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Macl. & R.

Maclean and Robinson Scotch Appeals. M'Clel.

M'Cleland. Ex. M'Clel. & Y.

M'Cleland and Young. Ex. Macn. & G.

Macnaghten and Gordon. Ch. Macpherson

(Scotland). Macq. H. L. Cas.

Macqueen. H. L. (Scotland!. Madd. Ch.

Maddock. Manitoba L. Rep.

Manitoba Law Reports. Mann. & G.

Manning and Granger. C. P. Mann. & R.

Manning and Ryland. K. B. Manson

Manson. Bky. and Winding-up. Marsh.

Marshall. C. P. Maule & S.

Maule and Selwyn. K. B. Mees. & W.

Meeson and Welsby. Ex. Meg.

Megone. Company Cases. Meriv.

Merivale. Ch. Mod.

Modern Reports.

Molloy. Ch. (Ireland).
Montagu, Bankr. Cas. Montagu. Bky.
Mont. & Ayr.....

Montagu and Ayrton. Bky.
Mont. & B. Bankr.

Montagu and Bligh. Bky. Mont. & C. Bankr.

Montagu and Chitty. Bky. Mont. & M'Arth. Bankr. . Montagu and M'Arthur. Bky. Mont. D. & De G. .... Montagu, Deacon and De Gex. Bky. Montreal L. Rep. S. C. or Montreal Law Reports. Superior Court or Q. B.

Queen's Bench. Moody & M.

Moody and Malkin. Nisi Prius. Moody & R.

. Moody and Robinson. Nisi Prius. Moody C. c.

Moody. Crown Cases. Moore

Moore. C. P. Moore & P.

Moore and Payne. C. P. Moore & S.

Moore and Scott. C. P. Moore Ind. App.

Moore. Indian Appeals. Moore, P. C. C.

Moore. P. C. Morrell

Morrell. Bky. Moseley

Moseley, Ch. Murph. & H.

Murphy and Hurlstone. Ex. Myl. & c.

Myine and Craig. Ch. Myl. & K.

Mylne and Keen. Ch.

N. B...
N. B. Eq. Rep.
Nev. & M.
Nev. & P.
Newfoundl. R.
New Reports.
New Sess. Cas.
New S. Wales St. R.
New Zeal. L. R.
Notes of Cases

New Brunswick Reports.
New Brunswick Equity Reports.
Nelson. Ch.
Neville and Manning. K. B.
Neville and Perry. K. B.
Newfoundland Reports.
New Reports (1862-1865).
. New Sessions Cases.

New South Wales State Reports.
New Zealand L. R.
.. Notes of Cases (England).

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Railway & C. Cas.

Railway and Canal Cases (1835-1854).
Railway & C. Traffic Cas... Rly. and Canal Cases (1874 onwards).
Rap. Jud. Quebec C. S. or B. R. Quebec Reports, Superior Courts.
Rep. in Ch.

Reports in Chancery.

The Reports, 1893-1895. Revised Reports.

Revised Reports. Rev. Legale L. C.

Revue Legale (Quebec). Ridgw. L. & S.

..Ridgway, Lapp & Schoales. K. B. (Ireland). Ridgw. P. C.

Ridgeway. Parliamentary Cases. Robertson

H. L. (Scotland). Robinson

.H. L. (Scotland).

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Sask. L. R.
Sau. & Sc.
S. Austr. L. R.
Seh. & Lef.
Scot. Jur.
Scot. L. T.
Scot. L. R.
Scott N. R.
Select Cas. Ch.
Selw. N. P.
Shaw & M.
Shower P. C.
Sid. ..
Sim. & Stu.
Smale & G.
Sol. Jo.
Spinks Eccl. & Adm.
State Tr.
Swabey, Adm.
Swabey & T.

Salkeld. K. B.
Saskatchewan Law Reports.
Sausse and Scully. Rolls Ct. (Ireland),
Saunders. K. B.
South Australian L. R.
Sayer. K. B.
Schoales and Lefroy. Ch. (Ireland).
Scottish Jurist.
..Scottish Law Times.
Scottish Law Rep.
Scott. C. P.
Scott. New Reports, C. P.
Select Cases in Chancery.
Selwyn. Law of Nisi Prius.
H. L. (Scotland).
H, L. (Scotland).
Shower. K. B.
Shower. Parliamentary.
Siderfin. K. B.
Simons. Ch.
Simons and Stuart. Ch.
Smale and Giffard. Ch.
Smith. K. B.
Smith. Registration.
. Solicitor's Journal.
Starkie. Nisi Prius.

State Trials.
Strange. K. B.
Styles. K. B.
Swabey. Adm.
Swabey and Tristram. Probate.
Swanston. Ch.

T. & M.
Tasm. L. R.
Term Rep.
Terr. L. Rep.
Times L. R.

Tamlyn. Rolls Court
Temple and Mew. Crown Cases.
Tasmanian L. R.
Taunton. C. P.
. Durnford and East. K. B.
North-West Territories Reports.
Times Law Reports.

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W. & W. Vict.
W. BI.
Weekly Notes
Week. Rep.
West. Law Rep. (Can.)
Willes Rep.
Wilmot's Notes
Wils. Ch.
Wils. Ex.
Wilson & S.
W. Jones
W. Kelynge
Wms.' Saund.
W. Rob.
W. W. & A'B. Vict.
W. W. & D.
W. W. & H.

