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The avowed ignorance of the nation generally concerning the Hudson's Bay Company, and the natural desire to know more of the territories and proceedings of an association to whom is now being confided the Colonization of Vancouver's Island, have induced me to examine various official and public documents on the subject, in the hope that the result of my inquiry might be useful to many who wish to be better acquainted with the facts of the case, and not unacceptable even to those with whose opinions I generally concur, although in this matter at variance with the conclusions at which I have

myself arrived.

I have found a further incentive to my labours in the desire to ascertain how far additional information would confirm or negative the views I had formed when writing my History of the British Colonies in 1834.

The plan which I have pursued has been—

First—To show the geography, physical aspect, and climate of the regions known as the Hudson's Bay Company's territories, and to furnish all the trustworthy information within my reach relative to

Vancouver's Island.

Second—To detail the constitution and working of

the Hudson's Bay Corporation at home and abroad.

Third—To ascertain the numbers, character, and

treatment of the Indian or Aboriginal population.

Fourth—To investigate the conduct and policy of

the ruling authorities.

Fifth–To inquire into the qualifications of the Hudson's Bay Company for the Colonization of Van

couver's Island.

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