The Repertory of Patent Inventions: And Other Discoveries and Improvements in Arts, Manufactures, and Agriculture ...

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T. and G. Underwood, 1803
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Էջ 423 - From the same spot they do not attempt to rear a second crop oftener than every third or fourth year ; the cane impoverishes it so much, that it must rest, or be employed during the two or three intermediate years for the growth of such plants as are found to improve the soil, of which the Indian farmer is a perfect judge : they find the leguminous tribe the best for that purpose.
Էջ 159 - Bullough, do hereby declare that the nature of our said Invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, is particularly described and ascertained in and by the...
Էջ 424 - If the weather is moderately showery, till the young shoots are some two or three inches high, the earth is then loosened, for a few inches round them, with a small weeding iron, something like a carpenter's chisel : should the season prove dry., the field is occasionally watered from the river, continuing to weed, and to keep the ground loose round the stools.
Էջ 209 - In the spring, when the blossoms are out, clear away the dirt, so as to expose the root of the tree, to the depth of three inches ; surround the tree with straw about three feet long, applied lengthwise, so that it may have a covering one inch thick, which extends to the bottom of the hole, the...
Էջ 365 - ... engraft each variety upon the same stock, they would still retain their discriminating qualities, with the most undeviating certainty. T'he proper conclusion to be drawn from the statement in the last paragraph, is this — that were any one to put the thought in practice on a full-grown hardy or crab stock, it would produce an excellent proof that engrafted fruits are not permanent. For if twenty different varieties were placed together, so that each might receive its nurture from the same stem,...
Էջ 408 - ... and the thickness of this casing of cork being four inches, it projects at the top a little without the gunwale. The cork on the outside is secured with thin plates or slips of copper, and the boat is fastened with copper nails. The thwarts, or seats, are five in number, double banked, consequently the boat may be rowed with ten oars.
Էջ 426 - February the canes are ready to cut, which is about nine months from the time of planting ; of course I need not describe it. Their height, when standing in the field, will now be from eight to ten feet (foliage included), and the naked cane from an inch to an inch and a quarter in diameter.
Էջ 396 - ... for the working and running of waggons, drays, and other carriages, on public and other roads ; and also a new method of fixing, fastening, and securing such cast-iron rail or plate on such roads: dated February 28, 1803.
Էջ 365 - ... by many particulars, not only respecting their general fertility, and the form, size, shape, and flavour of the fruit, but also the manner of the growth of the tree, the thickness and proportion of the twigs, their shooting from their parent stem, the form, colour, and consistence of the leaf, and many other circumstances, by which the variety can be identified ; and were it possible to engraft each variety upon the same stock, they would still retain their discriminating qualities, with the...
Էջ 364 - ... stood, and grown sufficient to blossom, and come into full bearing; that is, from the state of infancy to maturity ; and it is this and other circumstances by which the inquisitive eye is enabled to form the selection among those appearing likely to become valuable fruits. But from that time the new variety, or selected plant, compared with all the engraftments which may be taken from it, or any of them, these shall shew a most undeviating sameness among themselves.

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