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Names. Sheldon. Wm.. Scovill, Geo

Residence. Oshkosh. Oshkosh.

Names. Russell, T. P. Rumery, L. O Rice, H. M... Robie, Rufus.... Ransom, E. B.

Residence. Oshkosh. Oshkosh. Oshkosh. Neenab. Fisks.

[blocks in formation]

Stilson, Eli... Oshkosh.
Sherwood, J. C... Dartford.
Suydam, Fred. Osbliosh.
Sanders, E. W.. Oshkosh.
Stoddard, Jonathan. Greenbusb.
Smith, J. M

Green Bay.
Stevenson, Isaac.... Marinette.
Sturtevani, N. G.... Oshkosh.
Stilson, Edgar. Oshkosh.
Sawyer, E. P

Oshkosb. Servis, Wm

Sheboygan F'ls Stroud, Geo, F Oshkosh. Sawyer, P.

Oshkosh. Scribaer, Joseph.... Rosendale. Sarau, C

Oshkosh, Sanford, A

Oshkosh. Scott, Geo. E. Neenah. Simmons, Wm Oshkosh. Seely, Eli ..

Oshkosh. Smith, C. R

Oshkosh. Schomar, Frank.. Oshkosh. Sherman, H. B... Burnett Junc. Stevens, W. 0.... Osbkosh. Streeter, G. B

Oshkosh. Soper, B. H..


Wilson, M. C...... Oshkosh. Weyerborst, Frank. Black Wolf. Woodward, W. W.. Port Hope. Wade, A. B.... Algoma. Wakefield, G. M... Oshkosh. Weston, C. S... Oshkosh. Weed, J. H.

Oshkosh. Whitncy, S. L Ripon. Woolcott, H. W.... Ripon. Washburo, G. W .. Oshkosh. Washburn, J. R Oshkosh. Wright, W. W. Oshkosh. Weatherby. D Oshkosh. Wood, s, E.. Oshkosh.


ART. 1. The name of this society shall be the Northern Wisconsin Agri. cultural and Mechanical Association. Its object shall be the promotion of agricultural, mechanical and household arts.

Art. 2. Membership.- This association shall consist of the life members of the same, and the presidents of all agricultural, horticultural and stock growers' associations within its jurisdiction.

ART. 3. Life Membership.- Any person muy become a life member by the payment to the secretary of the sum of $25, receiving from him a cer. tificate of such membership, which shall not be transferable, but which shall entitle the person to whom issued, his wife and minor children, to free admission to all the fairs and exhibitions of the society.

ART. 4. Officers.— The officers of the association shall be a president, eight vice-presidents, a secretary and treasurer, who shall be elected by ballot at the annual election, and who must be life members of the association, and all of whom shall constitute and be designated the Executive Board, a majority of which shall constitute a quorum, and the officers named in this article shall hold their offices for one year from and after January first next succeeding their election, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

ART. 5. President. The president shall be ex officio a member of the executive board; shall preside at all meetings of the association and of the executive board (but in case of absence or inability, one of the vice presi. dents shall act as president and discharge all the duties of that office). He shall sigo all contracts or other instruments of writing which have first been approved by the executive board. He shall sign all warrants drawn on the treasurer (the account for which the same is drawn having been first approved by the board); he shall have the casting vote in all cases of a tie, and may call a special meeting whenever he may deem it necessary.

Art. 6. Treasurer.— The treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the association, and pay the same out only on the order of the president, coun. tersigned by the secretary. He shall attend all fairs of the association, re. ceive the entrance or admission fee, keep a correct account of all receipts aud disbursements, and perform such duties as a majority of the executive board may direct, and give bonds for the faithful performance of his duties.

ART. 7. Secretary.- The secretary shall do all the correspondence of the society, keep a record of its proceedings and of the executive board, and pre. pare the same for publication. He shall collect all moneys due the society from any source, including receipts from grand stand (except fees for admis. sion to fairs), and pay the same over to the treasurer, taking his receipt there. for; keep proper account books, and discharge such other duties as pertain

to his office, or as a majority of the executive board may direct. He shall also give bonds for the faithful accounting of all moneys that may come into his hands belonging to the association.

