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WHILE, with ceaseless course, the sun

Hasted through the former year,

Many souls their race have run,
Never more to meet us here.

Fix'd in an eternal state,

They have done with all below; We a little longer wait,

But how little none can know.

Swiftly thus our fleeting days

Bear us down life's rapid stream!
Lord, to heaven our wishes raise;
All on earth is but a dream.
Bless thy word to young and old;
Fill us with the Saviour's love;
And, when life's short tale is told,
May we dwell with Thee above.

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GREAT God! what do I see and hear!

The end of things created!

The Judge of mankind doth appear
On clouds of glory seated.

The trumpet sounds! the graves restore
The dead, which they contain'd before!
Prepare, my soul, to meet Him.


O GOD, our Help in ages past,
Our Hope for years to come,
Our Shelter from the stormy blast,
And our eternal Home!


Under the shadow of thy throne
Thy saints have dwelt secure :
Sufficient is thine arm alone,
And our defence is sure.

Before the hills in order stood,
Or earth received her frame,
From everlasting Thou art God,
To endless years the same.

A thousand ages, in thy sight,
Are like an evening gone;

Short as the watch that ends the night,
Before the rising sun.

Time, like an ever-rolling stream,
Bears all its sons away;
They fly, forgotten, as a dream
Dies at the opening day.

O God! our Help in ages past,
Our Hope for years to come;

Be Thou our Guard while troubles last
And our eternal Home !



To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The God whom we adore,

Be glory, as it was, is now,

And shall be evermore.



To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,


The God whom earth and heaven adore,

Be glory, as it was of old,

Is now,

and shall be evermore.

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PRAISE God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


GLORY to the Father, Son,
Holy Spirit, Three in One,
As it was, is now, shall be:
God to all eternity.


By angels in heaven

Of every degree,

And saints upon earth,
All praise be address'd,
To God in Three Persons,
One God ever bless'd;
As it has been, now is,
And ever shall be.


FATHER, glory be to Thee,
Glory to the blessed Son,
Glory to the Spirit be,

Glory to the Three in One:
As it was, is now, shall be,
Filling all eternity.

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GLORY to God the Father be,
Glory, Eternal Son, to Thee,
And to the Spirit's Majesty,
Coequal Three in One:

As was of old, all worlds before,
Is now, and shall be evermore,


When time and change are spent and o'er, When heaven and earth are gone.


PRAISE the Name of God most high,
Praise Him, all below the sky,
Praise Him, all ye heavenly host,
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;
As through countless ages past,
Evermore his praise shall last.




To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The God whom heaven's triumphant host
And saints on earth adore,

Be glory as in ages past,

As now it is, and so shall last
When time shall be no more.


To God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, Three in One,
Be glory in the highest given,
By all in earth, and all in heaven;
As was through ages heretofore,
Is now, and shall be evermore.



To the Father, throned in heaven,
To the Saviour, Christ, his Son,
To the Spirit, praise be given,
Everlasting Three in One:
As of old, the Trinity

Still is worshipp'd, still shall be.


HOLY Father, blessed Son,
Gracious Spirit, Three in One;
Glory, as of old, to Thee,
Now and evermore shall be.



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