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ed brethren, from the zeal and eloquence we are told that Mrs. Barnes's tones are natuof this sable preacher; we honour the rally melodious,—she certainly has musical spirit with which their violated rights powers; what then can induce her to adopt have been vindicated by Mr. Wilberforce such an unfortunate inflexion on the stage. and other parliamentary champions, but we We beg and beseech of her, for we honour cannot consent that a popular novelist* her talents, and acknowledge her beauty, not should woo a British maid to the arms of an to disfigure all her charms by so unpardonaEthiop.orif we are not perunitted to interfere ble a blemish. on such an occasion, we at least, will not As we happen to have leisure now, we allow, without the expression of our indigna- will note some of those false pronunciations, tion, a British Reviewert to treat that natu- which we have observed at different times, ral repugnance with which every correct in the differect performers, they are not mind revolts even from social contact with all attributable to all, but we shall leave it this loathsome race, as a prejudice peculiar to the parties concerned to appropriate to Americans, and a taint contracted from them. Been should be pronounced bin, not the contemplation of slavery.

bean,-possess, poszess, not po-sess, topic, topBut, to return from a digression into which ic, not to-pic; rather, should not be called we were, in a manner, forced ;-Miss Jolin- rarther, nor after, arfter, nor pa-rents, par. son satisfied us in Angela that she is not less ents, nor leap, lep, &c. Some of them need qualified to execute the high wrought scenes to be reminded that when u is under the acof tragedy, than to sport in playful badinage. cent, the d or t preceding never coalesces with

Eveline was played by her mother, Mrs. it ;-we should not then hear tshutor, enjure Joboson; and we are persuaded that there juke, jupe, &c. Mr. Hilson has a very im. are not two other performers in this coun- proper way of pronouncing drore, and bosom. try, who could have given such wonderful Miss Johnson is inaccurate in her pronunciainterest to their mysterious interview. Mr. tion of obliye, any and many. Simpson, as Osmond, showed a discrimina. We shall say no more on this subject, in tion which he does not often exercise, and this number: but shall note, minutely, in powers which we hardly thought he pos- future numbers, every violation of orthoepy, sessed. Mr. Robertson made a most dismal as very many fashionable people adopt the Reginald. He considerably retarded the pronunciation of the stage. How little our progress of the play by his measured pauses performers are to be trusted on this point, and unineaning emphasis. His lingering ut. may be estimated from the fact, that Mr. terance strongly reminded one of poor Do- Simpson is the only one in the whole corps minie Sampson's' pro-dig-z-ous.'

that we have heard speak the word possess, In the afterpiece, Miss Johnson was in correctly. her element in Variella, and received the

Monday Evening, April 28. enthusiastic applauses of the audience. Mr.

Blue Devils.-Broken Sword. ---Sprigs of Simpson played Tristram Fickle moderate

Laurel. ly well. We should like to see Mr. Hilson attempt this part. Mr. Baldwin's Britfwit was

The Broken Sword, is a new melo-drama, extremely well done.

hy Dimond. It is very much superior to the The house was crowded this evening, the generality of productions of this kind. The entertainments being for the benefit of Miss plot is joteresting and well managed, the Johnson.

musical accompaniments are enlivening,

and there are some tolerable songs interSaturday Evening, April 26.

spersed,—the scenery is rich and imposing. Who wants a Guinea _ The Woodman's Hut. The following is the outline of the story, as This is a very indifferent play, but was

sketched by the Editor of the Evening Post, well acted, to a thin house. Notwithstand

