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No. 4.

Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through the Country (continued from
p. 79): Further notices of the Israelites of Ashton-under-Line; the Wakes
and Rush-cart of that Town.-Superstitious Theism met and refuted; Voltaire
versus Mirabaud, and Richard Carlile versus Voltaire.-Note on G. Kight's
Paper, on the Philosophical Consideration of a God.-Prosecution of the
Rev. Robert Taylor and others.-The Memorial addressed to the Common
Council of the City of London, by William Devonshire Saull.-Original
Biography Memoir of Robert Blincoe, an orphan Boy, who with others,
was sent from the Workhouse of St. Pancras, London, to one of the horrible
Cotton-mills and Cotton-masters of Nottinghamshire.-Religion of Mahomet.

No. 5.

Change, State and Prospect of the Administration, with a few Hints on
the real Character of the Government of this Country; on the Christian aud
Mahometan Alliance, and on Mr. Brougham's Parliamentary Pretensions.-
The braying of Elijah Dixon's Ass, in answer to the Roaring Lion. His
discovery of the fulfilment of the prediction of ANTICHRIST; and other Mys-
teries by him, more deeply mystified.-TRIUMPH OF INFIDELITY, or
INFIDEL FIDELITY, in the Pastoral Confessions of the Anglo-Scotch-Pres-
bytery.-Worship of the Cross explained.-Publisher's Preface to Blincoe's
Memoir.-The Memoir continued.—Religious Persecution of the Reverend
Robert Taylor.-Religious Preachers put to the Test, or weighed in the
Ballance and found wanting. An Address to the Readers of "THE LION."

No. 6.

Religious Disqualifications for Civil Duties.-Obituary of the Mother
of the Reverend Robert Taylor.-Address of the Reverend Robert Taylor to
the Court of King's Bench, on receiving its Judgment.-Letter by Mr. De-
trosier, on the Nature of the Deity, with a Note by R. Carlile.-Memoir of
Blincoe continued.

No. 7.

Proposed Abolition of the bad Practice of Oath-making, as the best
Means to remove the Complaints and Asperities of the various Religious
Sects. First Letter from Mr. Taylor in Oakham Gaol, to Mr. Carlile.-
-Advertisement for a Subscription for the Reverend Robert Taylor.-Note
for Elijah Dixon.-Corresponding Superstition of the Deistical Lord Herbert.
-Philosophical Abstract of the Proceedings of the Parliament.-Abortive-
ness of Mr. Brougham's Speech on the Law and its Administration.-Notice
of Mr. Morrison's Will: of Mr. Baskerville's Will and Epitaph: of Dr.
Monsey's Epitaph.-Epitaph on Thomas Paine.-Lines on Matrimony.-
Crime and Infidelity contrasted in its different Punishments. Speeches of the
Solicitor-General, Sir James Scarlett, the Recorder of the City of London,
and Mr. Justice Bayley, in the Judgment of the Court of King's Bench, on
the Reverend Robert Taylor, with Observations thereon.-Memoir of Blin-
coe continued.-Notices of Publications.

No. 8.

Mr. Tierney, the Cause of the last Change in the Administration.-Secret
Influence over the King.-Letter from Mr. Cheese, on the Inefficiency of all
Systems, to improve the Condition of Mankind, but that of agricultural
Co-operation!-Letter from Oakham Gaol, to Mr. Pitkeithly of Huddersfield,
by the Reverend Robert Taylor.-Second Letter to Mr. Carlile from ditto,
with a proposed Defence of the Manifesto of the Christian Evidence Society,
and Observations on his late Judgment.-Notice of further Subscriptions.-
Letter from a Friend to Truth and Candour.-Ditto to the Reverend Mr.
Blackburn, from a Lover of Truth.-Memoir of Blincoe concluded.-Confir-
mation of its Veracity.

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No. 9.

