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a port in the United States, is not obliged to lano. Mr. Nathan Sawyer, of Boston, to take an outward pilot on board.

miss Harriot Little. Mr. John Lassell to The cut-worms this spring have done much miss Mary Thomas. Mr. Webber Noble to damage to the grass, in this State. They miss Sarah Green. Mr. Richard S. Goodhue commence their depredations about 5 o'clock to miss Sally Quincy. Randolph, Jonathan P. M. and cease about 7 in the morning. Wild to miss Relief Niles. Rochester, CapTheir progress is in a right line, and when tain John Gurney to miss Dolly Bolles. Fairthey meet obstructions, they persevere till haven, inr. Thomas Allen, of Dartmouth. to they surmount them or perish. Furrows cut iniss Polly W. Collins. Rehoboth, Deac. in front of their march have been found, in Rueben King, to miss Mary Garfield both of most cases, an effectual obstacle. They do Attleborough. Beverly, Captain Samuel not touch clover. This insect is in the cater. Ives to miss Mary Dyson. Mr. Benjamin pillar forin, and is not the larva of the locust, Elliot to miss Susan Smith. Springfield, which resembles the locust itself, and is of a T. Dickman, editor, to miss Sarah Brewer. brown colour with a light longitudinal stripe ; Westminster, Rev. Cyrus Mann lo miss its head is lighter than its body, and it ap- Nancy Sweetser. Scinate, mr. Elijah D. pears very voracious.

Wild, of Hingham,to miss Temperance James. Karried.) At Boston, mr. Peleg Sprague Wilbraham, Rev. David L. Hann to miss to miss Nancy Lovett. Mr. Amos Read to Eunice Sexton. Newbury, mr. Robert miss Abigail Davidson. Mr. Math. Freeman, Grills to miss Nancy Bartlett. East Hampjr. merchant of Concord, to miss Charlotte ton, mr. Richard Morgan to miss Roxana kettell. Harrison Gray Otis, jr. Esq. to miss Alvord. Grafton, mr. Reuben P. Leland Eliza Henderson Boardman. Mr. Stephen to miss Lucretia D. Ellis. Mr. Joseph GreenIngalls to miss Mary Wright. Mr. Samuel wood to miss Elizabeth U. Warren. HalMc Kay to miss Catherine Gordon Dexter. lowell, (D. M.) mr. Ichabod Nutter to miss Mr. Josbua Crane to miss Lucy Sangar. Sarah Copeland. Vassalborough, mr. DaMr. John Hammond to miss Elizabeth Fes- niel Marshal to miss Elizabeth Deuneit. senden. Mr. Isaac Butterfield to miss Eliza- Dicd ) At Boston, mrs. Hannah Gilbert, beth A. Burnham. Mr. Pearson Wild, jr. 34. Miss Clarissa Wells, 19. Mrs. Sarah of Braintree, to miss Elizabeth H. Thayer. Gould, 36. Wm. Henry Barnard, 4. ChrisMr. Benjamin West, jr. to miss Eliza Ann topher Sheppard, 78. Hannah Hayden, Jarvis. Mr. Henry Bell to miss Betsey San- 84. John Homer, 81. Mrs. Abigail Brooks, ford. Mr. Daniel Safford to miss Sarah Ash- 34. James E. Guild, 11 months Mrs. Jotoa. Captain Reuben Russell, of Nantucket, anna Powers, 60. Elizabeth Dominicque, to miss Phebe Stevens. Mr. Adam Foster to 3 months. Mrs. Sarah Rainsford, 34. Mr. miss Hannah Champney. Mr. Joseph Gragg Zimri Eveleth, 53. Job L. Towling. Mr. to miss Susannah Gragg. Nantucket, mr. Henry Spear, 37. Charles L. Simpson, 14 James Baker to mrs. Mary Dunham. Ips- months. Mrs. Elizabeth Porter, 30. Mrs. wich, mr. Levi Lord to miss Elizabeth Gracy Curtis, 47. Charles Kennedy, 5. At Kimball. Mr. Thomas S. Ross to miss Abi- sea, mr. George Gore, of Boston, 33. Mrs. gail Goodbue. Mr. Thomas Gould to miss Anna Bartlett, 93. Captain Nathaniel GoodLydia Burnham. Mr. John C. Jewett to miss vell, 40. mrs. Anna Kingman, 57. Judith Martin. Mr Charles Dodge to miss Ann Southack, 67. mr. Joseph Allen CrocEliza Grew. South-Reading, Doctor Thad- ker, 29. mr. Thomas Jones, 22. mr. Jo. deus Spaulding to miss Sarah Hart. Charles. nathan Abrams, 78. mr. John Fisk. 75. town, Samuel Y. Knowell, of Boston, to miss mrs. Sarah Phillips, 65. At Barre, mr. James Nancy Calder. Newburyport, mr. Joshua Hamilton, 83. At Bath, Rebecca M. Marsh, B. Bacon to miss Sarah Ann Perkins. Hing- 14. mr. John Whittamer, of Bath, at sea. Lan, mr. Alexander Hitchborn to miss Cin- mrs. Priscilla Smith, 45. At Beverly, mrs. derella Gardner. Mr. Nathaniel Upham to Eunice Gould, 19. At Biddeford, Captain miss Phebe Kimball. Mr. Benjamin C. Frost Lewis Young. 43. Al Buckstown, mrs Suto miss Lydia Rice. Framingham, mr. Jona- san Parker, 53. Cambridgeport, mr. Noah than Hill to mrs. Elizabeth Cole. Mr. Dana Butts, 48. At Castine, Captain Joho PerManson to miss Eliza Sanger. Dedham, mr. kins, 30. Charlestown, mr. Thomas Knox, Jobn W. Child, of Roxbury, to miss Sally 75. mrs. Joanna Ireland, 35. At Cornville, Richards. Mr. Janson Hartshorn. of Rox- miss Sally Fowler, 23. At Cumberland, bury, to miss Olive Ellis. Natick, Doctor Doctor Abel Mason. At Dedham, mr. John Alexander Thayer to miss Susan Biglow. Kilbourn, 25. At Dorchester, mr. Samuel Salem, mr. David Becket to miss Elizabeth Richards, 52. At Falmouth, mrs. Eunice Townsend. Levi Wallis to miss Macy Bar- Merril, 34. At Gos Captain Thomas tell. Amberst, mr. John Putnam to miss Sa- Weeks, 82. At Grafton, miss Anna Flagg. brina Wiley. Quincy. mr. Jedediah Adams, 23. At Hallowell, mr. Wm. E. Wingate, 26. jr. to miss Preble Brackett. Mr. Thomas Nathaniel G. Smith, Deputy Sheriff. At HarTaylor to miss Ann Adams. Portland, Rev. vard, mr. Ellis C. Tyler, 43, At HubbardJoseph F. Chamberlin to miss Mary C. De- ston, mr. Wm. Britian, 19. At Hingham,


