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The Pharisees reproved. S. Luke.

Christ prayeth. wine into old bottles ; else the That the Son of Man is Lord new wine will burst the bot- also of the sabbath. tles, and be spilled, and the

6 | And it came to pass bottles shall perish.

also on another sabbath, that 38 But new wine must be he entered into the synagogue put into new bottles; and both and taught; and there was a are preserved.

man whose right hand was 39 No man also, having , withered. drunk old wine, straightway

ng And the scribes and Phadesireth new; for he saith, risees watched him, whether The old is better.

he would heal on the sabbath

day; that they might find an CHAP VI.

accusation against him. 1 Touching the ears of corn

8 But he knew their thonghts, that were plucked by the dis- and said to the man which had ciples on the sabbath.

13 the withered hand, Rise up, Christ chooseth the twelve, and stand forth in the midst. 17 healeth, 20 and preacheth. And he arose and stood forth. AND it same to pass, on the

Then said Jesus unto second sabbath after the first, them, I will ask you one thing; that he went through the corn- Is it lawful b on the sabbathfields; and his disciples pluck- days to do good, or to do evil? ed the ears of corn, and did eat, to save life, or to destroy it? rubbing them in their hands.a 10 And, looking round about

2 And certain of the Phari- upon them all, he said unto sees said unto them, Why do the man, Stretch forth thy ye that which is not lawful to hand. And he did so; and do on the sabbath-days ?

his hand was restored whole 3 And Jesus answering as the other. them, said, Have ye not read 11 And they were filled so much as this, what David with madness; and communed did, when himself was an hun- one with another what they gered, and they which were might do to Jesus. with him ;

12 | And it came to pass in 4 How he went into the those days, that he went out house of God, and did take and into a mountain to pray,

and eat the shew-bread, and gave eontinued all night in prayer also to them that were with to God. him; which it is not lawful to 13 And, when it was day, eat but for the priests alone ? 5 And he said. unto them,

6 Is it lawful for me to do good,

or for you to do evil? for me to save a Rubbing out the corn with their this man's life, or for you, if you can hands.

find a pretence, to destroy mine?



Twelve apostles chosen. Chap. vi. Christ preacheth. he called unto him his disci

23 Rejoice ye in that day, ples; and of them he chose and leap for joy; for, behold, twelve, whom also he named your reward is great in heaven; Apostles ;

for in the like manner did their 14 Simon, (whom he also fathers unto the prophets. named Peter,) and Andrew his 24 But wo unto you that brother, James and John, Phi- are rich! for ye have received lip and Bartholomew,


consolation. 15 Matthew and Thomas, 25 Wo unto you that are James the son of Alpheus, and full! for ye shall hunger. Wo Simon called Zelotes,

unto you that laugh now! for 16 And Judas the brother of


shall mourn and weep. James, and Judas Iscariot, 26 Wo unto you when all which also was the traitor. men shall speak well of you !

17 [ And he came down for so did their fathers to the with them and stood in the false prophets. plain, and the company of his 27 | But I say unto you diseiples, and a great multitude which hear, Love your eneof people out of all Judea and mies, do good to them which Jerusalem, and from the sea- hate

you; coast of Tyre and Sidon, which 28° Bless them that curse came to hear him, and to be you, and pray for them which healed of their diseases ; despitefully use you.

18 And they that were vex- 29 And unto him that smited with unclean spirits ; and eth thee on the one cheek, offer they were healed.

also the other; and him that 19 And the whole multitude taketh away thy cloak, forbid sought to touch him; for there not to take thy coat also. went virtue out of him, and 30 Give to every man that healed them all.

asketh of thee; and of him 20 | And he lifted up his that taketh away thy goods, eyes on his disciples, and said, ask them not again. Blessed be ye poor;


yours 31 And as ye would that is the kingdom of God. men should do to you, do ye

21 Blessed are ye that hun- also to them likewise. ger now; for ye shall be filled.

32 For if ye love them c Blessed are ye that weep now; which love you, what thank for ye shall laugh.

have ye? for sinners also love 22 Blessed are ye when men those that love them. shall hate you, and when they 33 And if ye do good to shall separate you from their them which do good to you, company, and shall reproach

c For if you love those only who you, and cast out your name as love you, to what thanks are you enevil, for the Son of man's titled? and thus in verses 33 & 34. sake.


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Love to our enemies. S. Luke. Tree known by its fruit. what thank have ye? for sin- the beam f that is in thine own ners also do even the same.

34 And if ye lend to them 42 Either how canst thou of whom ye hope to receive, say to thy brother, Brother, what thank have ye? for sin- let me pull out the mote that ners also lend to sinners, to is in thine eye, when thou thyreceive as much again.

self beholdest not the beam 35 But love ye your ene- that is in thine owneye? Thou mies, and do good and lend, hypocrite, cast out first the hoping for nothing again; and beam out of thine own eye, and your reward shall be great, then shalt thou see clearly to and ye shall be the children of pull out the mote that is in thy the highest; for he is kind unto brother's

eye. the unthankful, and to the 43 For a good tree bringeth evil.

