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Wall;" and chancing to pass near the Fleet Prisone
- perceived with fome surprise a Friend at Hand.
Over a house kept by “Nic. Coward" I saw the

Fighting Cocks ;"_and at a crimping rendezvous I remarked the " Tree of Liberty..-" The jelly Gardeners" were stuck up at a purl-house; and it was with much mortification I detected the " Three Graces" at a gin-loop. Passing by a public-house, the landlady of which was exercising the most clamorous volubility, I could scarcely credit my eyes on viewing

66 the Good Woman;" or, in other words, a woman without a bead.—Entering a house for refreshment, I was told, after calling the waiter for an hour, that I was at the sign of the Bell;" and upon defiring the master of " the Hen and Chickens" to send me home a fine capon, he shewed me some cambric, and assured me it was under prime coft. The most ominous sign for the customer, I thought was the “ Three Pigeons;" and I own it was with confiderable astonishment, when, after ordering a bed at the “ Feathers," I was compelled to pass the night on a straw mattrafs. I breakfalted at the s Red Cow,” where there was no milk to be had; nor could I procure a Gingle raser of bacon at the “ Sow and Pigs." It would militate, Mr. Editor, against the sentiments of your loyal paper, were I to particularize the different degradations of crowned heads, though I cannot help mentioning, that under the Crown and Sceptre" I was almost petrified at observing, in large letters, “ Spirits and Compounds by Thomas Paine; and the hostile name of Peter" under the sign of Charles the Twelfth of Sweden.Many other incongruities I witnessed during my walk, such as the Royal Oak" in Broad St. Giles's; a Shipfull fail up Holborn Hill; a “ Castle" over a hovel; the “ Prince of Orange" buoted, on one side of the street, and the “Saracen's Head,” grinning, on the other; the fign of the “ Bull,kept by a Frenchman; and the " White Swan," by a Blackamoor; independent of


« Red Lions,"..66. Blue Boars,” and all the perverted monsters of the forest,

Were figns, Mr. Editor, property analogous to the difpofitions and profeffions of mer, much good would result from such a Pharos to warn the unwary; I therefore, through the extenfive circulation of your valuable paper, recommend that A Courtier be represented by a

A Priest,

A Sailor,

Bulldog ;
A Lawyer,
An Alderman,
Lord Kenyon

The eye of an

And Lord Nelson

A Lion.



A Fox;


[From the Morning Poft.} To the Governor and Company of the Bank of England.

GENTLEMEN, I PERCEIVE by the provincial papers, that no fewer

than fix new country banks make their debut in the monied world in the course of this week. When the number of these establishments was very small, a defect in the system was of little moment; but now that they cover the whole furface of the kingdom, the flightest imperfection is become a public evil. Gentlemen, the one to which I would particularly draw your attention is the present mode of describing the firm ;--for example, Forster, Lubbock, and Co.; Cox, Merle, and Co.; Taylor, Lloyd, Bowman, Hanbury, and Co. This is the general style of designation, and one more defective cannot easily be conceived. It is an attempt to de. scribe the firm by a list of the surnames of the various


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54 ON THE FIRMS OF BANKING-HOUSES, partners; but no sooner are tiro or three of theni enumerated, than the impracticability of the undertaking is discovered, and all the rest, of whom, for any thing that appears, there may be thousands, attivé, sleeping, capitalifts, and others, are lumped together under a sweeping and Co.--Here, then, the very subject itself furnithes prima facie evidence of its infufficiency. What artist would presume to say, he had given even an outline or sketch of a face, when he bad only touched off the nose and chin, leaving a blank for all the other features. There is another defect in this particular, as in the case of " Child and Co." and several others. Here, not only the names of the majority of the partners are covered with an and Co. but even the single partner announced is not in being. I will not call this use of a man's name after his death, and consequently without his knowledge or consent, a pofthu. mous forgerybut certainly it is not a true description. Now, Gentlemen, I am perfectly aware, that giving advice is an, ungrateful office; but your late idol, Mr. Itt, does not think it at present unworthy of him to bestow, or your present idol, Mr. Addington, unworthy of him to accept; and knowing how much you fympathize in ministerial manners, I shall venture to give you my advice respecting these abufes. I find then in the Paris papers that four distinguished bankers of Vienna, with whom, no doubt, you are perfe&ly well acquainted, have set up a grand national bank at Hamburgh, under the name of Foga and Co. ; a title composed of the initials of their four names. Here then is a precedent established to our hand, in the very teeth of the old clumsy way of inaking firms, and which you, as also all private banks, may safely accept upon the credit of so good a house.-Should this happy reform take place, instead of the tedious enumeration of the tirni of " Bowles, Brown, Ogden, Cobb, and Co." the initials put together would make fimply " Cobb and Co." . Same way, "Coutts, Trotter, Antrobus, and Co."



