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The apostles sent Chap. x. forth to preach. Lord of the harvest, that he 10 Nor serip a for your jourwill send forth labourers g in- ney, neither two coats, neither to his harvest.

shoes, nor yet staves; for the

workman is worthy of his meat. CHAP. X.

11 And into whatsoever 1 The apostles are sent to do city or town ye shall enter, in

miracles, 5 and to preach. quire who in it is worthy; and

AND when he had called un- there abide till ye go thence. to him his twelve disciples, he 12 And when ye come into gave them power against un- an house, salute 6 it. clean spirits, to cast them out, 13 And if the house be worand to heal all manner of sick thy, let your peace come upon pess, and all manner of disease. it;c but if it be not worthy, 2 Now the names of the let

your peace twelve apostles are these; The 14 And whosoever shall not first, Simon, who is called Pe. receive you, nor hear your ter, and Andrew his brother; words, when ye depart out of Jantes the son of Zebedee, and that house or city shake off John his brother;

the dust of your feet. d 3 Philip, and Bartholomew; 15 Verily I say unto you, Thomas, and Matthew the It shall be more tolerable for publican; James the son of the land of Sodom and GoAlpheus, and Lebbeus, whose morrah e in the day of judgsurname was Thaddeus ; ment than for that city.

4 Simon the Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, who also be- a Scrip, a small bag ; see i Sam. trayed him. Š These twelve Jesus sent

b Salute, to wish health and prosforth, and commanded them,

perity; to greet or kiss.

c Let your peace, &c. i e. the blessaying, Go not into the way of sings of peace and consolation, which the Gentiles, and into any city you pronounce, shall rest on it. of the Samaritans enter ye not:

d Dust of your feet.

The Jews 6 But go rather to the lost thought there was so peculiar a bolisheep of the house of Israel.

ness in the land of Israel, that when 7 And, as ye go, preach,

they came from a beatben country, they

stopped at its borders, and wiped the saying, The kingdom of heaven

dust from their shoes, lest it should is at hand.

pollute the Holy Land. & Heal the sick, cleanse the e Sodom and Gomorrab were situlepers, raise the dead, cast out ated on the borders of the Dead Sea, devils; freely ye have receiv- or, as some suppose, where that sea

now is.

In the time of Abraham ed, freely give. 9 Provide neither gold, nor edness, which drew down the judg

they were notorious for their wicksilver, nor brass,in your purses; ment of Heaven in their total de

& Tbe labourers, able and faithful struction. See Gen. xix. 24, 25. preachers.

xvii. 40

The apostles instructed. S. Matthew. The apostles comforted.

16 Behold, I send you over the cities of Israel till th. forth as sheep in the midst of Son of man be come. i wolves; be ye, therefore, wise 24 The disciple is not above as serpents, and harmless as his master, nor the servant a doves.

bove his lord. 17 But beware of men; for 25 It is enough for the disthey will deliver you up to the ciple that he be as his master councils, f and they will and the servant as his lord. li scourge g you in their syna. they have called k the master gogues :

of the house Beelzebub, how 18 And ye shall be brought much more shall they call them before governors and kings for of his household ? my sake, for a testimony h a- 26 Fear them not, there. gainst them and the Gentiles. fore ; for there is nothing cov

19 But when they deliver ered, that shall not be revea!you up, take no thought how ed; and hid that shall not be or what ye shall speak; for known. it shall be given you in that 27 What I tell you in darksame hour what ye shall ness, that speak ye in light ; speak.

and what


hear in the earl 20 For it is not ye that that preach ye upon the housespeak, but the Spirit of your tops. Father which speaketh in 28 And fear not them which you.

kill the body, but are not able 21 And the brother shall to kill the soul; but rather deliver up the brother to death, fear him which is able to desand the father the child; and troy both soul and body in hell. the children shall rise up a

29 Are not two sparrows gainst their parents, and cause sold for a farthing ? and one them to be put to death. of them shall not fall on the

22 And ye shall be hated ground without your Father. of all men for my name's sake; 30 But the very hairs of but he that endureth to the end your head are all numbered. shall be saved.

31 Fear ye not, therefore, 23 But when they persecute ye are of more value than mayou in this city, flee ye into ny sparrows. another; for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not lave gone

i Ere the Son of man come in judg

upon the Jews in the destruc.

tion of Jerusalem, and in their disf Councils, a court of justice. persion among the nations. g Scourge, to chastise or whip. de If they have called (me) the great

Testimony, a witness to them, Head of the church Beelzebub, or the and to the Gentiles of the truth and prince of evil spirits. power of my religion.

I In the ear, in secret.


The apostles are

Chap. xi.

sent forth to preach. 32 Whosoever, therefore, phet in the name of a prophet, shall confess me before men, shall receive a prophet's rehim will I confess also before ward ; and he that receiveth my

Father which is in heaven. a righteous man in the name 33 But whosoever shall de- of a righteous man, shall reny me before men, him will I ceive a righteous man's reward. also deny before my Father 42 And whosoever shall which is in heaven.

give to drink unto one of these 34 Think not that I am little ones a cup of cold water come to send peace on earth; only in the name of a disciple, I came not to send peace, but verily I say unto you, He shall a sword.

in no wise lose his reward. 33 For I am come to set a man at variance against his fa

CHAP. XI. ther, and the daughter against 2 John sendeth his disciples to her mother, and the daughter- Christ. » The testimony of in-law against her mother-in- Christ concerning John. 20 law.

Christ upbraideth the un36 And a man's foes shall thankfulness and impenitence be they of his own household. of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and

37 He that loveth father or Capernaum, 25 and praismother more than me, is not eth his Father's wisdom in worthy of me; and he that revealing the Gospel to the loveth son or daughter more

simple. is not worthy of me.

