A New and General Biographical Dictionary: Containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation; Particularly the British and Irish; from the Earliest Accounts of Time to the Present Period ...

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G. G. and J. Robinson, 1798

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Էջ 331 - Betterton played him. Then might they know, the one was born alone to speak what the other only knew to write!
Էջ 78 - ... prosperity and adversity; thou knowest what it is to be banished thy native country, to be over-ruled, as well as to rule, and sit upon the throne; and being oppressed, thou hast reason to know how hateful the oppressor is...
Էջ 331 - Pity it is that the momentary beauties flowing from an harmonious elocution cannot, like those of poetry, be their own record ; that the animated graces of the player can live no longer than the instant breath and motion that presents them, or at best can but faintly glimmer through the memory or imperfect attestation of a few surviving spectators.
Էջ 458 - ... of his words gave propriety to every change in his countenance. So that it was Mr. Booth's peculiar felicity to be heard and seen the same ; whether as the pleased, the grieved, the pitying, the reproachful, or the angry. One would...
Էջ 375 - I cannot conclude this book upon the creation without mentioning a poem which has lately appeared under that title.* The work was undertaken with so good an intention, and is executed with so great a mastery, that it deserves to be looked upon as one of the most useful and noble productions in our English verse. The reader cannot but be pleased...
Էջ 335 - The greatest orator has thought fit to quote his judgment and celebrate his life. Roscius was the example to all that would form themselves into proper and winning behaviour. His action was so well adapted to the sentiments he expressed that the youth of Rome thought they wanted only to be virtuous to be as graceful in their appearance as Roscius.
Էջ 332 - ... than by mere vehemence of voice, is of all the master-strokes of an actor the most difficult to reach.
Էջ 332 - A farther Excellence in Betterton, was, that he could vary his Spirit to the different Characters he acted. Those wild impatient Starts, that fierce and flashing Fire, which he threw into Hotspur, never came from the unruffled Temper of his Brutus (for I have, more than once, seen a Brutus as warm as Hotspur) when the Betterton Brutus was...
Էջ 181 - Guise ; and during his stay at the court of France, he was consecrated bishop of Mirepoix. All things being settled in regard to the marriage, in the month of June, he embarked with the new queen for Scotland, where they arrived in July : the nuptials were celebrated at St. Andrew's, and the February following the coronation was performed with great splendour and magnificence in the abbey church of Holyrood-house.
Էջ 425 - that he excels Juvenal, comes up to Horace, feems to create the thoughts of another, and to make whatever he handles his own. He has, in what he borrows from others, all the graces of novelty and...

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