Philo of Alexandria and Post-Aristotelian Philosophy

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Francesca Alesse
BRILL, 2008 - 291 էջ
The essays collected in this volume focus on the role played by the philosophy of the Hellenistic, or post-Aristotelian age (from the school of the successors of Aristotle, Theophrastus and other Peripatetics, Epicurus, Sceptical Academy and Stoicism, to neo-Pythagorenism and the schools of Antiochus and Eudorus) in Philo of Alexandriaa (TM)s works. Despite many authoritative studies on Philo's vision of Greek philosophy as an exegetical tool in allegorizing the Scripture, there is not such a comprehensive overview in Philoa (TM)s treatises that takes in account both the progress achieved in the recent interpretation of Hellenistic philosophy and analysis of ancient doxographical literature.

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Introduction Francesca Alesse
Philo and Hellenistic Doxography David T Runia
Philo and postAristotelian Peripatetics Robert W Sharples
the antiEpicurean Polemic in Philo Graziano Ranocchia
La conversion du scepticisme chez Philon dAlexandrie Carlos Lévy
Philo on Stoic Physics Anthony A Long
Philo and Stoic Ethics Reflections on the Idea of Freedom Roberto Radice
The Socratic Higher Ground Gretchen ReydamsSchils
Philo of Alexandria and the Origins of the Stoic ΠΡ ΠΑΘΕΙΑΙ Margaret Graver
Philo and Hellenistic Platonism John Dillon
Philo and the Renewal of Platonism in the Early Imperial Age Mauro Bonazzi
Index Locorum
Index of Ancient Names
Index of Modern Names
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Francesca Alesse is Researcher at the Istituto per il Lessico Intellettuale Europeo, of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy. She has published on Stoicism and its relation to the Socratic schools (La Stoa e la tradizione socratica, Naples 2000).

Prof. Dr. David T. Runia
Master of Queen's College, Univ. of Melbourne;

Prof. Dr. Robert W. Sharples
University College of London

Dr. Graziano Ranocchia
Fellow-researcher at the University of Würzburg

Prof. Dr. Carlos Lévy
Université Paris IV-Sorbonne

Prof. Dr. Anthony A. Long
University of Berkeley

Prof. Dr. Roberto Radice
Università Sacro Cuore, Milan

Prof. Dr. Gretchen Reydams-Schils
University of Notre Dame, USA

Prof. Dr. Margaret Graver
University of Dartmouth, USA

Prof. Dr. John Dillon
Trinity College, Dublin

Dr. Mauro Bonazzi
Università degli Studi, Milan

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