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Scotland, curious political drama acted be- | Shropshire, crying the mare in, 1163.
fore the court of, 15; superstitions in, Shrove Monday, and peas and pork, 282.
684; humorous account of the first pigs
Tuesday, notice and customs of,
in, 1113.
196, 256.

Scottish songs, essay on, 713; list of, 717.
Scripture, application of, 1820; curious no-

Sidney, sir Philip, notice of his oak, 1033.
Signs on alehouses, 789.

tice about inscriptions in churches, 1867
Sea, stilling its waves by oil, 192, 254;
reflections on the sea, 1258.
Sealing-wax, account of, 263.
Seals, engravings of seals of London, 258,

Sebastian, Don, belief of the Portuguese in
his coming, 87.

Sedan-chairs, notice of, 901.
Sedgemoor, battle of, 910.
Sele, Howel, notice of, 1027, 1028.
Sermons, a singular one on 30th January,
149; preaching of at Paul's Cross, 414,
415; singular title-page of one, 478.
Serpentine river, skating on, 17.
Servants, a letter written to one on parting,
187; rules for them, 226; periodical
hirings of them described, 669; treat-
ment of them in harvest, 1158, 1160.
Severndroog castle and tower, 488.
Seville, celebration of certain religious ce-
remonies in, 392, 405, 421, 436.
Sewers, common, notice of boar lost in

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Sherborne, bells in, notice of, 745, 1255;
Pack-Monday fair in, 1307.

Singlestick or backsword, 1841, 1399.
Sisters, the Biddenden, engraving and ac-
count of, 442, &c.

Shoes, notice of shoes and buckles, 1854;
hiding presents in shoes and slippers,
1598; engraving of a lady's old shoe and
clog, 1635.

Shore, Jane, notice of, 417.
Showers, supposed of blood, explanation
of, 1127.
Showman, engraving of the German show-
man, 1329.

Sistine Chapel at Rome, grand religious
pageants in, 396, 435.

Sixpence, anecdote of a lost one, 1575.
Skaith Saw, or gruel against witchcraft
still made and sold at Falkirk, 688.
Skating, earliest notice of in England, 116;

people of Edinburgh skilled in, 117.
Skeleton, a curious present of one, 1560.
Sky island, custom of, 866.
Slaves in West Indies in 1736, 1304.
Sleep, how to obtain in cold weather, 95;
walking in, cases of, 1296.
Sleeper, an extraordinary one, 96.
Slippers and shoes, hiding presents in,

Smart, Mr. G., receives two gold medals
for machines for cleaning chimneys,

Smith, Mr. J., a date in Panyer Alley en-
graved in wood by, 1134, 1135.
Snails, predicting fortunes by, in Scotland

Snow, great fall of in 1814, 101; blue and
pink shades of, 72; accounts of women
lost in, 177, 395.

Societies, united one of Master Chimney-
sweepers established in London, 619;
also a Gymnastic Society, 1568; Cecilian
Society, ib.
Somersetshire, receipt for making Somer-
setshire bacon, 813; custom about lay.
ing out lands in, 917.
Somnambulism, cases of, 1297.
Songs, Scottish, essay on, 713.
Sops and ale, local custom of, 693.

Sotheby and Leigh, booksellers, notice of,


South Downs, custom in, 1562.

Shergold, lottery office-keepers, notices of, Spectator, (The,) ridicule of lotteries in
1451, 1496.


Sheridan, R. B., 1251.

Sherwood Forest, scene of Robin Hood's
adventures, 1637.

Shirts, specimen of pride about, 859.
Shoemakers, customs among, 471, 901,
1054, 1055.

Spectres. See Apparitions.

Spider (field) notice and calcuation about
its gossamer, 1188, 1332.
Spilsbury, Mr., notice of, 1486.

Spirit's blasted tree, The," in Wales
notice and engraving of, 1023.
Spurzheim and Gall, Drs., notice of, 1122.
Squires, old English, their houses and
mode of living, 1620-1624.

Staines (Middlesex) church, singular spec-
tacle at, 1225.

Stationers' Hall, St. Cecilia's feast at, 1567.
Steevens, G. A., anecdote of, 224.
Stiles, (field) inconveniences and pleasures
of, 903.

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Sun, kindling fires in honour of. See Fires.
Sunday, harvesting on, in Scotland, 1156.
Sunsets in England, 1185.
Surgeon-barbers, curious notice concern-
ing, 758.

Surrey hills, spring walk on, 557.
Sussex, new year's day in, 23.
Sutton, sir R., expelled the Commons,

T., founder of the White Conduit,

the prize-fighter, notice of, 780.
Sydenham, Mr., land-lottery of, 1446.
Swaffham, in Norfolk, custom of, 222.
Swallows in 1826, 492; notice of swallow-
singing or cheldonizing, 1111; swallows
at Rotherham, 1295.

Swan with two necks, explanation of, 958.
Swans, accounts of swanhopping, and order
for the same by the statutes and customs,
914, 958; a vicious swan, 955; their
power to contend with frost, 965; notice
of their supposed death-song, 964.
Swearing at Highgate. See Highgate.