• The scene is laid in Italy, and in the Py. ing the poverty of the plot, there are some discovers Estevan in the babit of a galley:

renean mountains. The rising of the curtain amusing characters in ihe piece. Mr. Hil. son, in Solomon Gundy, Mr. Simpson, in Sir slave, seeking shelter from his pursueis, mid Larry Mc Murragh, Mr. Barnes, in Andrere having passed four days without food. It Bung, and Mr. Baldwin, in Jonathan Old- appears that he had escaped from the ga!skiris, played with great truth and spirit. life, on a false accusation of having murder

levs, to which he had been sentenced for Mrs. Baldwin's Mrs. Glastonbury was very ed count Luneda, to whom he had been fine. We have had occasion once before to no

valet. The second scene shows several dotice Mrs. Barnes's Amelia, in The Wood. mestics in a chateau, preparing to celebrate man's Hut.' It is, as far as acting is concern is related, in detail, of the murder and roh

an anniversary, and during this scene the tale ed, entitled to applause, but her voice !-it absolutely grieved us, this evening ; now villain unknown, and the escape of Myrtillo,

bery of the count in the mountains, by some * Sec Miss Edgwortlis Belinda.

See the Review of Silliman's Travels in the Quar- his son, who was with bim ; and who was terty Reviewfor Jov. 1816.

struck dunib by terror. A leiter is received by the Baron, introducing to his hospitality boy destroyed, returns to the castle. He a count Rigolio, as being an accomplished informs us that Mrytillo had traced with a and honourable man. A festival here is in- pencil the circumstance that he had been troduced, in which is seen a monument, sure struck in the dark by some one with a sword, mounted by the bust of Luneda, with songs that broke in giving the blow, and that the and dances, &c. Claudio, a relative, and broken piece had been found, and would, if Rigolio, his friend, now appear. The name it matched with the other part, discover the of Myrtillo, who was supposed lost, is acci. assassin. Rigolio, drawing to stab Estevan dentally heard by Rigolio, and having learnt for his bold accusation, discovers The Brohe was still living, he manifests extremne ken Sword, and at that moment, Myrtillo purturbation, and at the sight of Luneda's suddenly is restored to his speech, and acbust, becomes shocked, and sinks paralized cuses bis father's murderer to his face, who with his emotions. On his recovery, he is sinks down convuised, under Myrtillo's alarmed by being informed that Myrtillo grasp, and the curtain falls.' was struck dumb at the time of his father's The piece was sustained by nearly the murder, but that medical men had predicted whole strength of the company, and was that on some violent revulsion of nature, his received by the audience with decided apspeech would be restored Myrtillo appears probation. Mr. Simpson's personation of at a distance, and Rigolio having cast a Esteran was impressive throughout. His glance towards him, shudders with horror, trepidation on his first appearance, his dis. and contrives to escape, just in time to avoid may at his rencontre with Rigolio in the bis eyes. This concludes the first act. wood, his speechless despair in discovering

• The 2d act discovers Rigolio descending his treachery, in decoying him to the castle the crags of the mountains, and repeating to to be apprehended as the murderer of Luneda, himself that six years before be had assassi- and his intoxicating joy at the unexpected nated the count, but, that his son, who was vindication of his innocence by the recogni. with bim, glided from his grasp, and es. tion of Myrtillo, appeared, all of them, to be caped; that he had hoped all was safe, and the emotions of nature. His habiliments that the fatal secret remained undiscovered: corresponded well with his wretched condi. but, should he meet the boy all would be lost; tion ; except ihat there was ratlier too much eoncluding, therefore, that he could only glitter in his polished steel buttons. He did trust to flight, he bad accordingly had re. not discover that voracity at the sight of course to it, but had got lost among the pre- food, which we should have imagined three eipices. As he is searching for a guide, he days ravening with the wolves' would meets Estevan, and both are struck with have excited. Indeed, he seemed qui to terror; Estevan supposing he was discover. have forgotten his situation, ed as a galley-slave, and Rigolio as a mur- Mr. Hilson adapted himself remarkably derer. However, both recover their speech, well to the hearty, blunt, and honest characwhen Estevan informs him he had been ac- ter of Capt. Zarior. Mr Pritchard played cused of murder and condemned to slavery, Rigolio with judgment, and with more aniand requests Rigolio to take him with him mation than he usually exbibits. We have to France. The latter then proposes to him seldom seen Mr. Barnes play better than in to return to the chateau, assures him, that Pablo. Mrs. Barnes in Myrtillo, was irrethere he will be protected, and engages to sistibly charming. Her appearance was write a letter to his friend Claudio for such lovely, her action easy, appropriate and elopurpose ; but gives him one, enjoining that quent. he should be secured as the murderer of count Luneda, promising that to-morrow he

