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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1853

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With this being an election year, I'm drawn more than usual to history and events that shaped our nation. Having read this, I'm interested to read other farewell addresses. Read full review

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I'm reviewing the short story of 'The Valley of the Worm' and not a collection by that name. Howard presents another of his reincarnation tales, this time his main character recalls a previous life ... Read full review

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Էջ 34 - JN Maffitt, US Navy, assistant in the Coast Survey, in command of the schooner Gallatin, has executed the soundings of the bar of the Cape Fear River, commencing at the most southern point of Cape Fear, extending at a distance of from two and a half to three and a half miles from shore to the northward and westward, including the main bar, middle ground, and western bar, the river up to New Inlet, that bar, and the Sheep's Head ledge.
Էջ 118 - Fuca ; but with the long interval between the Oregon district and the entrance of the Gulf of California we are very superficially acquainted, and but little is known of the interior of that extensive Gulf. In the present state of those countries it does not appear necessary to push our survey into their inner waters ; but there can be no doubt that the coasts of Mexico, Guatemala, and New...
Էջ 102 - ... decomposing the curves of rise and fall into a diurnal and semidiurnal curve, which were nearly curves of sines; the diurnal curve having its maximum approximately nine hours in advance of the first maximum of the semidiurnal curve, and the interference of these two waves producing the tidal wave as observed. The comparison of the curves deduced from the observations for three months, and the computed curves of sines, was shown to be satisfactory. This comparison, made as before by averages of...
Էջ 119 - An act making appropriations for light-houses, light-boats, buoys, &c., and providing for the erection and establishment of the same, and for other purposes.
Էջ 105 - ... action. The results promising success, the coefficients were deduced by the method of least squares for the first, and then for the second six months, and finally for the whole year. These laborious computations were made with much skill by Mr. WW GORDON, of the Coast Survey. The result for the second six months, in reference to the First six months.
Էջ 106 - Classifying the corrections according to the moon's age, though they are irregular, it is apparent that there were entangled in the values of the former computed maximum ordinates, heights which belonged to the semidiurnal curve. The table of corrections for the two periods of six months, and for the year, is given below. TABLE NO. X. Showing the difference of maximum ordinates of diurnal curves, as computed by the last method of groups, and by that first applied. A consideration of the general formula...
Էջ 102 - ... months, and the computed curves of sines, was shown to be satisfactory. This comparison, made as before by averages of periods of a week combined into one general mean, has now been extended to the whole year, as shown in the subjoined table. By increasing the maximum ordinate of the diurnal curve 0,02 of a foot, which will make the rise and fall agree more nearly with the average deduced from observation, we obtain, as shown in No. 2, a resulting curve not differing in any ordinate more than...
Էջ 105 - The second term, introducing the parallax of the moon, would be in which m is a constant coefficient, P is the mean parallax, and P' the parallax at the time under consideration. In the application of this formula to the observations, the maximum ordinates, found as before stated, were tabulated ; and first the coefficients were deduced from the cases corresponding to the maximum of the sine of twice the moon's declination and to the minimum of the sun's, and vice versa, neglecting the small variations...
Էջ 109 - Showing results of comparison of dates of occurrence of the greatest and leaat maximum orclinnte of the diurnal curve, and the greatest and least value of term containing the moon's declination. The times of occurrence of the maximum of the diurnal curve are, as I have already stated, connected by the hypothesis with those of the semidiurnal curve. The times deducible from the observations were so irregular, that I supposed it impracticable to do more than this. Notwithstanding all these irregularities,...
Էջ 73 - ... it ten miles. There is much good land, and some fine farms on both these rivers. In 1853, thirty-seven vessels, of the burden of 4,323 tons, arrived at this port. The Harbor of Cocagne, by the coast, is nine miles south of Buctouche. This is also a bar harbor ; in ordinary tides , there is nine feet on the bar at low water, and fourteen feet at high water ; at spring tides there are two feet more. Within, there is a large sheet of water, well sheltered. The tide flows seven miles up the Cocagne...

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