Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Supreme Court of the United States, Հատոր 11,Հատոր 24

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Էջ 182 - ... office of discount and deposit of the! bank of the United States within that state, to*be collected, in case of refusal?
Էջ 138 - AB, in trust for him and his assigns, and to preserve the contingent remainders ; with remainder, to the use of the first and...
Էջ 474 - That if any person shall violate any safe conduct or passport duly obtained, and issued under the authority of the United States, or shall assault, strike, wound, imprison, or in any other manner infract the law of nations, by offering violence to the person of an ambassador or other public minister, such person so offending, on conviction, shall be imprisoned not exceeding three years, and fined at the discretion of the court.
Էջ 31 - April, 1790,(i) provides that "If any person or persons shall commit upon the high seas, or in any river, haven, basin or bay, out of the jurisdiction of any particular state, murder or robbery, or any other offence which if committed within the body of a county, would by the laws of the United States be punishable with death...
Էջ 263 - I understand the rule, as now already settled, to be, that where the contract grows immediately out of, and is connected with an illegal or immoral act, a court of justice will not lend its aid to enforce it. And if the contract be, in part only, connected with the illegal transaction, and growing immediately out of it, though it be, in fact, a new contract, it is equally tainted by it.
Էջ 2 - An act to protect the commerce of the United States, and punish the crime of piracy...
Էջ 3 - Which provides, (sec. 1.) that the President of the United States be authorized and requested to employ so many of the public armed vessels as in his judgment the service may require, with suitable instructions to the commanders thereof, in protecting the merchant vessels of the United States, and their crews, from piratical aggressions and depredations.
Էջ 475 - And it shall have exclusively all such jurisdiction of suits or proceedings against ambassadors, or other public ministers, or their domestics, or domestic servants, as a court of law can have consistently with the law of nations...
Էջ 298 - Whatever facts, therefore, are communicated by a client to counsel, solely on account of that relation, such counsel are not at liberty, even if they wish, to disclose ; and the law holds their testimony incompetent The real dispute in this case is, whether the question did involve the disclosure of professional confidence.
Էջ 314 - The defendant pleaded the general issue and the statute of limitations. The plaintiff...

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