Wednesday Evening, April 30. will appear and elucidate every thing. Es. What's Next.--Broken Sword.-Children in tevan, overcome with surprise, is about to be

the Wood. dragged to prison, when the boy Myrtillo The prelude, which is the only one of the appears, and declares his innocence. A thun- above pieces, which we have not already der-storm comes on, and the baron, with noticed, is not entitled to particular remark. his servants, go in search of Claudio, in the mountains, whither he had gone to procure

Friday Evening, May 2. the officers of the police. Scene 3. dis- Frederick the Great - Broken Sword. covers a foot bridge across a torrent. Myrtil. The opera of Frederick the Great, is a mere lo snatches a torch and darts up the path, jumble of incidents and characters. We Estevan at a distance behind, when Rigolio know, that the court of Prussia, if not in suddenly appears, and, with his sword, Frederick's time, at least in his father's, was strikes the torch from Myrtillo's hand, seizes excessively gross in its manners. In that him on the bridge, and ibrusts him into the respect, the author has been faithful in his torrent; Estevan plunges after him, and representation. But we question, neverthesucceeds in saving him. He then becomes less, the merit of his picture. It has no more the accuser of Rigolio, who, thinking the of life in it, than the painting of a rail fence has of landscape. The day is gone by when impressively performed by Mr. Simpson as ecods, and egads, and liang-mcs, and curse-mes, Rolla, Mr. Pritchard as lonco, and Mrs. and dumn-mes, deril take-mes, passed current Barnes as Corn in the last, Mr. Simpson for wit. Yet such are all the bon mols of gave effect to Folla's eloquent appeal to the these facetious courtiers. We could not but soldiery, and Mrs. Barnes did justice to Cora's remark, that Mrs. Baines appeared more at patriotism and pathos. home, in the dress of an othcer, than in the proper appare! of her sex. She discover

Friday Evening, May 9. ed more ease and grace, in the assuined Eril by Mistake.- Woodman's Hut. garb, and her voice was much more natural This is a new Comedy, which has little bein it.

sides novelty to recommend it. There is

either a terrible dearth of new dramatic proSaturday Evening, May 3. ductions of merit, on the other side of the The Robbers.--Ninth Stalue.

water, or a want of due discrimination in the We have already expressed our opinion of managers on this side. The plot of this piece is this German tragedy. As a proof of ihe good as flinisy and improbable as could have been taste of the public, we were glad to see so conveniently constructed. Mr. Roland, who thin a house.

had been many years in india, where he had

amassed a large fortune, which he had careMonday Evening, May 5. fully remitted to his early crony Jack Straw, Wild Oats.- Broken Sword.

hasing accomplished at last, his objects The principal humour of this humorous abroad, sets out on his return to England. comedy of O'Keefe's, consists in the ridicu. A report, however, of his death, had preceded lous light in which it exhibits one of the most him, and reached the ears of his corresponinoffensive religious sects in the world; we dent and friend Jack, who, as executor to his mean the Quakers. There are in this people, will, immediately inforns, by letter, Mr. such traits of sterling worth, that we easily Restless Absent, nephew to Roland, of bis forget on acquaintance, the ungainliness of Uncle's decease. This hair-brained youth, their exterior; and it is with extreme regret'incoutinently' burries to touch his windfall; that we see the peculiarity of their manners and by chance, becomes the compagnon de held up to derision. We are far from think- voyage, in the stage coach, of Mr. Roland, ing that their formality and their precision who, in the mean time, bad safely landed, prove their piely, but they are not inconsis. and, little expecting death, was preparing to tent with it. We are not ignorant, that an take into possession the means he had accu. eloquent poet and divine, has pronounced mulated, whereon to live. Jack Straw had, solemnity a coon for a sot,' but we do not however, by some means, discovered his consider laughter, however it may grow out mistake, and heard of the approach of Roland, of the sentiment of superiority, (for so the he accordingly hastens, with all expedition, philosophers will have it,) any evidence of to the Hotel of the human race,' (as it would the fact. It is generally true, that