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mrs. Lucy Lincoln, 47. At Stockbridge, mr. Died.] At Providence, mr. Isaac Eveleth, Wm. Root, 51. At Saco, major gen. Cyrus 77. miss Mary Keene Whitney, 16. Seth King, 54, late member of congress. At Sa- Amiel Wheaton, of Pro. at Gibralter, midlem, mrs. Susan Beckett 94. mr. John Nor. shipmaa, 19. mr. Stephen W. Eddy, 28. folk, 75. mrs. Mary Toppin Pickman, 73. mr. Stephen Thornton, 51. mr. Wm. Wirmrs. Eliza Sprague. mr. John Devereux, man, 20. mrs. Amy Brown. Capt. W E. 63. miss Elsy Devereux, 18. Widow Lus- Fillinghart, 40. Al Bristol, mr. Lemuel comb, 30. At Pittsfield, mr. Daniel Parsons, Clark, 80. mrs. Abby Davis, 19. At Ports44. At Worcester, Captain Joseph Holbrook, mouth, mr. Edward Hale, 89. At Cum68. mr. Robert B. Brigham, 41. Newbury, berland, Doct. Abel Mason. At Southmrs. Martha Morze, 38. mrs. Sarah Adains, Kingston, Gideon Clarke, Esq. 78. At New

mr. Joseph Jaques, 30. At Newbury- port, mr. Jonathan Walke, 90. At Little port, Charles Enoch Pike, 17. mr. Jona- Compton, mrs. Deborah Manchester, wise than Call, 68. At Milford, mr. Thomas of mr. Daniel M. aged 33; her infant child; Bowker, 27. At Phillipston, Captain Thacher her mother, mrs. Hannah Brownell, aged Rich, 77. At Mendon, mrs. Chloe South- 59; and her grandmother, mrs. Mary Browwick. 71. At Sutfield, Captain Oliver Par- nell, aged 93.—Thus, in the course of 13 song, 48,