not forth corrupt fruit; neither 36 Be ye therefore merciful, doth a corrupt tree bring forth as your Father also is merciful. good fruit. 37 Judge not, and ye shall 44 For


tree is known not be judged ; condemn not, by his own fruit; for of thorns and

ye shall not be condemned; men do not gather figs, nor of forgive, and ye shall be for- a bramble-bush gather they given :

grapes. 38 Give, and it shall be 45 A good man, out of the given unto you ; good measure, good treasure of his heart, pressed down, and shaken to- bringeth forth that which is gether, and running over, shall good; and an evil man, out of men give into your bosom; the evil treasure of his heart, for with the same measure that bringeth forth that which is ye mete d withal, it shall be evil; for of the abundance of measured to you again.

the heart his mouth speak39 And he spake a parable eth. unto them, Can the blind lead 46 I. And why call ye me the blind ? shall they not both Lord, Lord, and do not the fall into the ditch ?

things which I say? 40 The disciple is not above 47 Whosoever cometh to his master; but every one that me, and heareth my sayings, is perfect, shall be as his master.

of Beam, here signifies a large ob41 And why beholdest thou ject. The meaning of verse 41 is, the mote e that is in thy bro- Why do you censure others for comther's

paratively small offences, when you but perceivest not eye,

yourselves are guilty of great crimes? d Mete, measure, or give,

So in the last of the next verse-first e Mote, a particle of dust, or a very correct your own faults, and you may

with more propriety censure others;

strall object.

built an

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The centurion's faith ; Chap. vii. his servant healed. and doeth them, I will shew stantly, saying, That he was you to whom he is like:

worthy for whom he should 48 He is like a man which do this : built an house, and digged

5 For he loveth our nation, deep, and laid the foundation and he hath built us a synaon a rock; and when the flood gogue. arose, the stream beat vehe- 6 Then Jesus went with mently upon that house, and them. And when he was now could not shake it; for it was

not far from the house the cenfounded upon a rock.

turion sent friends to him, say49 But he that heareth, ing unto him, Lord, trouble and doeth not, is like a man not thyself; for I am not worthat, without a foundation, thy that thou shouldest enter house

upon the earth; under my roof: against which the stream did 7 Wherefore neither thought beat vehemently, and imme- I myself worthy to come unto diately it fell; and the ruin of thee; but say in a word, and that house was great.

my servant shall be healed.

8 For I also am a man set CHAP. VII.

under authority, having under 1 The centurion's faith ; 10

me soldiers ; and I say unto Christ healeth his servant, one, Go, and he goeth ; and to being absent ; 11 raiseth the another, Come, and he cometh; widow's son.

24 Christ's and to my servant, Do this, testimony of John. 36 Mary and he doeth it.c Magdalene anointeth Christ's 9 When Jesus heard these feet.

things he marvelled at him, NOW, when he had ended and turned him about, and all his sayings in the audience said unto the people that folof the people, he entered into lowed him, I say unto you, I Capernaum.

have not found so great faith, 2 And a certain centurion's a no, not in Israel. servant, who was dear unto 10 And they that were sent, him, was sick, and ready to die. returning to the house, found

3 And, when he heard of the servant whole that had Jesus, he sent unto him the been sick. elders b of the Jews, beseech

11 And it came to pass ing him that he would come the day after, that he went inand heal his servant..

to a city called Nain; and 4 And when they came to many of his disciples went Jesus they besought him in- with him, and much people..

a Centurion, a Roman officer who c To illustrate verses 7 and 8th commanded 100 men.

subjoin, and if soldiers are thus obeb Elders, ancient rulers or officers; dient to me; much nuore will disthe ancients.

eases depart at thy bidding.

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Widow's son raised. S. Luke. Christ's testimony of John.

12 Now, when he came nigh he cured many of their infirto the gate of the city, behold, mities and plagues, and of evil there was a dead man carried spirits; and unto many that out, the only son of his mother, were blind he gave sight. and she was a widow; and 22 Then Jesus answering, much people of the city was said unto them, Go your way, with her.

and tell John what things ye 13 And when the Lord saw have seen and heard ;e how her he had compassion on her, that the blind see, the lame and said unto her, Weep not. walk, the lepers are cleansed,

14 And he came and touch the deaf hear, the dead are ed the bier; and they that raised, to the poor the Gospel bare him stood still. And he is preached. said, Young man, I say unto 23 And blessed is he, whosothee, Arise.

ever shall not be offended in me. 15 And he that was dead 24 | And, when the mes. sat up, and began to speak. sengers of John were departed, And he delivered him to his he began to speak unto the mother.

people concerning John, What 16 And there came a fear went ye out into the wilderness on all; and they glorified God, for to see ? A reed shaken saying, That a great prophet with the wind ? is risen up among us; and, 25 But what went ye out That God hath visited his peo- for to see ? ple.

in soft raiment? Behold, they 17 And this rumourd of him which are gorgeously apparel

. went forth throughout all Ju- led, and live delicately, dea, and throughout all the kings' courts. region round about.

26 But what went ye out for 18 And the disciples of John to see ? A prophet ? Yea, I shewed him of all these things. say unto you, and much more

19 And John calling un- than a prophet. to him two of his disciples, sent 27 This is he of whom it is them to Jesus, saying, Art thon written, Behold, I send my he that should come? or look messenger before thy face, we for another?

which shall prepare thy way 20 When the men were before thee. come unto him they said, John Baptist hath sent us unto thee, e Tell John what things ye have saying, Art thou he that should seen and heard, and let him compare come? or look we for another the works I perform, with what was 21 And in that same hour predicted of the Messiah in Isaiah

iXXV. and various other places, and he will

be convinced, that I am he, à Rumour, report or account.

A man clothed !

are in

wbe should comes,


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