and in all this cast your self on the influences of his Spirit, beseeching him to work within you both to will and to do. You see then that religion begins in reflection; and reflection, under a divine influence, leads to that decisive act by which Christ is chosen as the soul's everlasting portion.

3. Finally Happy they who have secured this good part! Only let me be assured that a fellow-mortal is interested in Christ's salvation, and in the estimate which I form of his happiness, I will not ask whether he is a king or a beggar; whether he is clothed in rags, or in purple and fine linen; whether the dark cloud of affliction is hanging over him, or he is rejoicing in the effulgence of earthly prosperity. Because, whether his home be a cabin or a palace, whether his path through the world be planted with thorns or strewed with roses, I know on the authority of Eternal Truth, that ere long he will be a king and a priest unto God, will breathe the air, and rejoice in the beams, and join in the melody, and walk about the golden streets of the heavenly paradise. I know that there will be a crown upon his head, and that his heart will be full of ecstasy, while he casts that crown at his Redeemer's feet, and bows and sings and shouts with holy reverence and seraphic fire. Art thou afflicted then, Christian? Bear it without a word. Art thou poor? No, thou art heir to all the treasures of heaven. Does thy conflict seem sharp and bitter? God thy Redeemer is coming to terminate it quickly, and cause that spirit now struggling with corruption to rise, and soar, and range upon the plains of immortality. Oh is it any wonder that the dying Christian, with heaven in his eye and heaven in his soul, longs to depart? Is it any wonder that it is so often the last office of the faltering tongue to exclaim, “Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly!"

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1. The Monthly Numbers, usually contain two Sermons.

II. Price, One Dollar and Twenty-five Cents, annually, on the receipt of the sixth Number, or One Dollar and Fifty Cents, on the receipt of the twelfth Number; or One Dollar only, if paid in advance, or on becoming a Subscriber.

III. Such as do not pay up arrearages and give the Editor notice of a desire to discontinue taking the work at the end of a Volume, are responsible for the succeeding Volume,-agreeably to common law in regard to periodicals.

Postmasters are hereby authorized to receive and forward payments to the Editor, at his risk, as well as names of Subscribers.

Correspondents will be careful in naming the individuals to whom credit is to be given, and the Post-Office and State to which the Work is to be sent.

Letters may

be directed, FOST-PAID, to


150 Nassau-street, New-York.


From the Quarterly Christian Spectator.

"We do not hesitate to say, that Mr. Dickinson has adopted one of the happiest expedients hitherto devised, for eliciting that diversity of gifts,' in the Christian ministry, which infinite wisdom and benevolence have bestowed for the edification of the body of Christ, and for bringing sinners to the foot of the cross."

From Professors of Princeton Theological Seminary.

The plan, proposed by the Rev. AUSTIN DICKINSON, of publishing a Monthly Series of Sermons, from the pens of respectable ministers of different denomisations of Christians in the United States, is one, which, in our opinion, may be endered highly interesting, and extensively useful. We do therefore willingly ecommend the undertaking to the patronage of the Christian community. A. ALEXANDER. SAMUEL MILLER,

The following persons are authorized to receive and forward payments to the Editor.

Powelton, J. H. Burnet.
Clarkesville, Thomas J. Rusk.
Athens, Leander A. Erwin.
Carmel, Isaac Proctor.
Milledgeville, Leona.d Perkins.
Darien, Bayord E. Hand,
Macon, C. B. Elliott.
Columbus, James Hoge.
Cincinnati, George T. Williamson.
Ellsworth, L. W. Lethingwell.
Salem, Luther Humphrey
Morgan, J. B. Hawley.
Brownbelin, Henry Brown.
Hudson, Harvey Coe.
Marietta, Douglas Putnam,
Chilicothe, F. E. Robinson,


Portland, G. Hyde & Co.
Bangor, Cyril Pearl.
Bristol, Aaron Blaney.
Brown's Corner, Theodore S. Brown.
Jefferson, Francis Shepherd.
Saco, Samunl Moody.
Wiscasset, B. Young
Warren, Jesse Page.
Hollowell, Simon Page.
Bloomfield, Joseph Locke.
Whitefield, David Crowell.
Ellsworth, Joseph A. Wood.
West Jefferson, F. Shepherd.
South Berwick, Charles E. Norton.
Belfast, Noyes P. Hawes,

NEW-HAMPSHIRE. Keene, Abijal. Kingsbury. Concord, John West, Portsmouth, Nathaniel March. Plainfield, Levi Bryant Boscowan, Jaines West.