Co-operative Competition against Competitive Co-operation, being arr
Examination of Mr. Cheese's Letter and Robert Owen's Co-operative System.
-Rights, natural and social, considered.-Misgovernment, its Cause and
Remedy.-Third Letter from the Reverend Robert Taylor.-Subscriptions
for ditto.-Voltaire's Dream.-Ditto on Quacks.-P. R.'s Review of No. 1,
of The Lion, with Notes.-Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through the Country
(continued from page 104.)-Philosophical Abstract of the Proceedings of
the Parliament:-Test and Corporation Acts in Danger.-Letter from John
Joseph Betts of Ashton-under-Line, in Confirmation of the Statements in
Blincoe's Memoir.-Letter from Mr. Birt on the Profligacy of the Proprietors
of certain Newspapers.

No. 10.

Letter 4, from the Reverend Robert Taylor-Contrasted Cases of the
Rev. Gentleman and George Hale.-Letter copied from the Stamford News.
-Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through the Country, continued from p. 287.
-Visits to Wigan, Preston, Padiham, and Blackburn. Articles from the
Blackburn Mail, with a Letter to the Editor, &c.

No. 11.

Fall of the Brunswick Theatre.-The Theology of the Rev. Master's
Mate, G. C. Smith of Penzance, thrown down with it-Letter from W. B. on
the Rev. G. C. Smith's Appearance at the Freemason's Tavern.-Letter 5,
from the Rev. Robert Taylor, with Petitions to the Magistrates of Rutland,
and Mr. Justice Holroyd.-Note by R. C.-Consolation to an imprisoned
Infidel, administered by the Rev. Officiating Chaplain.-Confirmation of the
Memoir of Robert Blincoe, by a Derbyshire Correspondent.-Fox Hill Bank.
-Letter of Simpson, Haigh and Co. to the Editor of the Morning Herald,
with a Note by R. Carlile.-Letter from Mr. Detrosier with a Note by R. C.
-Letter from Edward Howard of Kensington, with a Subscription for the
Rev. Robert Taylor.

No. 12.

New Emigration Project.-Letter from a Canadian Planter.-The Pro-
gress of Sectarianism.-Title and Preface of the Diabolical Christian Liturgy
of the Rev. Robert Wedderburn.-New Sunday School for Men, Women,
and Children, to be established at 62, Fleet Street.-Description of the Co-
operative and irreligious Institution of Nashoba, established by Frauces
Wright.-Letter from Wisbech, with a Subscription for the Rev. Robert
Taylor.-Letter 6, from the Rev. R. Taylor.-Note on ditto by R. C. with an
explanation of the Malthusian principle of population.-Progress of Scepti-
cism.-Infidelity of modern novels.-Juvenis, an infidel of eight months
standing, on the Deity and its Attributes.

No. 13.

Description of the Public School and Lecturing Establishment at 62, Fleet
Street.-Letter 7. from the Rev. R. Taylor.-Letter from Stockport, with a
Subscription for ditto.-Lines on reading the Age of Reason, by a Lady,
lately a Christian.-Critical Letter from P. R. of Aberdeen, with Notes by
R. C.-Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through the Country, continued from
p. 320; Visit to Bolton, with a notice of Colonel Fletcher, Major Watkins,
William Lever, William Bamber, Scowcroft the Boroughreeve, Marsden the
Methodist Preacher; Letter to Holden, the Astronomical Lecturer, &c.—
Statement of the progress of the Joint Stock Book Company.-Letter from
Bristol, with a Subscription for the Rev. R. Taylor.--Confirmation of Blin-
coc's Printed Memoir, by himself.-Notice of Simpson, Haigh, and Co.

No. 14.