AND it came to pass,

when 38 And he that taketh not Jesus had made an end of comhis eross m and followeth after manding his twelve disciples, me, n is not worthy of me. he departed thence, to teach

39 He that findeth o his life and to preach in their cities. shall lose it; and he that los- 2. Now, when John had eth his life for iny sake shall heard in the prison a the works find it.

of Christ, he sent two of his 40 He that receiveth you, disciples, receiveth me; and he that re- 3 And said unto him, Art eeiveth me, receiveth him that thou he that should come, b or sent me.

do we look for another ? 41 He that receiveth a pro- 4 Jesus answered, and said

Tbat taketh not his cross, That a In prison: John the Baptist was will not endure self-denial, affliction, imprisoned, because he objected to and persecution, for the sake of the the marriage of Herod with HeroGospel

dias, the wife of his brother Philip ; * And followeth after me.

To fol- see Matt. xiv. 3, &c. and Mark, vi. 17. low Christ is to imitate his example.

b He that should come. The Mesa Findetb bis life, preserveth his life. siah or Christ the Saviour.

than me,


Christ's testimony S. Matthew. of John the Baptist. anto them, Go, and shew John least in the kingdom of heaven again those things which ye do is greater than he. hear and see :

12 And from the days of 5 The blind receive their John the Baptist until now, sight, and the lame walk; the the kingdom of heaven sufferlepers are cleansed, and the eth violence, e and the violent deaf hear; the dead are rais- take it by force. ed

up, and the poor have the 13 For all the prophets and Gospel preached to them. the law prophesied until John.

. 6 And blessed is he, whoso- 14 And if ye will receive it, ever shall not be offended in this is Elias, f which was for

to come. 7 1 And, as they departed, 15 He that hath ears to hear, Jesus began to say unto the let him hear. multitudes coneerning John, 16 But whereunto shall I What went ye out into the wil- liken this generation ? It is derness to see ? A reed shak- like unto children sitting in en with the wind ? c

the markets, and calling unto 8 But what went ye out for their fellows, to see ? A man clothed in soft 17 And saying, We have raiment ? Behold, they that piped unto you, and ye have wear soft clothing are in kings' not danced; we have mourned houses.


have not la9. But what went ye out for mented. to see ? A prophet? yea, I 18 Før John came neither say unto you, and more than a eating nor drinking, and they prophet.

say, He hath a devil. 10 For this is he of whom it 19 The Son of man came is written, d Behold, I send my eating and drinking, and they messenger

before thy face, say, Behold a man gluttonous, which shall prepare thy way and a wine-bibber, a friend of before thee.

publicans and sinners; but 11 Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a e Sufferetb violence, &c. In this greater than John the Baptist; “ ever since John the Baptist began

verse Jesus says to the multitude, notwithstanding, he that is

to preach and proclaim the Gospel of

my kingdom, even to the present moc The meaning of the 7, 8, & 9th ment, it has suffered violence and opverses is, that John the Baptist, whom position, and the violent opposers multitudes flocked into the wilder. would, if possible, take it by force, ness to see, was no ordinary person, as they would besiege and destroy a but greater than any of the ancient city." prophets.

It is written, see Mal. iii. 1. of Elias, or Elijah, Mal. iv. 5, 6.

unto yoll,

dren. &

Chorazin upbraided.

Chap. xii.

Christ's yoke easy. wisdom is justified of her chil- 24 But I say unto you, That

it shall be more tolerable for 20 1 Then began he to up- the land of Sodom in the day braid the cities wherein most of judgment, than for thee. of his mighty works h were 23 | At that time Jesus andone, because they repented swered, and said, I thank thee, not.

O Father, Lord of heaven and 21 Wo unto thee, Chora- earth, because thou hast hid zin!i wo unto thee Bethsai- these things from the wise and da!i for if the mighty works prudent, n and hast revealed which were done in you had them unto babes. O been done in Tyre and Sidon, 26 Even so, Father, for so they would have repented long it seemed good in thy sight. ago in sackcloth k and ashes. I 27 All things are delivered

22 But I say unto you, It unto me of my Father; and shall be more tolerable for no man knoweth the Son, but Tyre and Sidon at the day of the Father; neither knowethJudgment than for you. any inan the Father, save p the

23. And thou, Capernaum, Son, and he to whomsoever which art exalted unto hea- the Son will reveal him. ven, m shalt be brought down 28 | Come unto me,


ye to hell; for if the mighty that labour and are heavy works which have been done laden, and I will give you rest. in thee had been done in So- 29 Take my yoke q upon dom, it would have remained you, and learn of me; for I until this day.

am meek and lowly in heart;

and ye shall find rest unto your & But wisdom, or true religion will

souls. always be supported and defended by its friends.

30 For my yoke is easy, and b Mighty works. Miracles. my burden is light.

i Cborazin and Bethsaida are the same place. Here our Lord opened

CHAP. XII. the eyes of the blind man; and here

1 Christ reproveth the blindness he preached and performed other of the Pharisees concerning miracles; but for the blindness and obstinacy of the people, he denoun- the breach of the sabbath. 31 ced wo upon them, which speedily overtook them, as the place was soon n Wise and prudent, the learned and greatly distressed by the Romans. worldly wise.

& Sackcloth, a coarse cloth worn by o Babes, the ignorant, but humble the Jews to express mourning. and docile.

| Asbes. To express great humili- Save, except. ty and grief the Jews sprinkled them- 9 Take my yoke, &c. subject yourselves with ashes.

selves to the restraints of my religion; m Exalted unto beawn,&c. see Matt. its restraints and duties are easy, and

the burden it imposes is light.

iv. 13.

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