At Nantucket, mr. Jethro Mitch- days, did death make a conquest over four ell, 78. At Westport, mr. Benjamin Gifford, generations, all from one house, and all in 29. At Alfred, mr. Jonah Ponah, jr. 23. At lineal descent, from the eldest down to the Fryburg, mr. Asa Buck. Samuel Buck. infant. At Phillipsburg, mrs. Mary Hill, 40. At Kennebunk, mr. Joseph Hobbs, 74. At Vienna, James Cockran, 50. At Bowdoinbam, Da. Connecticut Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb. vid Plumer, 23. At Medford, mrs. Ruth

A course of instruction has commenced, at Harvington, 40. At Tewksbury, Deac. Ezra this institution, under the superintendence of Kendall, 97. At Deerfield, Doctor Elihu the Rev. T. H. Gallaudet and Mr. Laurent Ashly, 68. At Howe, Horace Burr, 17, of Clerc. The domestic concerns of the es. hydrophobia, occasioned by skinning a fox tablishment are managed by the Rev. A. O. which had died of that disease many weeks Stansbury and lady. before. At New Bedford, mrs. Catherine Howland. Mr. Joseph Olds, 85. At Mil.

1. The Asylum will provide for each pupil ton, mrs. Penelope Rowe, 81. At Rochester, board, lodging, wasbing; the continual sumrs. (Samuel] Savery, 65. At Wareliam, perintendence of health, conduct, manners, Doctor Alex. Mackie, 73. At Westford, and morals ; fuel, candles, stationary, and Jeremiah Hildreth, Esq. 46. At Wiscassct, other incidental expenses of the school room; miss Harriot Shepherd, 26. At Lunenberg; for which, including tuition, there will be an Nancy F. Putinan. At Royalston, mr. David annual charge of two hundred dollars. Mead, 98. miss Susan Goddard, 38. At

2. In case of sickness the necessary extra Sterling, mr. Peter Kendall 2d, 30. AL

charges will be made. Shetfield, Doctor Sylvester Barnard, 59. 3. No pupil will be received for a less term At Waterville, Captain E. Moore, 65. At than one year, and no deduction from the Ipswich, mr. Daniel Thurston, 70. At South above charge will be made on account of Berwick, Timothy Cutler, Esq. 82. At vacations or absence, except in case of sickSudbury, mrs. Dolly Wheeler. At Marblehead, Captain Joseph Barker. At Orange,

4. Payments are always to be made one nors. Rest Lord, 53. At Woolwich, Hon. quarter in advance, for such pupils as reside Nathaniel Thwing, 86. At Portland, mrs. within the State, and six months in advance Eunice Starburd, 33. mrs. Mehitabel John- for such as reside without it, for the punctual son, 23. Captain Amos Webber, 34.

At fulfilment of which satisfactory security will Weymouth, mrs. Lydia Reed.

At Oxford, be required. mrs. Dolly Harris. mr. Josiah Gleason.

5. Each pupil applying for admission, mirs. Rebecca Kingsbury. At Natick, mr. must not be under nine years of age, of good Jonathan Dunn, of Boston, 37.

natural intellect, free from any immoralities RHODE ISLAND.

of conduct, and from any contagious or inNathaniel Knight. Rep. is elected Gov. fectious disease. A certificale of such qnaernor of Rhode Island. His opponent was lifications will be required, signed by the Governor Jones.

clergyman of the place in which the pupil Col. Wm. Gibbs is chosen Major. Gen. of resides, or by two other respectable inhabiRhode-Island.

tants. Marriel.) At Newport, Rev. Calvin Hitchcock io miss Eliza Stevens. Mr. Allen

By order of the Directors, Crocker Curtis, Merchant, of Weedham, to

MASON F. COGSWELL, miss Lucy Brown, of Boston. At Little

Compton, mr. Richard Davenport to miss Hartford, 21st March, 1817.
Rhoda Coe.

Jeremiah Day, Prof. Math, and Nat. Phil.


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of Yale College, has been elected President Appointments by the Council of Appointment. of that Institution, vice Timothy Dwight, S. Queens. Effingham Lawrence and Jacob T. P. deceased.