seem from its pretensions.) and very naturally One fool lolls his tongue out, at another,

mistakes a young, dashing, American actor, "And shakes his empty noddle at his brother.' by the name of Rallle Trap, for his old friend, Mr. Robertson in Sim, showed a comic and bosom companion. On this unaccountturn, that agreeably surprised us. We would able deception, of which Raille Trap is enrecommend it to himn to cultivate his talents' tirely innocent, hinges the whole interest of in that line. We have before voticed, with the piece. This comical incident, so inge. pleasure, bis ense and pungency in genteel niously contrived, is awkwardly kept up by comedy. Mr. Simpson in Rover, and Mr. a kind of cross-reading in the conversations Darley in Harry, were so rapid and indistinct of the different parties afterwards, till when, in their counciation, that they were rarely the proper period for an ecclaircissement arintelligible. This is a general fault with both rives, in the fifth act, the mystery is cleared these performers; and is not peculiar to up. The stale conceit of setting two people them. 'Mrs. Darley was modest, unaliecied, to talking upon tivo differunt subjects in such and engaging, in Lany Amaranth.

an equivocal manner as to be liable to such

interpretation as each is prepared to give, is Wednesday Evening. May 7. resorted to, by way of seasoning, if not in l'irgin of the Sun.-Sleep Walker. every scene, at least in every act.

As for This play is much inferior to Pizarro. In- character, it is caricatured throughout. Rodeed, we thought it mighty dull. The only land is made a ninny; Ralile Trap a brainless scenes, the interest of which dwells in our adventurer; Jack Strau's bumour lies in his remembrance, is that in which Rolia disco. horse-laugh; Crockery is a blubbering booby; vers the preference of Cora for Alonzo, and Pigeon is a crow, and Pratlle a magpie. generously sanctions their athance;-and Yet slight as is the fabric of this sable, and that in which he interposes to their rescue extravagant as are the persons introduced in from the death to which they were doomed, it, we derived a good deal of amusement at the bazard of his own lite. The first was from the performance. The piece was brought out with the whole force of the

Wednesday Evening, May 14. corps. Mr. Barnes in Roland, surpassed the A Cure for the Heart Ache.- The Watch Word, standard of his playing. In bis interview

or Quito Gate. with Mrs. Matcher, and exposition of his This capital comedy is well named. We grievances to Jack Straw, whom he takes for know few authors, who have understood *counsel, learned in the law,' he very natu- stage effect better than Morton; and this is rally worked himself up to a fine pitch of in- an admirable instance of bis art in the strucdignation. Mr Jones was unnecessarily ture of his dramas. Indeed more innocent, boisterous in Jack Straw; and Crockery's lu- hearty merriment, could hardly be comprised gubrious whine, made even Mr. Hilson te in the same compass. It is, at once, perfectly dious. Mr. Simpson's Restless Absent, was all moral, and exquisitely comic. Nor did it that the name indicates. Mr. Robertson in lose its zest in the representation. The scene Norton, justified our opinion of his peculiar in wbich old Rapid and his son are detected fitness for the character of a walking gentle. in the fact of patching a coat, by Vorter and man. We know that this is, professionally, his danghter, is one of the best imagined posrated low, but it requires a tact, that very few sible, and was done in the best manner ima. actors possess. Mr. Baldwin in Pigeon, was ginable. Simpson as young Rapid, Barnes as quite natty.

old Rapid, and Hilson as Frank Oatland, car

ried all before them. Mr. Jones as Vortex, Saturday Evening, May 10. and Mrs. Baldwin as Miss Vortex, entered Abelino.- Rerieur, or the Wags of Windsor. into the spirit of their parts; whilst Mrs. Dar.

