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And you can The duty will never Will you do it now?

Christ is a Savior, then as a sinner trust in that Savior. do it now, as well as at any other time; yea, better. be different from what it now is-never easier. Now, while God waits to be gracious; and Jesus stands with arms extended, and with open heart to receive you; and the blessed Spirit striveth with you; now, when all things are ready, and all circumstances favor; now, in the strength of God, will you do it? What is your decision? It is known in heaven. It is recorded there.

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From the President of Yale College.

"Allow me to express my decided approbation of the object and plan of the National Preacher. It has opened a new channel for the religious influence of the press. It gives a durable form to a selection of able discourses; and probably gains for them a more attentive perusal, by distributing them, not in volumes, but in smaller portions, at regular intervals of time. The execution, so far as I have observed, is such as to satisfy the public expectation."

From the Rev. Asahel Nettleton.

"I have read, as I have had opportunity, the Numbers of the National Preacher, with great satisfaction. I regard it as a work peculiarly desirable to Clergymen, and at the same time, as worthy of a place in every intelligent family."

From the President and Professors of Amherst College.

"Mr. Dickinson has a clear and discriminating mind; and is himself, at once, an able writer and preacher. Having spent four years at the South and West, and become extensively acquainted with Ministers and Christians of different denominations; and having at the same time, an intimate knowledge of the religious state and wants of New-England; perhaps no man is better qualified to make a powerful and salutary impression on the public mind, by combining (and in a sense directing) the talents of our most eminent Divines in his Monthly Preacher.

"Most sincerely do we wish him the co-operation of those, whose name and influence may make the Work a blessing to many thousands.”

From Professors of Princeton Theological Seminary.

"The plan, proposed by the Rev. Austin Dickinson, of publishing a Monthly Series of Sermons, from the pens of respectable ministers of different denominations of Christians in the United States, is one, which, in our opinion, may be rendered highly interesting, and extensively useful. We do therefore willingly recommend the undertaking to the patronage of the Christian community."

From the Quarterly Ch. Spectator.

"We do not hesitate to say, that Mr. Dickinson has adopted one of the happiest expedients hitherto devised, for eliciting that diversity of gifts,' in the Christian ministry, which infinite wisdom and benevolence have bestowed for the edification of the body of Christ, and for bringing sinners to the foot of the cross."


A few entire Sets of the back Nos. can be had at the Subscription price, through Booksellers or Merchants sending to New-York.

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