Townsend, Judges: Thomas Powell and Supreme Court of Fairfield County, Connecli- Cadwallader Roe, Coroners.

cul, John Whitney is. Lovejoy, Dec. term, Sixty five thousand dollars were distribu1816.

ted from the school fund of this State, during This was a special action on the case, in- the last year. The returns of the militia, stituted by Mr. Whitney, a merchant of give an aggregate of 106,000 men, includBoston, vs. Lovejoy, as owner of the stage, ing 97,639 infantry, 6,434 artillery, and in which Whitney was a passenger, which 2,808 cavalry. There are 96 news.papers was turned over by the carelessness of the printed in tbis State-8 daily, 8 semi-weekdriver, and Mr. W. much injured-Ver- ly, the rest weekly, dict for the plaintiff, 250 dollars damage, and Married.) At New-York, Wm. Glover, costs of suit. At the same term, was tried a Esg. of the Island of Tortola, to miss Carocause, vs. same defendant, in favour of a line Matilda Gerard. mr. Joseph Semister, lady that was run over by the defendant's of Manchester, Eng. to miss Truelove Smith, stage, driven by another of his heedless of Dudley. mr. Lancaster S. Burling to drivers–Verdict, 500 dollars and costs miss Cornelia Ann Coventry. mr. Alex. The damages and costs in both, amounted Ogelvie to miss Jane A. Gibson. mr. Ralph to about 1000 dollars.

Olmstead to miss Mary Jackson. Joshua Married.) At New Haven, mr. Charles L. L. Pell, Esq. to miss Mary A. Ball

. mr. Strong to miss Joannette A. Bradlee. At Alex. D. Berry to miss Sarah A. Lent. Litchfield, Charles Perkins, Esq. of Norwich, James Murray to miss Margaret Riley. nr. to miss Clarissa Deming. At Waterford, mr. James De Peyster Stagg to miss Ann ZaDaniel Ames, of Monteville, to miss Asenath briskie De Peyster. nr. Michael Lambert Powers. Mr. Winthrop Hurlbut, of Lyme, to miss Eliza Missing. mr. Hector Kennedy to miss Patty Smith. At New London, mr. to mrs. Henrietta Troup Clark. mr. Wm. Samuel Cooley to miss Mary C. Penniman. Courey to miss H. Stakes. mr. Wm. Macrea At Stonington, mr. Rowland Stanton to to miss Margaret Robertson.

mr. James miss Maria Palmer. mr. Gurdon Trumbull Jarvis to mrs. Anna Cook. mr. David Matto miss Sarah A. Swan. At Torrington, mor. thewson to miss Sarah Carson. Doct. Wm. Whiting, jr. to miss Almeda Beach. Saml. Floyd to miss Augusta Van Horne, mr. Norman Wilson to miss Laura Kimberly. Capt. James N. Brown to mrs. Maria BowMr. Elizur Wolcott to Miss Esther Lewis. ering. mr. John A. Clark to miss Catharine mr. Prescot Pond to miss Eliza Palmer. Ann Gale. Lt. Col. Croglan to miss Sere

Died.) At Hartford, mrs. Lucy Steel, aged na Livingston. mr. Nich. Delaplaine to 55. Eliakim Hitchcock, 74. mr. John Ing. miss Lydia A. Andress. mr. Abraham Van ham, 52. At Middleton, mr. Phineas Spel- Buskirk to miss Ninette Driskell. mr. Ezeman. At Norwalk, mr. Samuel Keeler, 73. kiel G. Smith to miss Mary L. Mott. At Farrington, Capt. Luke Wadsworth, 58. Jobn Penn to miss Elizabeth Welch. mr. mr. Asahel Wadsworth, 74. At East Had. Moses Spears to miss Jane Radcliff. dam, capt. Jonathan Ormstead, 90. At Tor. Jacob S. Platt to miss Catharine E. Walringford, mrs, Esther Gaylor, 63. miss Nancy dron. mr. Geo. L. Bruce to miss Prowitt. Gaylord, 27. At New Haven, Widow Mary Wm. Silliman, Esq. to miss Abigail Delia Sloan, 69. At Bridgeport, mr. Lewis Mor- St. John. mr. Morehonse Gray to mrs.

