The Essentials of European History: 1914 to 1935, World War I and Europe in crisis

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Research & Education Association, 2001 - 106 էջ
REA's "Essentials "provide quick and easy access to critical information in a variety of different fields, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. These concise, comprehensive study guides summarize the essentials of the field covered. "Essentials "are helpful when preparing for exams, doing homework and will remain a lasting reference source for students, teachers, and professionals.
"The Essentials of United States History: 1841 to 1877" discusses westward expansion, Texas, the Mexican War, the Compromise of 1850, sectional conflict, the Dred Scott Case, the Lincoln-Douglas debates, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.

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