ART. 8. Executive Board. The executive board shall have full power to manage the affairs of the association. They shall fill all vacancies, except that superintendents of departments may appoint judges by and with their consent, arising from absence or inability to serre; fix compensation of all officers of tbe association, appoint and remove at pleasure all appointed officers, agents and employes, prescribe their duties and fix their compensa. tion; also to make rules and regulations for the guidance of the officers in the discharge of their dutits; they shall classify by department, group and class, all articles likely to be entered for exhibition; appoint the time for opening and closing the annual fair; to prescribe and publish at least by the 15th of June of each year a schedule of premiums to be awarded; to fix the price of entries and admission; to appoint appropriate committees to superintend and to make awards in the several departments; to determine upon and fix up proper ground and place of meeting or exhibition, and to provide rules and regulations governing the same. They shall audit all bills and accounts, and cause to be kept a complete and correct record of all their proceedings, and to allow no moneys or disbursements of funds of the society, or any improvement of the property of the same, to be made without the recorded approval of a majority of the board. They shall as soon after the annual fair as practicable, pay to the exhibitors premiums which have been awarded from surplus funds of the association over actual expenses pro rated, and shall, within sixty days after the close of the annual fair, publish a full report of their proceedings and a complete detailed statement of the condition of the affairs of the association.

ART. 9. Annual Meeting.– The annual meeting of the association sball be beld on Thursday of fair week at 7:30 o'clock P. M., at such a place as a quorum of the executive board may direct. At such annual meeting each life member present shall be entitled to ore vote, and each agricultural, mechanical, horticultural and stock growers' association within the jurisdic. tion of the association, shall be entitled to three delegates, who shall be entitled to one vote each, when present, in the election of officers and the transaction of any other business proper to be done at such a meeting.

Art. 10. This constitution may be altered or amended at any annual meeting of the association by a majority vote.



The board of control of 1880 met as provided by the constitution, Monday, January 3, at 2 P. M.

There were present President Hazen, Vice Presidents Jewell, Loper, Huntley. Absent, Beckwith and Roberts. The treasurer made his report, which was carefully examined and found correct, and is as follows:

Northern Wisconsin Agricultural and Mechanical Association in account with E. W. Viall, treasurer:

Cr. Paid directors' note and interest

$624 40 Paid defendant Chicago Journal.

100 00 Paid 101 dinner tickets..

30 39 Paid rent, Stilson

375 05 Paid warrants ..

10,679 35

$11, 809 10

Balance as per settlement 1880.
Received from state
Received advertising.
Received annual ball..
Received ground rent..
From Secretary Torrey, from cotries, etc.
Gate receipts...
Life member.
Received for plow and mill.

$274 13 1,200 00

97 50 118 14

721 00
2,119 81
5,046 45

10 00
36 00

$9,623 03


$2, 186 07

Of the amount of overdraft, between $1,500 and $1,600 was from the indebtedness of the previous year and for expenses of new sheds, which were burned on October 5.

There being no further business the old board adjourned.

Immediately on the adjournment of the old board the executive board of 1881 met. Present, President Hazen, Vice Presidents Huntley, Jewell, Laper, Parsons, Keys, O'Brien, Daubner, Secretary Torrey and Treasurer Viall.

A motion prevailed to postpone the revision of the premium list to the next meeting.

A motion prevailed fixing the time for holding the fair of 1881 for September 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16.

An invitation of the Brown County Agricultural Society for holding the convention in that city was accepted, and the time fixed for January 18 and 19.

A resolution was adopted appropriating $5,000 for a new exposition building.

Adjourned to 9 A. M. Tuesday.

The board reconvened Tuesday morning with full attendance ex. cept Vice Presidents Roberts and Parsons.

The following building committee was elected: H. A. Jewell, chairman, S. M. Hay, E. W. Viall, Geo. F. Stroud and R. D. Torrey.

This committee was instructed to procure plans and specifications at as early a day as practicable for the new building and report to a subsequent meeting of the board.

The board then proceeded to the election of superintendents for the fair of 1881, as follows:

Stock Horses - A. A. Loper, Ripon.
Speed Horses - H. A. Jewell, Oshkosh.
Cattle – G. H. Daubner, Brookfield.
Sheep-C. P. Houghton, Algoma.
Swine - E. R. Martin, Omro.
Poultry-J. O'Brien, Nekimi.
Agriculture – D. Huntley, Appleton.
Fruit and Flowers - J. M. Smith, Green Bay.

Domestic Manufactures and Fine Arts — K. M. Hutchinson, Oshkosh.

Manufactures - Geo. Keys, Empire.
Machinery — J. G. Parsons, Oshkosh.
Gates — E. M. Brainerd, Oshkosh.
Grounds - J.J. Moore, Oshkosh.
Marshal — F. M. Powers, Oshkosh.

There being no further business the board adjourned subject to call of the secretary.

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