This is an American translation from a ley in the gentle Jesse Oatland, gave all its German drama. It always draws an audi- romance and rusticity to the piece. The new ence, though few can define its attractions. melo-drama, which was gut up this evening, As there is neither nature in the character, is a paltry affair. It is a sort of Comedy of nor probability in the plot, we must ascribe Errors, without any of its humour. It is a its interest, for interest it does possess, prin- series of grave elourderies, leading to the most cipally to the surprise kept up by the extra- solemn consequences. We shall not perplex vagance of its incident. Mr. Robertson ourselves, nor puzzle our readers, by attemptplayed the double part of Abalino and Flo- ing to unravel the entanglements of a plot, doardo; and in our opinion, was most suc- which has no other interest than its intricacy, cessful in the last. His love scene with Ro- and whose most important incidents are samunda, was well conducted ; though there founded on such stupid mistakes, as stifle all is . something too much’of it. His introduc- sympathy. tion of himself to the conspirators, as Abebino, and deportment towards them, were

Friday Evening, May 16. admirably managed. Mr. Pritchard's Pa- Stranger.-Walch Word, or Quito Gate. Tozzi, was decently done. Mr. Baldwin was This interesting Drama of Kotezbue's was unjust to Memmo, in degrading him into a well acted. Mr. Simpson's personation of mere baboon; and Mr. Thomas made a most the Stranger was unequal. In the scene in unghostly Cardinal Grimaldi, though con- which be unexpectedly met his early friend stantly rolling his eyes up-to the gallery. Mrs. the Baron, he did not repel his solicitations Darley was touching in Rosamunda, and Miss to renew bis intercourse with the world, with Dellinger hopeful in Iduella. The Wags of that calm determination which would have Hindsor is a favourite farce. Mr. Hilson in suited the dark complexion of his fate, but Caleh Quolum, topped his part. Mr. Jonos rebuffed him with a petulance that diminishin Deputy Bull, and Mr. Baldwin in John ed the 'dignity of distress.' He played ad. Lump, contributed to onr mirth; and a Mr. mirably, however, in the closing scene. Mrs. Robinson made a favourable debut, on the Barnes's Mrs. Haller was a first rate performNew-York boards, in Looney M'Twoller. The ance. There was a propriety and a tempebrogue appears in him, for all the world, like rateness throughout her deportment, that his mother tongue! We have never seen evinced the sincerity of her penitence, and Miss Dellinger appear to greater advantage pleaded successfully for the forgiveness of a than in Phobe. Her performances this even- crime, to wbich pardon could on no other ing have really encouraged us in regard to condition be extended-and which is even Her; we actually heard several words in ber then extorted. Nothing could be more af. song.

fecting than her interview with her wronged, The audience exercised their sovereignty, yet doting husband. Her self-condemnation by encoring twice in the course of the after- and abasement were finely contrasted with piece, and our ears were once regaled by a bis burning sense of shame. The struggle general hiss, though we regretted the occa- between bis affection and his notions of ho. sion of it.

nour was well maintained; and when, at last,

he suffered bimself to be subdued by the Monday Evening, May 12. superadded feelings of a parent, we, at least, Erit by Mistake. --Broken Sword. extenuated his weakness.. Vol. ,Ne, it.


Saturday Evening, May 17. the stage. It is not much to the credit of The Ritoi Queens.-- Don Juan. New-York taste that it was played to a This is one of poor mad Nat. Lee's Trage. thinner house than we had noticed for a week dies. There are marks of genius in it; but before. There is no ribaldry in the wit of its language, generally, verges so closely np- Sheridan, nor does his humour consist in the on bombast, that, with the least admixture travesty of characters. Is it possible that of rant, it becomes absolute fustain. We babitual contemplation sign-post daubing Jooked in, during the representation--and can so blunt the perceptions, as to destroy looked out again.

