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Φιλοσοφίαν δε ου την Στωικήν λέγω, ουδε την πλατωνικήν, ή την Επικουρείον τε
και 'Αριστοτελικήν· αλλ' όσα είρηται παρ' εκάστη των αιρεσέων τούτων καλώς,
δικαιοσύνης μετά ευσεβούς επιστήμης εκδιδάσκοντα, τούτο σύμπαν το ΕΚΛΕΚ.
TIKON φιλοσοφίαν φήμι.-CLEM. ALEX. Strom. L. Ι.

[blocks in formation]

LONDON: Printed by G, H. WARD AND CO., Bear Alley, Farringdon Street, THE


For JULY, 1844.

Art. I. Irish Regium Donum inconsistent with the Kingly Rights of Christ

and the freedom of his Church; being a Report of the proceedings at the presentation of an Address and Testimonial to the Rev. James Bryce, of Killaig, from the Congregations under the care of the Associate Pres

bytery of Ireland. London: Jackson & Walford. MODERN reviewers and journalists, and quasi conservative statesmen are not the only parties who have found Ireland their greatest difficulty.' Almost every successive administration have for ages had their hands filled with the troubles of, or the remedies for, the sister island. The projects advocated, whether by the Edinburgh Review, the Times newspaper, or Young England politicians, have been often contemplated, and as often abandoned. The philosophical mind of Bacon was perplexed and confused by the difficulties of governing Ireland for the benefit of an established church, and sought a compromise. He had ‘four points' for reducing that country to civility and justice, to obedience and peace. He would extinguish the relics of war; and deprecated too much blood-letting. He earnestly desired that the people might be assured of the good intentions of the state : 'that the queen seeketh not an extirpation of that people, but a reduction, and that now she hath chastised them by her royal power and arms according to the necessity of the occasion, (how gracious!) her majesty taketh no pleasure in the effusion of blood, or displanting of ancient generations,' and that her majesty's princely care is principally and intentionally

the action' (improvement?) ‘of Ireland; and that she seeketh not so much the ease of charge, as the royal performance of the office of protection, and reclaim of those her subjects;





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