History of Texas: From 1685 to 1892...

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This is a 19th century history of Texas, focusing on its Spanish and Mexican past, as well as the war for independence. From the preface: "The field for historical research in Texas, covering two centuries of time, is wide and, for the most part, deeply interesting. To the present and future generations, however, its chief historic value is confined to that period of time beginning about the close of the 18th and the commencement of the 19th century. Anterior to that time, outside of feeble settlements at San Antonio, Goliad and Nacogdoches and a few straggling missions, the country remained a primeval wilderness. Nor did any real progress toward reclamation occur until an effort was made to secure an Anglo-Saxon (chiefly North American) population, the first fruits of which became manifest in a few families and single men from January to December, 1822. From the latter year we trace all of Texas identified with those principles of liberty, and representative constitutional government held, at least by all English speaking people, to be essential to the continued progress and happiness of mankind. This work is undertaken with a sincere desire to give truth absolute control; to eschew every prejudice; to do justice to all who served their country with fidelity; and to guard against the great injustice of withholding merit due to some and awarding merit not due to others. Most of the numerous books on Texas, including several published in, or prior to 1836, were too early to reach much of its most important history, and before many facts touching the then past were known, or when they were but partially known. The author, at intervals, for nearly half a century, has sought to find and preserve historical data omitted in other works, or incorrectly stated by them. Ours is not like the history of any other State of the Union, settled and fostered by a progressive people and government, and aided by great interior resources and means of transportation of which practically Texas had nothing. Wild barbarians infested Texas, undisturbed until its settlement by Americans, and its frontiers continued subject to all the horrors, more or less extensive, of savage warfare from the beginning in 1822, to its practical cessation in 1876, a period of fifty four years, beside the period from 1835 to 1845, inclusive, of a state of war with Mexico. Her history, taken as a whole, is unique and unlike that of any other member of the Union. To be understood it must be correctly given and carefully read. The author is enabled to correct many errors-some of minor and a few of material importance-heretofore published, and to embrace numerous important facts never before given in any work; and yet, much of interest, in the very nature of things, resulting from the want of official records, the absence in large part of current newspaper files, and the failing memory of many old and patriotic men, must remain untold. Eschewing fiction and exaggeration and guided by the spirit of truth and justice this work is given to the people of Texas by her loyal son."

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Էջ 306 - That Congress doth consent that the territory, properly included within, and rightfully belonging to the Republic of Texas, may be erected into a new State, to be called the " State of Texas," with a republican form of government, to be adopted by the people of said Republic, by deputies in convention assembled, with the consent of the existing government, in order that the same may be admitted as one of the States of this Union.
Էջ 23 - ... from the humanity which characterized their conduct after victory, and richly entitles them to the admiration and gratitude of their general. Nor should we withhold the tribute of our grateful thanks from that Being who rules the destinies of nations, and has in the time of greatest need enabled us to arrest a powerful invader whilst devastating our country.
Էջ 7 - For Heaven's sake, do not drop back again with the seat of government! Your removal to Harrisburg has done more to increase the panic in the country than anything else that has occurred in Texas, except the fall of the Alamo.
Էջ 306 - Whereas the Congress of the United States of America has passed resolutions providing for the annexation of Texas to that Union, which resolutions were approved by the President of the United States on the first day of March, one thousand eight hundred and forty-five: and whereas the President of the United States has submitted to Texas the first and second sections of the said resolution, as the basis upon which Texas may be admitted as one of the States of the said Union; and whereas...
Էջ 149 - Cultivated mind is the guardian genius of Democracy, and while guided and controlled by virtue, the noblest attribute of man. It is the only dictator that freemen acknowledge, and the only security which freemen desire.
Էջ 21 - The conflict lasted about eighteen minutes from the time of close action, until we were in possession of the enemy's encampment, taking one piece of cannon, (loaded,) four stand of colors, all their camp equipage, stores and baggage.
Էջ 591 - Grande; and believe me, sir, ere the banner of Mexico shall triumphantly float on the banks of the Sabine, the Texan standard of the single star, borne by the Anglo-Saxon race, shall display its bright folds in liberty's triumph on the Isthmus of Darien.
Էջ 20 - ... from that point, agreeably to the previous design of the troops. . Every evolution was performed with alacrity, the whole advancing rapidly in line, and through an open prairie, without any protection whatever for our men. The artillery advanced and took station within two hundred yards of the enemy's breastwork, and commenced an effective fire with grape and canister.
Էջ 20 - The second regiment, under the command of Colonel Sherman, formed the left wing of the army. The artillery, under the special command of Colonel George W. Hockley, Inspector-General, was placed on the right of the first regiment ; and four companies of infantry, under the command of Lieut.-Col.
Էջ 20 - At half-past three o'clock in the evening, I ordered the officers of the Texan army to parade their respective commands, having in the meantime ordered the bridge on the only road communicating with the Brazos, distant eight miles from our encampment, to be destroyed, thus cutting off all possibility of escape.

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