- would constitute - Cat and Co.a denoinination fin

gularly happy, for a bank which will always stand; it being the nature of a cat, according to the late Sir Robert Clayton in his obfervations on the Premier, that, throw it as you will, it always comes on its legs. Could this plan be universally adopted, though we cannot expect the same felicity in all cases as Toga and Co. nobody could dispute its utility; but it so hap. pens, that there is not one in twenty banker's dames, that begins with a vowel, as if there was something in their nature at variance with the whole system of 10 U; a circumstance the more extraordinary when we consider the wonderful coincidence in other fimilar avocations, as, for instance, the sympathy between a lot. tery-office and such names as Cash, Goodluck, Hazard, and various others. With such a scarcity of initial vowels, and such a heap of consonants, it is to be feared few names could be made, that would not favour of the hard Ruffian cast, and be infinitely too difficult for cockney pronunciation. So far, however, as the plan is practicable, as in the cafes I have mentioned, and several others, not now necessary to state, I see no reason, upon the authority of Foga and Co. why it should not be adopted. In some cafes, we do not find even one initial vowel, as for instance, Curties, Croughton, and Curties." Here, of course, we cannot form a word of any kind, but the three C's make a good toast; and surely a good toaft is as good a designation of a bank as a good word, particularly where Claret and Cash are two of the partners. Same way several firms with the initial consonants L. S. D. will not admit of a descriptive word ; but while L. S. D. stands for Pounds

, Shillings, and Pence, what name can better announce a place where the world may be furnished with money? Notwithstanding these difficulties, I have no doubt but a little ingenuity would make the materials suffice in all cases; but, thould it not, I fee no reason why we should confine ourselves to the initials. Cadmus was

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the reputed father of the Alphabet family, and the letter A is allowed to have been his first-born, but I do not find thar he established the right of primogeniture. A fuperior right might as well be pleaded for 2., t'me lastborn letter, upon the authority of Borough-English ; a custom, by which it was lately decided at Chelmsford, that the youngest, instead of the eldest son, fhall inherit. As, then, letters are now mixed and intermixed, the fatreft way is to consider them as all holding by the fame title. According then to this rule, all the letters in a name are alike tenants in common; the third has as good a right to stand for the whole as the second, and the last as the first. This point once established, all difficulty is at an end; for with such a field to pick and choose, even in the names of the most barren firm, we shall find Faugh, Pho, Flam, Fudge, Phil, and a thousand other firnis, equal, if not fuperior to Foga and Co. The advantages of this improvement, particularly to new Bank Projectors, and Partnership Advertisers, would be incalculable. Secrecy induces fufpicion, and feveral of these anonymous gentlemen are notorious for the anxiety with which they study it; but by thus making the name of the firm a logogyphe, they would have all the benefit of an open avowed firm, without the inconvenience of individual publicity. The brevity of this mode would also be attended with a great saving of ink and paper; and as in the cafe of a man's plate, and other personal property, though worth thousands, a fingle letter of the name is considered a fufficient mark, I fee no reason why it thould not be enough for a Oné Pound Notc. 1 am, Gentlemen, with great respect,

Your humble fervant,

TIMOTHY DISCOUNT. P.S. Why should not banks have appropriate figus, like other trades? Those which ifjue notes for value received only, might jufily adopt the pawnbroker's infignia of three blue balls; those which deal in accommo

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