Philosophical Abstract of the proceedings of the Parliament.-Journal of
Mr. Carlile's Tour through the Country, continued from page 412; Visit to
Bolton, with a curious anecdote of a Methodistical young Lady.-Notice of
the Rev. Robert Taylor's new pamphlet, SYNTAGMA of the Evidences of
the Christian Religion, being a Vindication of the Manifesto of the Christian
Evidence Society.-Notice of the Rev. Joseph Fitch.-Letters from Philan-
thropos, of Clifton, to Mr. Carlile and the Rev. R. Taylor.-Letter from an
Irish Labourer.-Lines on a Skull.-Letter VIII. from the Rev. Robert
Taylor.-Notice of the Fleet Street Sunday School.-Letters from Octavius.
Hall, of Leicester, on the curious project of a praying machine, that may
"pray without ceasing."

No. 15.

Further notice of the Fleet Street Sunday School, Lecturing, Conversa-
tion and Discussion Establishment.-Letter IX. from the Rev. R. Taylor.-
Letter from Thomas James Freeman, with notes by R. Carlile.-Explanatory
Notes respecting the nature and object of Miss Frances Wright's Institution.
at Nashoba.

No. 16.

Considerations on Phrenology and the Mechanically Motive Theory of
Sir Richard Phillips, including Letters from Thomas Turton, and D. Ď.—
Further Notice of the Fleet Street Sunday School.―Journal of Mr. Carlile's
Tour through the Country, continued from p. 426; Visit to Bolton and
Bury.-Letter 10. from the Rev. Robert Taylor.-Letters from ditto to Mr.
Peel and Lord King.-Letters from Philo, E. Smith, and Juvenis.-Thoughts
on the Persecution of the Rev. Robert Taylor, by T. Turton.-A Paper on
Mind, by ditto.

No. 17.

On the Repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts, with the Dissentient
Protest of Lord Eldon and others, and the Editor's View of the Condition of
the Christian Religion.-Matinees Royales, or Frederic the Great, King of
Prussia's View of Religion.-Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through the
Country, continued from p. 496; Visits to Hyde and Middleton.-Notice of
the Fleet Street Sunday School and Wednesday Evenings Discussions.-
Letter 11. from the Rev. Robert Taylor.-Letter from Sir Richard Phillips,
in defence of his Astronomical and Motive Theory.-On the Falling of an
Apple from its Tree; and on Muscular Motion.-Letter from Robert Affleck,
of Edinburgh.-Address from Elijah Ridings on behalf of the Advocates of
Free Discussion, to the Rev. Robert Taylor, with a Subscription.-The
Parson and the Coats, a curious and humorous Poetical Tale.

No. 18.

Church in Danger.-The Protest of Lords Redesdale and Kenyon against
the Third Reading of the Bill for the Repeal of the Corporation and Test
Acts. Letter XII. from the Rev. Robert Taylor: Subject; Christian Faith
destructive of moral veracity.-A Description of Paradise, by the Jesuit Louis
Henricus.-Letter from William Heard, of Bristol, to the Rev. Robert Tay-
lor.-Natural Philosophy delineated in 88 Propositions, by Sir Richard
Phillips.-Note on them, by R. Carlile.-Translations from the French, being
true Statements of the deaths of some of the French Philosophers.-Letter
from P. R. of Aberdeen.-A Friend's Corrections.-Eternity and Space

No. 19.

Church Missionary Society.-Letter XIII. from the Rev. Robert Taylor.
-Note from Sir Richard Phillips, with a Rejoinder, by R. Carlile.-Letter
from E. Smith, of Bristol, detailing the Frenzy of Roman Catholic Fanati-
cism in France. From E. K. D. of Bristol.-From a Comical Christian, on
Supernatural Relations.-Fleet-street Discussions.-Letter II. from D. D.
on Sir Richard Phillips's Theory.-Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through
the Country, continued from page 523.-Visit to Stockport.-Circular from
the present Holders of Salter's-hall Chapel.-An Infidel's Ode to his Lyre.

No. 20.

