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Christ's priesthood Hebrews.

unchangeable. 13 For he of whom these 23 And they truly were mathings are spoken pertaineth ny priests, because they were to another tribe, of which no not suffered to continue by reaman gave attendance at the son of death : altar.

24 But this man, because he 14 For it is evident that our continueth ever, hath an unLord sprang out of Juda; of changeable priesthood. which tribe Moses spake no

25 Wherefore he is able althing concerning priesthood. so to save them to the utter

15 And it is yet far more most that come unto God by evident, for that after the si- him, seeing he ever liveth to militude of Melchisedec there make intercession for them. ariseth another priest,

26 For such an high priest 16 Who is made, not after became us, who is holy, harmthe law of a carnal command- less, undefiled, separate from ment, but after the power of sinners, and made higher than an endless life.

the heavens ; 17 For he testifieth, Thou 27 Who needeth not daily, art a priest for ever, after the as those high priests; to offer order of Melchisedec. up sacrifice, first for his own

18 For there is verily a dis- sins, and then for the people’s; annullinge of the command- for this he did once, when he ment going before, for the offered up himself. weakness and unprofitableness

28 For the law maketh men thereof.

high priests which have infir19 For the law made no- mity; but the word of the oath, thing perfect, but the bringing which was since the law, makin of a better hope did ; by the eth the Son, who is consecratwhich we draw nigh unto God. ed forevermore.

20 And inasmuch as not without an oath he was made

CHAP. VIII. priest;

By Christ's eternal priesthood 21 (For those priests were the Levitical priesthood is made without an oath; but

abolished. this with an oath by him that NOW of the things which said unto him, The Lord sware, we have spoken this is the and will not repent, Thou art sum; We have such an high a priest for ever, after the or- priest, who is set on the right der of Melchisedec :)

hand of the throne of the Maj22 By so much was Jesus esty in the heavens ; made a surety of a better tes- 2 A minister of the sanctutament.d


and of the true tabernac Disannulling, repealing.

cle, which the Lord pitched, d A surety, A mediator of a better and not man.


of the priesthood. Hebrews.

The rites and 3 For every high priest is 1o For this is the covenant ordained to offer gifts and sa- that I will make with the crifices; wherefore it is of house of Israel, After those necessity, that this man have days, saith the Lord, I will put somewhat also to offer. my laws into their mind, and

4 For if he were on earth write them in their hearts; he should not be a priest, see

and I will be to them a God, ing that there are priests, that and they shall be to me a peooffer gifts according to the ple: law :

11 And they shall not teach 5 Who serve unto the ex- every man his neighbour, and ample and shadow of heaven- every man his brother, saying, ly things, as Moses was admo- Know the Lord; for all shal nished of God, when he was know me, from the least to about to make the tabernacle; the greatest. for, See, saith he, that thou 12 For I will be merciful make all things according to to their unrighteousness, and the pattern shewed to thee in their sins and their iniquities the mount.

will I remember no more. 6 But now bath he obtain- 13 In that he saith, A new ed a more excellent ministry,a covenant, he hath made the by how much also he is the first old. Now, that which mediator of a better covenant, decayeth and waxeth old is which was established upon ready to vanish away. better promises. hy For if that first covenant

CHAP. IX. had been faultless, then should 1 The rites and bloody sacri. no place have been sought for fices of the law, 11 far infethe second.

riorto the blood and sacrifice 8 For, finding fault with of Christ. them he saith, Behold the days THEN verily the first cov come, saith the Lord, when I enant had also ordinances of will make a new covenant with divine service, and a worldly the house of Israel, and with sanctuary. the house of Judah :

2 For there was a taberna9 Not according to the cov- cle made; the first, wherein enant that I made with their was the candlestick, and the fathers, in the day when I took table, and the shew-bread; them by the hand to lead them which is called The Sanctuaout of the land of Egypt; be- ry. cause they continued not in my 3 And after the second vail covenant, and I regarded then the tabernacle, which is called, not, saith the Lord.

The Holiest of all; å But now hath be, Jesus Christ.

4 Which had the golden

bloody sacrifices Chap. ix.

of the law, censer, and the ark of the cov- with hands, that is to say, not enant overlaid round about of this building ;a. with gold wherein was the 12 Neither by the blood of golden pot that had manna, goats and calves, but by his and Aaron's rod that budded, own blood, he entered in once, and the tables of the cove- into the holy place, having obnant;

tained eternal redemption for 5 And over it the cherubims us. of glory shadowing the mercy- 13 For if the blood of bulls, seat; of which we cannot now and of goats, and the ashes of speak particularly.

an heifer, sprinkling the un6 Now, when these things clean, sanctifieth to the puriwere thus ordained, the priest fying of the flesh; went always into the first tab- 14 How much more shall ernacle, accomplishing the ser- the blood of Christ, who vice of God:

through the eternal Spirit ofng But into the second went fered himself without spot to the high priest alone once eve- God, purge your conscience ry year, not without blood, from dead works, to serve the which he offered for himself, living God ? and for the errors of the peo

15 And for this cause he is ple:

the mediator of the new testa8 The Holy Ghost this sig- ment, that by means of death, nifying, that the way into the for the redemption of the holiest of all was not yet made transgressions that were under manifest, while as the first tab. the first testament, they which ernacle was yet standing : are called might receive the

9 Which was a figure for the promise of eternal inheritance. time then present, in which

16 For where a testament were offered both gifts and sa- is, there must also of necessity crifices, that could not make be the death of the testator. him that did the service per

117 For a testament is of fect, as pertaining to the con- force after men are dead; othscience;

erwise it is of no strength at 10 Which stood only in all while the testator liveth. meats and drinks, and divers 18 Whereupon, neither the washings, and carnal ordinan- first testament was dedicated ces, imposed on them until the without blood. time of reformation.

