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census. through the Post

lation is


ers to



post office, any papers or documents relating to the census, by papers and docuwriting thereon Official business, census," and subscribing menthe

, the same with the addition to his name of marshal, or assistant, office is free; " for as the case may be; but this privilege shall extend to nothing transmitting

blanks, &c., but documents and papers relating to the census, which shall appropʻiation of pass free; and the sum of twelve thousand dollars is hereby ap

$12,000 is made. propriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise ap. propriated for the purpose of covering the expense of transmitting the blanks and other matter through the mail, to be paid to the Post Office Department.

Sec. 18. And be it further enacted, That if in any of the Ter Where the popuritories or places where the population is sparse, the officers of officers and oth the army or any persons thereto belonging, can be usefully em- the army to give ployed in taking the census, the Secretary of War is hereby di- necessary aid. rected to afford such aid if it can be given without prejudice to the public service.

Sec. 19. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of The Secretary the Interior is hereby required to carry into effect the provisions quired to provide of this act, and to provide blanks and distribute the same among tribute them 10 the marshals, so that the enumeration may commence on the the marshals. first day of June next, and be taken with reference to that day in each and every district and subdivision of districts; to draw up and distribute at the same time printed instructions, defining and explaining the duties of such as collect the statistics, and the limits by which such duties are circumscribed, in a clear and intelligible manner; to see also that all due diligence is employed by the marshals and assistants to make return of their respective doings-completed, at the times herein prescribed; and, further, as the returns are so made, to cause the same to be classified and arranged in the best and most convenient manper for use, and lay the same before Congress at the next session thereof. And to enable him the better to discharge these duties he is hereby authorized and required to appoint a suitable and competent person as superintending clerk, who Superintending shall under his direction have the general inanagement of mat- officers

ized. ters appertaining thereto, with the privilege of franking and receiving free of charge all official documents and letters con. nected therewith; and the said Secretary shall also appoint such clerks and other officers as may be necessary from time to time for the efficient management of said service. And the compensation to be allowed and paid to the officers connected with the Census office, shall be as follows: For the superintending clerk two thousand five hundred dollars per annuin in full for his services; and for other assistants and clerks the compensation usually paid for similar sei vices 'to be fixed and allowed by the Secretary of the Interior. Provided, That no salary to a subordinate clerk under this section shall exceed the sum of one thousand dollars per annum. The blanks and preparatory printing for taking the census shall be prepared and exe. cuted under the direction of the Census Board; the other printing hereafter to be executed as Congress shall direct.

Sec. 20. And be it further enacted, That for the purpose of carrying into effect this act, and defraying the preliminary




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sus Board.

The marshal to

Tables annex.

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If no other law

Appropriation. expenses, there is hereby appropriated out of any money in Salary of the Sec: the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, one hundred and fifty

thousand dollars; out of which the said Secretary of the Interior may allow to the person employed as secretary of the Census Board, a compensation after the rate of three thousand dollars per annum during the period he has been in their employ.

Sec. 21. And be it further enacted, That whenever a marassistant has per- shal shall certify that an assistant has completed to his satisfacformed his duty. tion, and made return of the subdivision confided to him, and

shall also certify the amount of compensation to which, under the provisions of this act, such assistant is entitled , designating how much for each kind of service, the Secrelary of the Interior shall thereupon cause one-half of the sum so due to be paid to such assistant, and when the returns bave been carefully examined for classification, if found executed in a manner satisfactory, then he shall also cause the other half to be paid. And he shall make payments in the manner and upon like conditions to the several marshals for their services..

SEC. 22. And be it further enacted, That the tables herelo ed part of the act.

annexed, and made part of this act, are numbered from one to six, inclusive.

Sec. 23. And be it further enacted, That if no other law " taking of the cen- be passed providing for the taking of the eighth, or any subseof January of any quent census of the United States, on or before the first day of year, required by January of any year, when, by the Constitution of the United of the U. s., then States, any future enumeration of the inhabitants thereof is re, taken n according quired to be taken , such census shall, in all things, be taken

and completed according to the provisions of this act.

ŞEC. 24. And be it further enacted, That from and after the hundred and thir third day of March, one thousand eight hundred and fiftyty-three

mem- three, the House of Representatives shall be composed of two

hundred and thirty-three members, to be apportioned among the

several States in the manner directed in the next section of this.act. Enumeration to Sec. 25. And be it further enacted, That so soon as the portionment de next and each subsequent enumeration of the inhabitants of clared, under the the several States directed by the Constitution of the United Secretary of the States to be taken', shall be completed and returned to the

office of the Department of the Interior, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to ascertain the aggregate repe resentative population of the United States, by adding to the whole number of free persons in all the States, including those bound to service for a term of years, and excluding Indians not taxed,, three-fifths of all other persons; which aggregate population, he shall divide by the number two hundred and : thirty-three, and the product of such division, rejecting any fraction of an unit, if any such happen to remain, shall be the ratio, or rule of apportionment of representatives among the several States under such enumeration: and the said Secretary of the Department of the Interior shall then proceed, in the same manner to ascertain the representative population of each State, and to divide the whole number of the representative population of each State, by the ratio already determined by: him, as above directed; and the product of this last division

to this act.

