The Cruise of the Alabama and the Sumter, Հատոր 2

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Saunders, Otley & Company, 1864 - 342 էջ

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Էջ 404 - ... or condemned by a court of prize, the character of prize, within the meaning of her Majesty's orders, would or would not be merged in that of a national ship of war, I am not called upon to explain.
Էջ 417 - SIR: I am directed by the governor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 14th instant, and to state...
Էջ 411 - ... opinion or of policy on the part of the British authorities, have been desired to leave the port again. But by the course of proceedings taken, I have been (supposing the view now taken by your excellency's government to be correct) first misled, and next entrapped. My position and character of my ship will most certainly be vindicated by my government. I am powerless to resist the affront offered to the Confederate States of America by your excellency's conduct and proceedings.
Էջ 384 - I am directed by the Governor, to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of yesterday's date, relative to the Alabama.
Էջ 405 - I request you will be pleased to acquaint my lords commissioners of the admiralty that the bark called the Tuscaloosa, under the flag of the Confederate States of North America, (referred to in my letter of the 19th August last,) termed a tender to the Alabama, returned to this anchorage on the 26th ultimo from cruising off the coast of Brazil. 2. In order to ascertain the real character of this vessel, I directed the boarding officer from my flag-ship to put the questions as per enclosure No.
Էջ 411 - SIR : I am directed by the governor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of yesterday's date...
Էջ 377 - States, and has not recognised the persons in revolt against the United States as a Government at all, the vessel alluded to should be at once seized and sent to England, from whence she clandestinely escaped. Assuming that the British Government was sincere in exacting the bonds, you have doubtless been instructed to send her home to England, where she belongs. But if, from some oversight, you have not received such instructions...
Էջ 372 - Admiral wrote that she had two small rifled guns, with a crew of ten men, and that her cargo of wool was still on board. He was still doubtful of the propriety of admitting her. On the 10th August, after further consultation, with the Acting...
Էջ 380 - Bride, protesting against the capture of said bark in British waters. The bearings taken by him at the time of capture conclusively show that she was in neutral waters, being about two and a half miles from Robben island. This statement is doubtless more satisfactory than the testimony of persons who measured the distance by the eye.
Էջ 421 - Town and to depart, the instructions of the 4th of, November not having arrived at the Cape before her departure. The Captain of the Alabama was thus entitled to assume that he might equally bring her a second time into the same...

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