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Also find many elegant articles of dress for their consideration, as Coats, Sacques, etc., and the most varied and beautiful
Clothing for School, Home, and special wear for Children.





E. F. KUNKEL'S BITTER WINE OF IRON. For the cure of weak stomach, general debility, indigestion, disease of the nervous system, constipation, acidity of the stomach, and all cases requiring a tonic. The Wine includes the most agreeable and efficient salt of Iron we possess, Citrate of Magnetic Oxide, combined with the most energetic of vegetable tonics—Yellow Peruvian Bark. The effect in many cases of debility, loss of appetite, and general prostration, of an efficient Salt of Iron combined with valuable Nerve tonic, is most happy. It augments the appetite, raises the pulse, takes off muscular Rabbiness, removes the pallor of debility, and gives a florid vigor to the countenance. Do you want something to strengthen you? Do you want a good appetite? Do you want to build up your constitution? Do you want to feel well? Do you want to get rid of nervousness? Do you want energy? Do you want to sleep well? Do you want brisk and vigorous feelings? If you do, try Kunkel's Wine of Iron. This truly valuable tonic has been so thoroughly tested by all classes of the community, that it is now deemed indispensable as a Tonic medicine. It costs but little, purifies the blood and gives tone to the stomach, renovates the system and prolongs life. I now only ask a trial of this valuable Tonic, Price $1 per bottle. E. F. KUNKEL, Sole Proprietor, Philadelphia Pa. Ask for Kunkel's Bitter Wine of Iron, and take no other make. Sold only in $1 bottles. All others are counterfeit, so beware of them.



E. F. Kunkel's Worm Syrup never fails to destroy Pin Seat and Stomach Worms. Dr. Kunkel is the only successful Physician in this country for the removal of Worms. He removes Tape Worm with head and all complete, alive, in 2 hours, and no fee until removed. Send for circular, or call on your Druggist, and get a bottle of Kunkel's Worm Syrup. Price $1. It never fails.

239 N. NINTH STREET, Philadelphia,

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Literary contributions, in Prose and Poetry, solicited from first-class writers in all parts of the country.

When not used they will be returned if sufficient postage accompanies the same.

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The publishers of Potter's AMERICAN MONTHLY take The Editorial Departments will be somewhat increased pleasure in announcing that they have increased the Editorial and present greater variety. The Department of NOTES AND Staff of the Magazine, and are making special efforts in all QUERIES, which has been so widely praised, will continue a directions to make it more valuable and attractive than ever special feature of the Magazine. The Department of CURbefore. The Historical feature, which has given the Monthly RENT, MEMORANDA will continue to discuss in a pleasant, philo. such an enviable reputation throughout the country, will sophical, conversational, unpartisan way, the great Moral, Pobe retained in it, during 1877, to a sufficient extent to litical, Educational and general “ Topics of the times.” Spemake it still the most desirable periodical publication of cial attention will be given to the latest Scientific data and this sort in America. At the same time, lighter, popular discussions in all parts of the world. Careful, able reviews of and modern subjects will receive more frequent and forcible leading English and American publications, will form a strong treatment.

feature of the Monthly Art and Architecture will receive
During the year the publishers expect to have the pleasure frequent attention, both in the body of the Magazine and in
of furnishing Dr. Blackwood's promised series, on “ Archi- the Editorial departments. And towards the close of each
tectural Progress as seen in the Religious Buildings of the number, as space and the native wit of the world will permit,
World;" the Doctor's ill-health having prevented earlier each month, it is proposed to give under the head of Gossip
preparation. Also a series of valuable papers by an able AND NOTE-BOOK, such touches of humor and incidents of
writer, on the “ Republics and Republicans of the Past;" social life as it may seem worth while to make room for in a
also a series of charming articles on the “New South and publication of this kind.
its Cities.” Several short stories from the best writers, have Meantime, to meet a general demand for a first-class
been promised, and some brilliant sketches of travel and family Magazine, at a price within the reach of all classes
adventure. Several leading Americans will furnish articles of readers, the price of the AMERICAN MONTHLY will be
on topics of general interest, with which each is especially reduced for next year from $4 to $3 per annum. For

other inducements see Prospectus on fourth page of cover.
Philadelphia Inquirer, October 26, 1876.

The Standard, Syracuse, New York.
POTTER'S AMERICAN MONTHLY.- This Magazine may POTTER'S AMERICAN MONTHLY is preēminently the Cen.
now be ranked among standard periodicals. The current tennial Magazine and invaluable in every American family
number presents a full and interesting table of contents, and circle, and can scarcely be rivalled by any publication of the
is rich in historical illustrations.

kind in the way of most valuable matter relating to the men

and events of a century ago. The Sabbath Recorder, Nero York.

The Argus, New York. POTTER'S AMERICAN MONTHLY.-This admirable family magazine fully sustains the reputation it has earned as an

This magazine shows in a notable manner how history American periodical of the first class, an exponent of true

may be stripped of its supposed or real dryness and be made American sentiment, a delineator of American History positively more in:eresting than the very best romance. and Progress.

The Easton Daily Free Press.

POTTER'S AMERICAN MONTHLY.–We are in receipt of The Christian Intelligencer, New York.

the current number of POTTER'S AMERICAN MONTHLY, POTTER'S AMERICAN MONTHLY fills a peculiar niche a profusely and ably illustrated and edited magazine, devoted and supplies a peculiar want in our American periodi. to History, Literature, Science and Art. This is an adcal literature. Though not one of the oldest, it is certainly mirably conducted publication that cannot fail to be highly one of the best magazines published in this country.

useful as a companion and instructor in every household.

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