H. of Reps. to consist of two


be made and




Certificate of the number of

shall be the nurnber of representatives apportioned to such
State under the then last enumeration : Provided, That the
loss in the number of members caused by the fractions remain.
ing in the several States, on the division of the population there-
of, shall be compensated for by assigning to so many States
having the largest fractions, one additional member each for its
fraction as may be necessary to make the whole number of
representatives two hundred and thirty-three. And provided Further proviso.
also, That if after the apportionment of the representatives
under the next, or any subsequent census, a new State or States
shall be admitted into the Union, the representative or repre-
sentatives assigned tò such new State or States, shall be in ad-
dition to the number of representatives herein above limited;
which excess of representatives over iwo hundred and thirty-
three shall only continue until the next succeeding apportion-
ment of representatives under the next succeeding census.

Sec. 26. And be it further enacted, That when the De-
partment of the Interior shall have apportioned the representa- members appor-
tives in the manner above directed among the several States
under the next, or any subsequent enumeration of the inhab-
itants of the United States, he shall, as soon as practicable,
made out and transmit under the seal of his office, to the
House of Representatives, a certificate of the number of
members apportioned to each State under the then last enume-
ration; and shall likewise make out and transmit without delay
to the executive of each State, a certificate under his seal of
office, of the number of members apportioned to such State,
under such last enumeration.

Statistics in reSec. 27. And he it further enacted, That the Secretary of

gard to hemp, the Interior, in his instructions to the marshals, shall direct that besides dew and the statistics in regard to all other descriptions of hemp, not be taken in the 'embraced in the denomination of dew and water-rotted, shall returns. be taken and estimated in the returns. SCHEDULE 1.--Free INHABITANTS in in the county of

State of enumerated by me, on the day of 1850.


tioned to


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slave owners.

Name of


land. Acres of


4 5

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Sweet, bushels of
I Value of orchard products in dollars
| Wine, gallons of

| Value of produce of market garden
sa | Butter, pounds of

enumerated by me, on the SCHEDULE 2.-Slave INHABITANTS in


[blocks in formation]

Produce during the year ending June 1, 1850—Continued.

State of


SCHEDULE 3. Continued.

Age. Sex. Color.


day of



Cash value of farm
Value of farming implements and

Mules and Asses-
Working Oxen
Milch Cows

The value of live

The value of animals slaugh-

tered during the year
Wheat, bushels of
Rye, bushels of

Indian corn, bushels of
a ! Oats, bushels of

Rice, pounds of
Tobacco, pounds of
Ginned Cotton, bales of 400

lbs. each & Wool, pounds

of | Beans and Peas, bushels of

Fugitives from the State.


6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

June 1, 1850.
Live stock on band, Produce during the year ending

June 1st, 1850.

Cane Sugar, hhds. of 1,000 pounds

during the year ending June 1st, 1950, as enumerated by me on the

Number manumitted.


in the county of


in the county of

idiotic. insane or Deaf and dumb,blind, REMARKS.

| Buckwheat, bushels of

Barley, bushels of Irish, bushels of

Cheese, pounds of | Hay, tons of

Clover seed, bushels of

Other grass seeds, bushels of
Home Hops, pounds of

Dew rotted, tons of

Water rotted, tons of
es Flax, pounds of

) Flaxseed, bushels of
| Silk Cocoons, pounds of
| Maple Sugar, pounds of


Molasses, gallons of


Honey and Beeswax, pounds of 4 Value of home-made manufactures


State of

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State of

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SCHEDULE 4.-PRODUCTS OF INDUSTRY in in the county of
, during the-year ending June 1, 1850, as enumerated by me.


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SCHEDULE 5. -Socral Statistics of of

, compiled by me,

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Name of Aggregate valuatown,coun tion of real and ty, or city, personal estate.

Aggregate amount of taxes



Real estate... $ State.... Person'l estate County

Parish... Total....$ Town....



How valued:

Road tax $

True valuat'n. $ How paid?

SCHEDULE 5.-Continued.

Public Libraries.

Periodicals, including


How often Number of Has this season produced

Name. Class.

in the county of

and State Assistant.

Public Schools.

No. Colleges.
Do. Academies.
Do. Free Schools.".
Do, other Schools.
Do. School Houses.
Amount of money raised by

tax for schools last year,
Raised in other ways" for

schools last year, $ Received from public funds for

schools last year, $



published. circulation.

average crops?,

What crops are short?

Public Schools.
Sunday Schools

To what extent?

What is the average per year?


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