Middlebury, E. Brewster.
Rutland, Charles Walker.
Sharon, Chester Baxter.
Bennington, Stephen Hinsdale
Burlington, C. Goodrich.
Springfield, Nomlas Zobb.
Norwich, C. Partidge.
Grafton, Fabius Bancroft.
Vershire, F. S. Spencer.
Chelsea, Calvin Noble.
Castleton, Erastus Higbey.

Union College, James Nichols,
Venice, Sherman Beardsley.
Youngstown, A. G. Hinman.
Troy, William Pierce.
Sag Harbour, Samuel Phillips.
Buffalo, Sylvester Eaton.
Oxford, William Gile.
Ithaca, Jedediah Beebee.
Homer, Jesse Searle.
Fishki, James Given.
Waterford, Elijah H. Kimball.
Napoli, Win. J. Wilcox.
Meridith, O. Tuttle.
Deurott's Corner, John Demott
East Ridge, Levi Gaylord.
Potsdam, B. G. Baldwan.
Spencertown, Win, Niles.
Brooklyn, C. S. Lord.

Boston, A. Russel, 5 Cornhill.
Salem, Whipple & Lawrence.
Newburyport, Charles Whipp'e.
Springfield, Solomon Warriner.
Northampton, Simeon Butler & Son.
Amherst, J. S. & C. Adams,
Amherst College, Eli W. Harrington.
Greenfield, A. Phelps.
Pittsfield, A Danforth.
Plymouth, Ezra Collier.
Wrentham, Robert Blake.
Worcester, James Wilson.
Berkley, Asaliel Hathaway.
Stockbridge, Oliver Partridge.
Cummington, Wm. Packard.
Andover, N. S. Hunt.
Whateley, James Smith.
New-Braintree, A. Bigelow.
Conway, C. Arins.

Woburn, Benjamin Wynan.
Hatfield, Benjamin Shelden.
Ware, Thomas T'hwing.
Windsor, E. Dorrance.


New-Haven, Nathan Whiting.
Hartford, Goodwin & Co.
Woodsto, George Bowen.
New Loon, E. Chesebrough.
Norwich, John Hyde.
Stonington, Giles R. Hallam.
Greenwich, Esbon Husted.
Lyme, O J. Lay.
Farmington, A. F. Williams.
Middletown, Samuel Southmayde
Norwich City, Russell Hubbard.
Mansfield, Z. Stoors.
Warren, H. Talcott.
Haddam, J. Marsh.
Canterbury, J. Johnson.
Berlin, Ambrose Edson.
Colebrook, G. H. Bass,
Winstead, Josiah Smith
Suffield, Charles Sherman.
Middle-Hadilam, Edward Root.
Torringford, E. Goodman.

Princeton, Lewis C. Gunn.
Newark, Amos Holbrook.
Morristown, P. A. Johnson,
Bloomfield, Z. B. Dodd.
Springfield, A. Stites.

Philadelphia, B. Wells, 17 Franklin-

Huntingdon, I. Dorland.
Meadville, D. Andrews.
Pittsburgh, Robert Patterson.
Harrisburgh, Danie! M'Kinley,
Braintrim, H. W. Northup
Wilkesbarre, O. Collins.
Bethany, Jason Torrey.
Alexandria, John Porter.
Landisburg, Francis Kelly.
Lisburn, William Lloyd..
Carlisle, James Loudon, Jr.
Oil Creek, J. L. Chase.
Uniontown, Daniel Black.
New-Berlin, Micbael Bobst.

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Richmond, R. J. Smith.
Petersburg, A. G. M⚫livaine.
Norfolk, Shepard K. Kollock,
Romney, John Jack.
Powhatan C. H. Thomas Scott.
Lynchburg, John C, Reid.
Charlotte C. H., Rev. A. W. Clopton.
Otter Bridge, W. L. Bell.
Fredericksburg, Layton 7. Atkins.
Lexington, John G. Caruthers.
Prince Edward, C. Calhoun.
Rocky Mount, M. W. Jackson.
Diamond Grove, B. B. Wilkes.
Roanoke Bridge, J. B. Morton,
Rappahannock Acad., B. Anderson.
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Jetersville, Thomas E. Jeter.

Albany, George J. Loomis.
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Auburn Seminary, A. C. Hall & Co.
Utica, E. Vernon,
Rochester, Louis Chapin.
De Ruyter, Sylvester Aylesworth.
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Syracuse, Pliny Dickinson,
Johnstown, Josiah C. Leonard.