At Wethersfield, mr. Stephen Wil- Clarisa Hoyt. mr. Joseph Hoxie to miss lard, 76. At Boston, mrs. Chloe Howard, Eliza Blossom. At Newtown L. I. mr. Da74. mrs. Martha Colton, relict of the late vid Van Vickle, jr. to niss Dorian F. Me Rev. George Colton. At Chatham, mr. Ran- Donough. At Hempstead, L. I. mr. Henry som, 100 years and 7 months. At Winches. Marvin to miss Sarah Bedell. At Cowter, Nelson Bull, 31.

Neck. L. I. mr. Dow. Ditmiss, of Jamaica, VERMONT.

to miss Catharine Onderdonk. At GreensMarried.] At Burlington, David Stone, burgh, mr. Ezra C. Woodhull to miss Mary Esq. to miss Sarah T. Eaton, of Northamp- Ann Howland. At Auburn, mr. Willings ton, Mass,

Lothrop to miss Zillah S. Whedin. At WaDied.] At Windsor, William Leverett, Esq. tertown, mr. Alsworth Baker to miss Aris 57. At Orwell, Col. Joseph Mayo, 68; miss Coffen. At Waterford, mr. Jacob S. Platt Lucy Mayo, 65. At Westminster, Dr. Jona- to miss Catherine E. Waldron. At Ononthan Rogers.

daga, mr. Wm. Jones to miss Rebecca HarThe Comptroller has reported to the Se- ris. At Geneva, mr. James Whaley to mrs. nate, that the sum of 538,000 dollars remains Eleanor Wood. mr. Asa Smith to miss Esto be raised by lotteries, by provisions enact- ther Throop. At Charleston, mr. Matthias ed anterior to the late session, and that J. Bovee to miss Betsey bovee. At Greenmore than six years will be required to com- bush, mr. Gibly Wood to miss Rachel plete the drawings.

Breed. At Canandaigua, mr. David Ben- .



gan, 19.


ham to miss Sally Moore ; mr. Ezra Darling Cornelius Van Schenk, Esq. Capt. Abrato miss Lois Moore. At Buffalo, James L. bam Van Beuren, 80. Athens, mrs. EleaBarton, Esq. to miss Sally M. Horner. Hen- nor Wells, 52. Orville, mrs. Mercy Ketchry Coulson, Esq. late of the Royal Navy, to am, 41. Painted Post, mrs. Honor Rowmiss Mary Hait, of Ancaster, U. C. At ley. Buffalo, mr. William Wilus. Batavia, Leicester, mr. Alva Risdon to miss Polly mrs. Hannah Steves, 75. Phelps, mr. Babcock. mr. Samuel Crossman to miss Elijah Herrick. Auburn, mr. Jeremiah VanHarriet Roberts. At Caledonia, mr. Na- derheyden, 19. Thomas, mr. Henry Goodthan Rue to miss Abigail Holloway. Doct. ell, 40. mr. Richard Ogden, 69. mrs. Elizur John M. Herrington to miss Holloway. At Kenney. mr. Samuel Peck, 40.

mrs. Na Cato, mr. John Cooper to miss Amanda than Salisbury, 73. Manlius, mr. Salathiel Cougharine. At Bath, mr. Anthony Pal- Hammond, 57. Canandaigua, mr. John mouteer to miss Diana Potter. At Painted Cooley, junr. 47. Brutus, mrs. Abigail Hall, Post, Capt. John E. Mulholland to miss 81. At Greenbush, Magdalene Van Beuren, Olive Millard. At Lowville, mr. William 81. At Romulus, mrs. Jane Henion. At Frazier, lately of British Navy, to miss Mary Utica, miss Dolly Stafford, 17. mr. G. Chris. M. Donald. At Pompey, mr. John Gott to topher Meunhoeffer. At Watertown, Cyremiss Malinda Carr. Ai Scipio, Don Pedro nus Woodworth, 52. At Broadalbin, MontD. Silva, late from Portugal, to miss Esther gomery county, on the 27th April last, DanCromwell. At Cayuga, mr. Allurard c. iel Miintyre, Esq. aged nearly 84. He Chamberlain, of Union Springs, to miss was a native of Scotland, and emigrated to Eliza Rathbun. At Newtown, mr. Asa Hib- this country with his family and a few bard to miss Clara Fry, both of Ovid. At friends in 1775. In 1776 they commenced New Hartford, mr. Horace Butter to miss the settlement of the town, then a wilder. Hannah Wilbor. At Bridgehampton, mr. ness, where he died. Jesse Topping to miss Mehitable Talmadge. Ai Southold, mr. Rufus "White, of Franklin,

