A history of the life of Richard Cœur-de-lion, king of England, Հատորներ 1-2

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Էջ 53 - ... for, as the priesthood was instituted for divine service, so was chivalry for the maintenance of religion and justice. A knight -ought to be the husband of widows, the father of orphans, the protector of the poor, and the prop of those who have no other support; and they who do not act thus are unworthy to bear that name. These, my son, are the obligations which the order of knighthood will lay upon you.
Էջ 36 - The scholars dispute there for exercise sake ; some use demonstrations, others topical and probable arguments ; some practice enthymemes, others do better use perfect syllogisms ; some exercise themselves in dispute for ostentation, which is practised among such as strive together for victory ; others dispute for truth, which...
Էջ 275 - The poor themselves,' says a contemporary historian, who gives us a lifelike description of the preparations for the Crusade in Germany and France, ' caught the flame so ardently that no one paused to think of the smallness of his wealth ; but each set about selling his property at as low a price as if he had been held in some horrible captivity, and sought to pay his ransom without loss of time. There was a general dearth at the time ; but no sooner had Christ inspired the multitudes of people to...
Էջ 277 - ... for a few crowns, and set out with those whom they had laughed at. but a day before. Who shall tell the children and the infirm, that, animated with the same spirit, hastened to the war? Who shall count the old men and the young maids who hurried forward to the fight ? — not with the hope of aiding, but for the crown of martyrdom to be won amid the swords of the infidels.
Էջ 83 - What benefit have we gained to compensate all these losses, or what do we expect? When Matilda was mistress of the kingdom, though her power was not yet confirmed, in what manner did she govern ? Did she not make even those of her own faction and court regret the king ? was not her pride more intolerable still than his levity ? her rapine than his...
Էջ 82 - It is now above sixteen years that, on a doubtful and disputed claim to the crown, the rage of civil war has almost continually infested this kingdom. During this melancholy period, how much blood has been shed ! what devastations and misery have been brought on
Էջ 84 - Did she not make even those of her own faction and court regret the king ? was not her pride more intolerable still than his levity ? her rapine than his profuseness ? Were any years of his reign so grievous to the people, so offensive to the nobles, as the first days of hers...
Էջ 319 - Yet, instead of the simplicity of style and narrative which wins our belief, an elaborate affectation of rhetoric and science betrays in every page the vanity of a female author. The genuine character of Alexius is lost in a vague constellation of virtues; and the perpetual strain of panegyric and apology awakens our jealousy, to question the veracity of the historian and the merit of the hero.
Էջ 83 - This great and noble nation has been delivered a prey to the basest of foreigners, the abominable scum of Flanders, Brabant, and Bretagne, robbers rather than soldiers, restrained by no laws, divine or human, tied to no country, subject to no prince, instruments of all tyranny, violence, and oppression. At the same time, our cruel neighbours, the...
Էջ 84 - But let us not hope, that, be our victory ever so complete, it will give any lasting peace to this kingdom. Should Henry fall in this battle, there are two other brothers to succeed to his claim, and support his faction, perhaps with less merit, but certainly with as much ambition as he. What *hall we do then, to free ourselves from all these misfortunes...

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