19 For when Moses had 11 But Christ being come, spoken every precept to all an high priest of good things the people, according to the to come, by a greater and more

a Not of this building, not of this perfect tabernacle, not made lower world, or this creation.

Sacrifices of the law

Hebrews. inferior to Christ. law, he took the blood of 28 So Christ was once of. calves and of goats, with wa- fered to bear the sins of many; ter, and scarlet wool, and hys- and unto them that look for sop, and sprinkled both the him shall he appear the secbook and all the people, ond time, without sin, unto

20 Saying, This is the blood salvation. of the testament which God hath enjoined unto you.

CHAP. X. 21 Moreover, he sprinkled 1 The weakness of the law-saclikewise with blood both the rifices. 10

10 The sacrifice tabernacle, and all the vessels of Christ's body once offered of the ministry.

effectually. 19 An exhorta22 And almost all things tion to faith and patience. are by the law purged with FOR the law, having a blood; and without shedding shadow of good things to come, of blood is no remission. and not the very image of the

23 It was, therefore, neces. things, can never with those sary that the patterns of things sacrifices, which they offered in the heavens should be pu- year by year continually, rified with these ; but the hea- make the comers thereunto venly things themselves with perfect. better sacrifices than these. 2 For then would they not

24 For Christ is not enter- have ceased to be offered? beed into the holy places made cause that the worshippers with hands, which are the fig- once purged should have had ures of the true ; but into hea- no more conscience of sins. ven itself, now to appear

in 3 But in those sacrifices the presence

of God for us : there is a remembrance again 25 Nor yet that he should made of sins every year. offer himself often, as the 4 For it is not possible, that high priest entereth into the the blood of bulls and of goats holy place every year with should take away sins. blood of others;

5 Wherefore, when he com26 For then must he often eth into the world, he saith,a have suffered since the foun. Sacrifice and offering thou dation of the world ; but now wouldest not, but a body hast once in the end of the world, thou prepared me : hath he appeared to put away 6 In burnt-offerings and sacsin by the sacrifice of himself. rifices for sin thou hast had no

27° And as it is appointed pleasure. unto men once to die, but after ✓ Then said I, LO, I come this the judgment;

(in the volume of the book it 6 In the end of the world, at the conclusion of the Mosaic dispensation. a He saith, Ps. xl. 6. .

The weakness of Chap. x. the law sacrifices. is written of me,b) to do thy 17 And their sins and ini. will, o God.

quities will I remember no 8 Above, when he said, more. Sacrifice, and offering, and 18 Now, where remission burnt-offerings, and offering of these is, there is no more for sin, thou wouldest pot, nei- offering for sin. ther hadst pleasure therein; 19 Having, therefore, breth(which are offered by the law;) ren, boldness to enter into the

9 Then said he, Lo, I come holiest by the blood of Jesus, to do thy will, O God. He ta- 20 By a new and living way, keth away the first, that he which he hath consecrated for may

establish the seconi. us through the vail, that is to io By the which will, we say, his flesh; arc sanctified, through the of- 21 And having an high fering of the body of Jesus priest over the house of God Christ once for all.

22 Let us draw near with 11 And every priest stand- a true heart, in full assurance eth daily ministering, and of- of faith, having our hearts fering oftentimes the same sac- sprinkled from an evil conrifices, which can never take science, and our bodies washaway sins :

ed with pure water. 12 But this man, after he 23 Let us hold fast the prohad offered one sacrifice for fession of our faith without sins, for ever sat down on the wavering: (for he is faithful right hand of God;

that promised ;) 13 From henceforth expect- 24 And let us consider one ing,c till his enemies be made another, to provoke unto love, his footstool.d

and to good works. 14 For by one offering he 25 Not forsaking the assemhath perfected for ever them bling of ourselves together, as that are sanctified ;

the manner of some is; but 15 Whereof the Holy Ghost exhorting one another, and so also is a witness to us; for af- . much the more,

as ye see the ter that he had said before, day approaching.e

16 This is the covenant that 26 For if we sin wilfully I will make with them; after after that we have received those days, saith the Lord, I the knowledge of the truth, will put my laws into their there remaineth no more sachearts, and in their minds will rifice for sins, I write them;

27 But a certain fearful b It is written of me, Gen. iii. 15. e Tbe day approaching, the day of c Expecting, waiting.

the destruction of the Jewish state, d Be made his footstool, be utterly and of calamity to the unbelieving destroyed.


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