Trenton, May 26. to miss Hannah Fanning. At East Hamp- The Cut Worms and Hessian Fly haye ton, mr. Peleg Rodgers to miss Ruth Mul- appeared in this part of the country, and the ford. At Sharon, mr. Ellis Johnson to miss corn and wheat have suffered considerably. Hannah Estey. mr. Lewis Billings to miss Married.] At Newark, mr. Nicholas DelaPatty Willis. At Thomas, Doct. Saul C. plaine, to miss Lydia A. Andruss. At BelUpson, of Fabius, to miss Julia Ann Jones. ville, mr. William Rolston to miss Dow. At Ai Kingsborougli, mr. Phillip Mills to miss Rahway, Anthony Woodward, Esq. to miss Susanna Steel. At Woodstock, mr. George Elizabeth Mott. Freeman to miss Eliza Conner.

Died.] At Princeton, mrs. Ann Smith, Died.] In New-York, mr. Francis Winton, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Witherspoon. aged 54. mrs. Elizabeth Coles, 43. miss Ardred Adain, 21. Capt. Jereme C. Dick

Philadelphia, April 21. erson, 32, mr. Silvian Bnotat, miss Ann On Friday afternoon last, in the district Barbara Shrady, 23. mr. John S. Henry, court of the United States, Judge Washing74. mrs. Eleanor Mc Dowell. James N. ton presiding, came on the trial of Joba Brown, 65. Richard Colles. 52. mr. John Hart, one of the, high constables of PhilaC. Webber, 44. mr. James A. Dunlap, 27. delphia, for having twice stopped the United mrs. Sarah Potts, of Birmingham. mrs. Ma- States' mail stage, for not conforming to the ria Ross. mr. Joseph Ogden, 41. John I. municipal regulations of said city.-1st the Hicks, native of Newport, R. I. 32. mrs. western mail stage, for driving at a speed Margaret Wortman. Thomas Jones. exceeding 6 miles an hour and 2dly, the 22. mr. Jacob Walstead, 26. mr. Joseph eastern mail stage, for not having bells at. Lawrence, 34. mrs. Ann Read. mrs. Mary tached to the horses, when carried upon Daly, 60, of Cork (Ireland) mrs. Catharine runners. The charge of the Judge, we unWilliams. mr. Samuel Hook, 29. mr. derstand, was in favour of the defendant, William Webb, 28. mrs. Lavina Wardell, who was consequently acquitted by the jury, 42. Capt. James Sanford. mrs. Susan Og. on Saturday afternoon. This decision may den, 27. mrs. Rachel Holley, 30. mr. Ja- be viewed as settling a very important quescob Busze. mrs. Elizabeth Skiff, mr. Na- tion in relation to the right of local authorithaniel Roe, 34. mr. James Johnson, 40. ties to enforce obedience to their wholesome mrs. Sarah Rykemen, 60. Richard W. Moo- regulations, which have been hitherto in ney, 27. Col. Benj. North, 68. mrs. Marga- some degree slighted, by those who conret Gorden. Jotham Post, Esq. 46. mrs. sidered they were acting under paramount Margaret Lewelling. mr. Francis Bayard authority. Winthrop, 64. mrs. Hester Marsh. At Ho- An eastern paper mentions, that thirty mer, mr. Joseph Watkins, 59. Flatbush, million feet of boards, besides otber lumber William Livingston, Esq. 64 Kingston. mr. passed that borougb, on the Susquehannah, Thomas Houghtaling, 65. Kinderhook, during one week in April. These boards




vere estimated to be worth 600,000 dollars. Hanson. In Frederick County, mrs. ElizaThe quantity of wheat that has been carried beth Howard, down that river is said to be greater this,

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. than during any former year.