Table Book, The, a work to succeed the
Every-Day Book, 1664.
Tale-bearing, how punished, 1562.
Tangiers, in Africa, celebration of Easter
at, 455.

Tanner, Dr., manuscripts lost by, 1617.
Tasker, William, died, 212.
Taylor, Dr. Rowland, martyred, 218.
the Whitworth doctor, 477.
Tea-kettle, trick with, 774.

Vol. II.-106.

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Thunny fishing, 647.

Thurlow, lord, letter of, 498.

Tickets, lottery, same number twice sold,
1460; divided with great minuteness, ib.
See Lottery.

Times, old, notice of, 1301.
Tissington, Derbyshire, custom of dressing
wells in, 636.

Toad-stools, singular connection of sub-
jects with, 518.

Toast, sugared, at lyings-in, 1333.
Tobacco, article on, 397.

Todd, James, death of, by a flying machine,


Toddingham, sir T., singular letter of the
famous earl of Warwick to, 1403.
Toulouse, establishments or customs at
600, 602.

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Tusks, elephants', matters found imbedded
in, 337.

Tutbury honour of, custom of, 807.
Tweed, river of, peculiarity of, 270.
Twelfth day, &c. 28, &c.
Twelvepenny lottery, 1446.
Twickenham, custom at, 449.

Upstarts, description of one, 1623.

Vacina, or Vacuna, goddess of rest, 1160.
Valentine's day and eve, customs on, 222,&c.
Vane, sir H., representatives of, 1378.
Vaughan, sir R., notice of his park and
manor, 1024, &c.

Vauxhall gardens, 611, 783; minor Vaux-
hall, (White Conduit-house,) 1204.
Vega, Lopez de, died, notice of, 1132
Vernon, admiral, notice of, 1892.
Vice, a personage in the old mysteries, 501.
Victor's, St., abbey, 998.

Village May pole, engraving of, 593.
Villeloin, abbé, curious remark of, 1141
Villiers, sir Edward, 1376.

Vincent, Mr., musician, notice of, 1568.
Virginia, in America, lottery for, 1612.
Visions in dreams, remarks on relative to
the blind, 1540.

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Wesley, J., his first pulpit, 1564.
West, the, wonder of, notice and engraving
of, 1631.

Indies, state of slaves in, in 1786,

-, Benj., painter, engraving and auto-
graph of, 366.

Westbury, custom at. 1333.
Westminster, notice of an election for, 854.
--bridge, lottery for, 1451.
Westmoreland, custom in, 450.
Wetting the block, custom of, 471.
Wheel, lottery, engraving of, 1439; case of
a ticket sticking in the wheel, 1454.
Whichmore, Staffordshire, custom at, 807.
Whig, old, description a newspaper so
called, 1301.

"Whims and Oddities," notice of, and cuts
from, 1537, &c.

Whipping, curious action at law for not
being whipped, 1389.

White Conduit, the, at Pentonville, engra-
ving and notice of, 1197, 1202.
White, - his curious address to the devil,


-, rev. B., his account of various cere-
monies at Seville, 405, 421, 436
Whitefield, G., his first pulpit, 1564.
Whitehaven, customs at, 1645.
Whitsuntide, 663.

Whittaker, C., his charity at Birmingham,


Whittle, Jemmy, 542.

Whitworth, doctor, the, notice of, 477.
Wigan, Lancashire, abundance of gossamer
at, 331.

Wigs, a glass one, 1196.

William Ill., centenary of his landing,
1374; notices of some of the king's fol-
lowers, 1871, &c.

Willis, Dr. Browne, his autograph, and
anecdotes of him, 292, 295, 296.

Wills, duchess of Exeter's, 581; a curious
one of H. Trigg, 1325.
Wiltshire, customs in, 1207, 1399.
Wimble, Will, of the Spectator, (Mr. T
Morecroft,) notice of, 897.
Winchester college, anecdote, 710.
Windsor, St. George's chapel at, completed
by sir R. Bray, 1072.
Winnold fair, Norfolk, 283.

Winter in town, 18.

Wisbech, St. Mary, fête at, 882.

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Woolley, James, the miser of Loscoe, no-
tice of, 1192.

Worms, Palmer, notice of, 1128.
Worcestershire, custom in, 1576.
Wraiths and fetches, notice of, 1111, &c.
Wrestling, sir T. Parkyns, author of a book
on, sculptured on his monument as
wrestling with death, 874; different
modes of wrestling, 1009; wrestling at
the Eagle tavern, 1333; for a boar's
head at Christmas, 1649.
Wright, rev., in Scotland, and presbytery
of Ayr, notice of, 1157.
Writing, hand, curious instances of, 1215
Writing ink, receipts for, 265, 266.

Yardley, Mr., a fraudulent debtor, 1241.
Yarmouth dinners, custom at, 636.
Year, the, riddle on, 26.
Yenlet creek, notice of, 924.
Yeomen of the guard, instituted in 1495

York,duke of, anecdote about his celebrated
speech, 1575.

Yorkshire, customs in, 21, 548

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