William Mulholland and the Rise of Los Angeles

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University of California Press, 22 օգս, 2000 թ. - 432 էջ
William Mulholland presided over the creation of a water system that forever changed the course of southern California's history. Mulholland, a self-taught engineer, was the chief architect of the Owens Valley Aqueduct—a project ranking in magnitude and daring with the Panama Canal—that brought water to semi-arid Los Angeles from the lush Owens Valley. The story of Los Angeles's quest for water is both famous and notorious: it has been the subject of the classic yet historically distorted movie Chinatown, as well as many other accounts. This first full-length biography of Mulholland challenges many of the prevailing versions of his life story and sheds new light on the history of Los Angeles and its relationship with its most prized resource: water.

Catherine Mulholland, the engineer's granddaughter, provides insights into this story that family familiarity affords, and adds to our historical understanding with extensive primary research in sources such as Mulholland's recently uncovered office files, newspapers, and Department of Water and Power archives. She scrutinizes Mulholland's life—from his childhood in Ireland to his triumphant completion of the Owens Valley Aqueduct to the tragedy that ended his career. This vivid portrait of a rich chapter in the history of Los Angeles is enhanced with a generous selection of previously unpublished photographs.

Los Angeles Times Best Nonfiction Book of 2000

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The remarkable life of the self-taught, Irish-born civil engineer who led the long, extraordinary effort to bring water to early Los Angeles.Catherine Mulholland (The Owensmouth Baby, not reviewed ... Read full review


Contents List of Illustrations Preface
The Lon ourn from Du lin to Los An eles 18551876
The Priyate water Company and Its Owners 18781879
The New Superintendent 18871892
Water Plots and Politics 18931895
The Years of Mayor Eaton 18981900
The Citys yictory oyer the Crand Monopoly 19011902
The Chief and the General 1908
The Best Year 1909
Troubles and Interruptions 1910
Aqueduct Progress and Political Fireworks 1911
The Investigation 1912
The Completion of the Aqueduct 1913
After the Aqueduct 19141919
A Stormy Decade Begins 19201923

Desperate Remedies in a Dry Season 1904
A Plan Reyealed 1905
Preparations for an Aqueduct and a Trip to Washington DC 1906
The Big Job Begins 1907
Boulder Dam n D namite 1924
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Catherine Mulholland is author of Calabasas Girls: An Intimate History (1976) and The Owensmouth Baby: The Making of a San Fernando Town (1987).

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