Munfordville, J. T. S. Brown
Danville, Robert Russell.
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Lexington, Thomas Dolan.
Louisville, Wm. Hart.
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Paris, M. R. Alexander.
Quincy, H. H. Snow.
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Columbia, Joshua B. Frierson.
Shelbyville, Alexander Newton.
Lebanon, A. Bradshaw,
Hillsboro, G. W. Richardson:
Farmington, S. W. Calvert.

Newbern, Thomas Watson.
Wilmington, W. D. Cairns.
Lincolnton, David Reinhardt.
Halifax, Sidney Weller.
Milton, Richard Bullock,
Alexandriana, Andrew Montgomery.

Charleston, D. W. Harrison.
Camden, Thomas M'Millan.
Beaufort, David Turner.
Edgefield, A. B. M'Whorter.
Conwayboro', Henry Durant.
Lexington C. H., J. Meetze.

Savannah, J. C. A. Johnston.
Augusta, Andrew J. Miller.
Riceborough, David Stelson.
Wrightsborough, Joseph Barnes
Hilsboro, Oliver Morse.
Mount Zion, Joul Kelsey

Mobile, Robert A. Nicol!.
Huntsville, William Leech.
Somerville, M. C. Houston.
Bainbridge, Henry M. Lewis.
Florence, J. H. Weakly.
Courtland, John White.
Shelby C. H., Thomas W. Smith.
Ashville, Archibald Sloan.
St. Stephens, R. Chamberlain.
Clinton, John A. Stebbins.
Decatur, H. M. Rhodes.

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Of this Sermon about thirty thousand copies have already been distributed. It is stereotyped, and such arrangements are made that any quantity will be furnished at $25 a thousand, on application to the Editor, 144 Nassau-street, N. Y., or to A. Russel, 5 Cornhill, Boston, or B. Wells, 17 Franklin-Place, Philadelphia.

Says the N. Y. Evangelist; "It is admirably adapted to tell upon the churches generally, and ought to be universally circulated." Says the Journal of Humanity; "The author's Appeal to American Youth, on the same subject, has had an unprecedented circulation: we commend this pamphlet to equal patronage." Says the Journal of Health; "It contains an appeal to all sects and denominations, and ought to be in every fainily throughout the land."


UPWARDS of fifty Clergymen, of five Christian denominations, and belonging to sixteen different States, most of whom are well known to the public as Authors, have furnished, or encouragéd the Editor to expect from them, Sermons for this Work; among whom are the following:

Rev. Dr. Richards, Professor in the Theological Seminary at Auburn; Rev. Dr. Proudfit, Salem, and Rev. Mr. Beman, Trey; Rev. Drs. Meson, Milnor, Mathews, Spring, Woodbridge, and De Will, New-York City; Rev. Dr. MDowell, Elizabethtown, N. J.; Rev. Drs. Alexander and Miller, Professors in Princeton Theological Seminary; Rev. Professor MClelland, Rutgers College, New-Jersey; Rev. Drs. Green, Skinner, and Bedell, Philadelphia; Rev. Dr. Taylor, Professor in New-Haven Theological Seminary; Rev. Dr. Fuch, Professor of Divinity, Yale College; Rev. Asahel Nettleton, Killingworth, Con.; Rev. Dr. Wayland, President of Brown University; Rt. Rev. Bp. Griswold, Salem, Ms.; Rev. Dr. Griffin, President of Williams College; Rev. Dr. Humphrey, President of Amherst College, Ms.; Rev. Dr. Beecher, Boston; Rev. Professors Porter, Woods, and Stuart, of Andover Theological Seminary; Rev. Dr. Fisk, President of the Wesleyan University, Middletown, Ct.; Rev. Daniel A. Clark, Bennington, Vt.; Rev. Dr. Rates, President of Middlebury College; Rev. Dr. Mathews, Hanover Theological Seminary, Indiana; Rev. Dr. Rice, Union Theo. Sem., Virg.; Rev. Dr. Tyler and Rev. Dr. Payson, Portland, Me.; Rev. Dr. Lord, President of Dartmouth College; Rev. Dr. Church, Pelham, N. H.; Rev. Dr. Leland, Charleston, S. C.; Rev. Dr. Coffin. President of E., Tennessee College; Rev. Prof. Halsey, Western Theo. Seminary. Rev. Dr. Hawes, Hartford, Conn.

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