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Art. VII.-Contributions to Midwifery, No. V.-On the In-

fluence of Ergot of Rye on the Fætus in Utero. By Thomas

EDWARD Beatty, M. D., M.R.I. A., Fellow of, and Pro-

fessor of Midwifery to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ire-

land; Physician to the City of Dublin Hospital; Consulting

Accoucheur to the South Eastern Lying-in Hospital; Vice-

President of the Dublin Obstetrical Society; and Honorary

Member of the Obstetrical Society of Edinburgh,


Art. VIII.-Two Cases of Scirrhus of the Pancreas, with

Observations on the Diagnosis of Affections of that Gland.

By Francis BatteRSBY, A.B., M.B., T.C.D.; Fellow

of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; one of the

Medical Attendants of the Dublin Institution for the Dis.

eases of Children, and of the Sick Poor Institution; and for-

merly Demonstrator of Anatomy in the School of Medicine,



ART. IX.-Observations on Climacteric Disease, with Cases.

By Henry Kennedy, M.B.T.C.D., L. R.C.S.I.; one of

the Medical Officers of St. Thomas's Dispensary, .


Art. X.-Cases of Aneurism of the Aorta. By Robert Law,

M. B., A.M., M.R.I. A., Professor of the Institutes of Me-

dicine in the School of Physic in Ireland; Physician in

Ordinary to Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital, &c. &c. .


Art. XI.-Observations on a peculiar nervous Affection inci-

dental to Travellers in Sicily and Southern Italy. By J.

HungerFORD Sealy, Esq., M.D., A. B., late Resident

Physician at Florence, Messina, &c.


Art. XII.-On the dark abdominal Line, and the Formation of

an umbilical Areola, as Signs of Delivery; in a Letter to the

Editor of the Dublin Medical Journal. By W. F. Mont-

GOMERY, M.D., Professor of Midwifery in the King and

Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland, .


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