A to Z of American Women Writers

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Facts on File, 2007 - 398 էջ
Through poetry, essays, biographies, and editing, American women have had a long and significant impact on the art of writing. Millions of American women have told their own stories or the stories of others, or they've used writing as a way to create another world. ""A to Z of American Women Writers, Revised Edition"" profiles 186 such women, among them poets, essayists, journalists, editors, novelists, memoirists, and numerous other types of writers. This engaging resource examines the stories of women from a wide array of cultures and generations who share a love of writing. These women are also united by the unique challenges facing women writers - some having to opt for masculine pen names in order to be published.This throughly revised book updates the story of each individual to the present day and contains 36 new profiles. The book is enhanced with 63 photographs that depict the women profiled. An updated bibliography provides listings of books and Web sites about women writers in general as well as specific resources about subcultures of female writers. Subject indexes allow the reader to search by such literary genres as ""biographer"" and ""nature writer."" Additional subject indexes organize individuals by subject matter and style as well as the era during which they were born.

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Carol Kort is a freelance writer who has written feature articles for the New York Times ("At the Nation's Table" column), the Boston Globe Sunday magazine, the Boston Herald Sunday magazine (plus two weekly columns for the Boston Herald), and numerous national magazines, including Working Woman and Family Life. She lives in Brookline, MA.

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