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NOTE. – The statements of fact contained in this paper are based on official
statements, except where otherwise indicated. Copies may be had gratuitously by
aildressing Box No. 1726, Philadelphia Post Office,

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Janco W. M. Newlin It is intended in this paper to briefly consider the Indian question under three principal heads.

The first will concisely review the past conduct of the

Federal Government toward the Indians.
The second will indicate what its policy should be in the

The third will point out the means necessary to be used

to compel the Government to adopt and maintain such a policy.

ABSORPTION OR EXTERMINATION. The only alternative which civilization offers to the Indians is gradual absorption or extermination. There is no middle ground between these two extremes. But before they can be absorbed they must be led to civilization and citizenship. After that they will in time gradually assimilate with the general population and thus cease to be a separate and distinct race.

FAIR PLAY. The first great essential is that the Indians should have fair play. This the frontiermen will never give them, and the disgrace of its denial falls not on them alone, but upon the whole Nation, which must make reparation for the wrongs it has permitted the border settlers to perpetrate.


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