A great por

Married.) At Washington-Samuel Antion of the productions which are floated to derson, esq. of Hanover county. Va. to miss. market upon the Susquehanna is from this Susan Dayton Wheaton. mr. Joseph AlerState.

ander Burch, to miss Elizabeth Bell. The legislature of this state, during the last Died.] At Georgetown, Arthur Shaaf, esg. session, made an appropriation of $521,000 of Frederick county, Md. in the 49th year of for the benefit of public works and internal his age. He had served with reputation in improvements.

the Legislature and Executive Council of his Philadelphia, May 17. native State, and had attained a distinguished On Thursday, before the Court of Oyer rank at the bar for his learning and his talents. and Terminer, in this city, Judge Rush pre

VIRGINIA. siding, came on the trial of Lieutenant Uriah The Hessian Fly has done great damago P. Levy, for having sent a challenge to the to the wheat in this State and in Maryland. late Peter M. Potter. After an investigation There is a kind of wheat, however, called, of about two hours, the jury very promptly in this State, the Lawler wheat, and in Pennbrought in a verdict of not guilty.

sylvania, Jones' White Wheat, that will effecMarried.] At Philadelphia, John T. Grif- tually resist the fly. It is advised to sow this fith, esq. to miss Harriet Abercrombie. John wheat thicker than usual, and, early in the Bowen, esq. Jam. to miss Martha P. Anthony. spring, to plaster in broad cast. Mr. John M. Taber, of Easton, N.J. to miss In the city of Alexandria there are houses Mary H. Newkirk. mr. Samuel D. Harvey, of all descriptions, 1385, includingto miss Elizabeth Chapman. mr. Robert Places of Worship,

M'Clenachan, to miss Ann Maria Cloud. mr. Academy,
John Saville, to miss Eliza Baker. mr. Joel Lancastrian Schools,
Atkinson, to miss Rebecca Middleton.

Nathaniel Potts, to miss Sophia Stokes. mr. Schools (private)
John Rogers, to miss Mublenburgh. John Brewery,
W. Peters, to miss Sarah Livingston Lion. Sugar-Houses,
mr. John E. Keen, to miss Mary Ann Stiles. Potteries,
mr. John W. Peters, to miss Sarah L. Linen. Brass Foundry,
mr. Archibald Blair, jr. of Va, to miss Harriet Nail Factories,
Maria Freeman. At Pennsborough-doctor Morocco Leather Factory,
Asher Davidson, of Jersey-Shore, to miss &c. &c.
Rachel Woods.

Norfolk, May 12. Died.] At Philadelphia-mr. Frederic An epidemic has prevailed for some time Heiss, 78. mr. Joseph Williamson, 75. mr. past in the town of Manchester, opposite to Edward Shoemaker. mr. Robert Haydock, Richmond, which has carried off

, in the space 63. mr. Thomas Richards. mr. Lewis Car- of six weeks, upwards of one hundred and son, 33.

mr. Pease Wadman, 78. mr. Reed thirty persons, chiefly negroes—a mortality Williams, 38. mrs. Catharine Rush, 110 heretofore unexampled in that place, the years, 11 months. mr. William Thackard, population of which we believe, does not of Eng. mrs Mary Pitcher. Mrs. Aletta exceed 500. What renders this visitation Warne. At Sunbury, mr. Samuel Bellus. the more painful, is, that among the number At Lancaster-honourable Jasper Yeates. who have fallen victims, are many of the oldAt Nippinrose Bottom, mrs. Hannah M'Mick- est and most respectable inhabitants. mrs. Elizabeth Stuart.

The Supreme Court of Virginia have de

cided on a case, in which the Judges tacitly Died.] In Delaware, James Raymond, esq. admit, that a man may marry the sister of aged 70.

his deceased wife. MARYLAND. Died.] At Baltimore-William Van Wyck,

Newbern, March 19. esq. aged 69. mrs. H. Barry, wife of the The Superior Court of Law for this CounRier. E. D. Barry. mr. John Stewart, 58. ty, commenced on Monday last, his Honour mr. Anthony Kimmel, sen. 72. miss Eliza Judge Lowrie presiding. On Thursday, senShayman, 16. lieut. Thomas W. Magruder, tence of death was passed upon Benjamin of the United States navy. 27. mrs. Margaret Sparrow and Samuel Sparrow, convicted at Taylor. miss Ann Smith, 17.

the last term on an indictment for stealing, At Waterloo, at the seat of the Hon. Judge and Friday the 16th of May, appointed for Hanson, the Hon. Thomas P. Grosvenor, 38, their execution. a distingnished member of Congress, and an

SOUTII CAROLINA. eloquent advocate at the bar. Miss Caroline Total value os esports from South Caro

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