Catholic Question considered.-Copy of the Act for the Repeal of the Cor-
poration and Test Acts, with a critical showing of its Absurdities.-Notice of
Robert Owen and the present Infidel State of the United States of North
America.-Letter XIV. from the Rev. Robert Taylor: Subject; Christian
Faith destructive of moral veracity.-A Co-operative Squib.-Observations
on the Declaration required to be made by the Act for the Repeal of the Cor-
poration and Test Acts.-Letter from E. Smith, of Bristol, on the Wicked-
ness of the Christian Religion.-Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through the
Country, continued from page 605.-Notice of the Bible Christians of Man-

No. 21.

The King against "The Lion."-The King's Arms delineated. Particu-
lars of an Exchequer Process against "The Lion," in a Letter to Godfrey
Sykes, Esq. Solicitor to the Commissioners of the Board of Stamps.-Letter
from E. Smith, of Bristol, on the Horrors of Religious Excitement, as lately
exhibited in Switzerland.-Notice of the Sunday School in Fleet-street.-
Letter from D. D. on the Earth's Animation.-Chinese Morals superior to
those of the New Testament.-Subscription for Mr. Taylor, with a Letter
from Islington.-Letter XV. from the Rev. Robert Taylor: Subject; Charac-
ter of Archbishop Tillotson.-Congratulatory Letter from J. T. of Bolton.-
New Systems of Astronomy noticed by Candid.-Volney's Prophecy.-His
answer to Dr. Priestley.

No. 22.

Russia and Turkey-News for the Stamp Commissioners.-Lines on
Monarchy and Religion.-On Time.-Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through
the Country, continued from page 640.-Astronomical Letter from Candid.-
Letter XVI. from the Rev. Robert Taylor.-The Apocryphal Letters of
Pilate to Tiberius, concerning Jesus Christ.-Letter from J. F, on the Ani-
mation of the Earth.-One Proof that the Jews were not the inhabitants of
Judea, before the Babylonish Colonization.-Lines on the Bible.

No. 23.

An Address to the Committee of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful
Knowledge, on the superstitious and historical defects of their publications.
-Further Correspondence with the Stamp Office.-Letter from J. Wood of
Bristol, on the Character of Pythagoras.-Note from Sir Richard Phillips.-
Postscript to the Lords, Lawyers, &c.-Letter 17. from the Rev. R. Taylor,
on Origines Christianæ.-Letter from E. K. D. of Bristol.-Letter from Ď. D.
on the general Animation of the Earth.-Subscription from Aberdeen for the
Rev. R. Taylor.-Ten Reasons why Tithes should be abolished.

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No. 24.

Defence of the Duke of Wellington's Administration.-Article on Mili-
tary Governments by J. K.-Letter 18. from the Rev. R. Taylor, on Perse-
cution peculiarly Christian.-Letter from Mr. Squire Farrar, of Bradford, with
a Subscription for Mr. Taylor.-Altamont, a Philosophical Drama.-Letter
from Thomas Hill to the Rev. R. Taylor, with a Subscription.

No. 25.

Physiognomy and Phrenology essential to the establishment of a correct
Moral Philosophy.-Letter from C. Pearson, on the bad doctrine of the Chris-
tian Atonement.-Letter from J. Wood, of Bristol.-Article on Population,
Emigration, and National Economy. Journal of Mr. Carlile's Tour through
the Country, continued from p. 687.-Letter 19. from the Rev. R. Taylor;
Persecution peculiarly Christian,-Letter from a Constant Reader, on the
impropriety of Parents educating their Children in systems that are known
to be false and mischievous.-An Extract from an Unpublished Book, on the
supposed Necessity of deceiving the Vulgar.-Letter from E. Smith of Bris-
tol, on two Christian Impostors.-Letter from Candid, on the Theory of the

No. 26.

An Address to the Readers of "The Lion."-Love's Last Look.-
Mackey's Theory stated by Dr. Mitchill, of New York.-Letter 20. from the
Rev. Robert Taylor, on Persecution, peculiarly Christian.-Population,
Emigration, and National Economy (concluded from p. 781).-Letter from
E. K. D. of Bristol.-Letter from Robert Affleck of Edinburgh, to the Rev.
Robert Taylor, with a Subscription.

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