Younge & C. Ch. Cas.
Younge & C. Exch.
Younge & J.
Younge, Exch.


Wyatt & Webb (Victoria).
Sir Wm. Blackstone. K. B.
. London.
Weekly Reporter.
West. H. L.
Western Law Reporter.
Wightwick. Ex.
Willes. C. P.
Wilmot's Notes. K. B.
Wilson. K. B.
Wilson. Ch.
Wilson. Ex.
H. L. (Scotland).
Sir W. Jones. K. B.
Sir W. Kelynge. Ch.
Williams' Saunders. K. B.
.W. Robison. Adm. (1838-1847).

Wyatt, Webb & A'Beckett (Victoria).
Wilmore, Wollaston and Davison. K. B.
Wilmore, Wollaston and Hodges. K. B.

Yelverton. K. B.
Younge and Collyer. Ch.
Younge and Collyer. Eq. Ex.
Younge and Jervis. Ex.
.. Younge. Ex. Eq.



Adderley v. Great Northern R. Co. 4 B. R. | Attorney General v. Antrobus, 4 B. R. C. C. 293—5. c. [1905] 2 I. R. 378.

868–8. c. [1905] 2 Ch. 188, 74 L. Addis v. Gramophone Co. 3 B. R. C. 98

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471, 3 L. G. R. 1071. Afalo & Cook, Lawrence & Bullen v.

v. Lucas. See Manser, Re. Agricultural Savings & L. Co., Liverpool & v. Metcalf & Grieg, 1 B. R. C. 135 L. & G. Ins. Co. v.

–s. c. [1908] 1 Ch. 32, 77 L. J. Ch. Alexander Brown M. & E. Co. v. Canadian

N. S. 261, 97 L. T. N. S. 737, 72
P. R. Co. 2 B. R. C. 820—8. c. 42

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Can. S. C. 600.

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8. c. [1907] A. C. 415, 76 L. J. Week. Rep. 403, 88 L. T. N. S. 246.

Ch. N. S. 568, 71 J. P. 448, 97 Amalgamated Soc. of Ry. Servants v. Os

L. T. N. S. 524, 23 Times L. R. borne, 1 B. R. C. 56—s. C. (1910)

684. A. C. 87, 79 L. J. Ch. N. S. 87, 101 Attorney General for Nova Scotia, Lovitt v. L. T. N. S. 787, 26 Times 1. R. Austin v. Newham, 5 B. R. C. 863—s. c. 177, 54 Sol. Jo. 215, 47 Scot. L. R.

[1906] 2 K. B. 167, 75 L. J. K. B.

N. S. 563, 95 L. T. N. S. 490. 613.

Baerselman, Kemp v. Taff Vale R. Co. v.

Bailey, Cheshire v. Andersen v. Marten, 5 B. R. C. 66-5. c. v. Thurston & Co. 5 B. R. C. 258(1908) A. C. 334, 77 L. J. K. B. N.

s. c. [1903] 1 K. B. 137, 72 L. J. S. 950, 99 L. T. N. S. 254, 24

K. B. N. S. 36, 51 Week. Rep. 162, Times L. R. 775, 52 Sol. Jo. 680,

88 L. T. N. S. 75, 10 Manson, 1. 13 Com. Cas. 321.

Baker v. Snell, 2 B. R. C. 1-8. c. [1908] Anderton, Wright v.

2 K. B. 825, 77 L. J. K. B. N. S. Andrews v. Ramsay & Co. 5 B. R. C. 184

1090, 24 Times L. R. 811, 52 Sol. -S. C. (1903] 2 K. B. 635, 72 L. J.

Jo. 681. K. B. N. S. 865, 89 L. T. N. S. 450, | Balfour v. Crace. See Crace, Re. 19 Times L. R. 620, 52 Week. Rep. Bank v. Bank of Hamilton, [1903] A. C. 126.

49. See Imperial Bank v. Bank of Anglo-Austrian Bank, Embiricos V.

Hamilton. Antrobus, Attorney General v.

v. Bragg, (1911] 1 K. B. 489. See CarAplin v. Stone, 4 B. R. C. 704 -s. C. (1904]

lisle & Cumberland Bank Co. v. 1 Ch. 543, 73 L. J. Ch. N. S. 456,

Bragg. 90 L. T. N. S. 284.

v. British India S. Nav. Co. [1909] A. Army & Navy Co-Operative Soc., Clarke v.

C. 369. See Chartered Bank V. Arthur, Henderson v.

British India S. Nav. Co. Ashby & Son, Reynolds v.

v. Irvine, [1908] A. C. 137. See North Ashton, Walter v.

and South Wales Bank v. Irvine. Assur, Co. v. Greenhalgh, [1909] 2 K. B. v. Macbeth, [1908] A. C. 137. See 288. See Pearl Life Assur. Co. v.

North & South Wales Bank v. MacGreenhalgh.

beth. v. Johnson, (1909] 2 K. B. 288. See Bank of Hamilton, Bynoe v.

Pearl Life Assur. Co. V. Johnson, Hamilton, Imperial Bank v. Assur, Soc. v. Usborne, (1902] A. C. 147. Bannatyne v. MacIver, 2 B. R. C. 735— See Economic L. Assur. Soc. v.

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K. B. N. S. 120, 54 Week. Rep. 293, Atkinson, General Bill Posting Co. v.

94 L. T. N. S. 150.

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