all relish for the touches of a master? An

imputation rests upon the public, which must Monday Evening, May 19, be done away before we can have the face Folly as it Flicz.--Broken Srcord. to urge it, again, upon the managers to bring This is one of Reynold's best Comedies, up the good old stock plays. We fear we and we were not a little surprised to see it an- have counted too much on the co-operation nounced as for the first time in 14 years! It of the auditors.--One, and only one objecwas not ill done, but we could not feel much tion lies against this play. It may lead to pleased with the cast of a piece of this cha. inferences unfriendly to morality-although racter, in which Mir. Hilson was omitted. it contains nothing positively immoral. Now, We are not in the green room secrets, but we neither expect nor require dramatists to must presume, that in reviving a play which write sermons--we will allow them to inhad been sufered to lie dormant for so ma- dulge in every innocent levity-all we exact ny years, there could have been no difficul- is that they do not become accessary to evil. ty, on the score of those petty jealousies We are afraid this Comedy is easily renderwhich so often perplex the manager and ed so. The hero of the piece is Charles disappoint the public, in disposing of the Surface, an inconsiderate spendthrift

, who strength of the company to the best possi- has nothing to recommend him but a kind ble advantage.--This certainly was not done of constitutional generosity, and a frankness in the present instance.

that proceeds principally from an audacity Mr. Pritchard's Sir Herhert Melmoth was that disdains disguise. "His brother, Joseph decorous. Mr. Robertson's Leonard would Surface, is, on the contrary, introduced as a bave been more interesting had his demea- man of sentiment, a paragon of virtue--but nour been more modest, and his manner proves, in the sequel, to be a hollow-hearted less precise, less constrained, and less la- bypocrite, who is deaf to the solicitations of borious. Mr. Simpson in Tom Tick, was as charity, and base enough to attempt to violate is usual with him in such parts, too flustered. the honour of his dearest friend, in the perMr. Barnes's Peter Post-Obit was comical son of his wife.--Even Lady Teasle's escape enou ch--but was just what any thing else from the snares of ber wily seducer is appawould have been in his bands. He has rently, at least as attributable to anger at the no great variety in his action, and little discovery of his attachment to Maria, as to nicely of discrimination. He has a knack a returnirig sense of duty, though properly at raising a laugh, and is content to practice ascribed to the last. It is, indeed, very posthe same trick as long as it will answer the sible for such things to have happened as same end. We would inspire him, if we are here described. There may have been, could, with a better ambition. We rate bis perchance, 'in the tide of time,' a young powers higher than be appears to do. He man like Charles Surface, who was 'nobobas an unpleasant habit of dwelling on the dy's enemy but his own'--Joseph Surfaces letter r, in certain connexions which we are, certainly, not so rare as black swang, point out, in the hope that he will correct and the blood may, perhaps, have regurgitatit. In his pronunciation right becomes ed to hearts as tender as Lady Teazle's, erright strange, sier-ange, &c. Mr. Jones without the affusion of disappointment. failed in Dr Infallible, and Mr. Baldwin's Having said so much of the play, we must Shenkin was shabby. Mrs. Barnes as Lady speak very generally of the performance. Melmnth was more fascinating in her simple Mr. Hilson's Sir Peler Teazle was in high garb than in ber fashionable habiliments. perfection; except that his glee, at the idea We allude not merely to the accession of of exposing the little French milliner,' beinterest derived froin misfortune.--She was trayed him into a very silly and updignified truer to nature in the fair penitent, than in sort of snicker. Mr. Jones's Sir Oliver Surthe fine lady. There was a stateliness face was unsatisfactory-Mr. Pritchard's and a parade in her vivacity, that took from Joseph Surface was worse. This gentleman its effect.

presumes too much on his favour with the

audience. They know better what is due to Wednesday Cvening, May ?1. themselves, than to put up with his reiteratSchool for Scandal.--Killing no divider. ed negligences in the study of his parts.

As long as true wit shall be relisbed, this Charles Surface was well personated by Mr. inimitable Comedy will keep y'ssession of Simpson. It is a character that comes

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