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their church. --- The prelates had indefatigably taught for the last twenty years passive obedience —AND non-resistance--AND now, according to their own doctrine, neither parliament—CLERGY -Nor laity might resist the measures of this desperate tyrant.--Ar length he persecuted some prelates—AND both the universities —VIOLATED corporation-charters--AND dissolved the contracts of society and many prelates justified him-ONLY seven ventured to address him--AND courted the nonconformists--AFFECTING to relent—AND protesting like mariners in a storm how good they would be when they got out of their distress.

THE 'nonconformists were courted by both the king - AND the people -- THEY were powerful enough to turn the scale either way.--THEY sacrificed their just indignation against the cruel prelates to national safety-THREW their weight into the scale of liberty—AND went most heartily into the project of a revolution.--The prince of Orange came by invitation—THE cowardly despot filed THE house voted the throne vacant—BUT when it was debated whether to fill the throne with a regent or a king-The latter was carried by only two votes--TWELVE or thirteen prelates voted for the former-AND only two for the latter-THEY pretended to abide firmly bound by oath to an abdicated tyrant--who had broken all his oaths to them. -They had preached him into these terrible circumstances--HẠD taught that resistance was damnable--The king's character indelible-THEIR lives and fortunes at his disposal--AND had considered

the whole nation as the property of a tyrant-INALIENABLE in his family--To be transmitted from father to son-LIKE a herd of cattle to be fed WORKED—OR butchered as their master pleased. -They called this the doctrine of the episcopal churchAND of Jesus Christ — AND kept up a faction on account of it through the two next reigns. LECTURE XI.

A view of modern Nonconformity.


It is a peculiar excellence of truth and virtue to become more lucid and demonstrative by exercise

-HENCE the wisest of men said, The path of the just is as the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.-NonCONFORMITY to human appointments in religion-is a course of this kind.--There are stronger arguments for it now than ever.-It is grounded now on newAND enlarged principles. It is supported by new additional arguments—ADORNED by many new examples--DIVESTED of its superfluities.-It has been tried—AND found practicable-AND praiseworthy.-Its enemies remain inflexibleepiscopalians are incurable--so that time has

proved the fault lies in the constitution itself. Its principles have been realized in civil government --AND accredited by the benefits produced.—Its evidence dawned at the reformation And has gradually brightened to demonstration To meri


dian day


The number of partizans in many cases prove nothing—As in communities where the people can

not-or may not-think for themselves. But in our communities — WHERE no secular interest warps--AND where strong temptations attack-WHERE inquiry is free-AND men actually examine-NUMBERS are considerable.-The present body consists of Baptists-GENERAL-AND particular. -INDEPENDENTS PRESBYTERIANS MORE strictly independents, who oceupy such meeting-houses as were presbyterian formerly --THE people called Quakers.--THERE are in England and Wales about 1400 congregations of the three first denominations-The largest third of which is baptist-The quakers are numerous -The whole is at least one fifth of the nation,


The modern dissenters possess men of eminent literature--IN every branch of science. --StuDENTS have the advantages of schools --ACADEMIES-TUTOR$- LIBRARIES INSTRUMENTS.-They have strong inducements to study--LEARNING is reputable to all-AND necessary to some For the ministry--AND for support.-The constitution of our churches is friendly to learningFOR it has no secular interests and ecclesiastical honours to decoy students from books into the world--NOR any unnatural establishments to support-By restraints—WRONG biasses---AND perverse reasons.---We can go without danger-WHEREVER investigation can carry us.




MODERN nonconformity naturally leads us to study government -SIDNEY - LOCKE-Mon

BECCARIA — teach the notionsWHICH we hold—of government.—ALL think the people the origin of power ---ADMINISTRATORS responsible trustees--AND the enjoyment of lifeLIBERTY-AND property-THE right of all mankind- EXCEPT of those, whose crimes are allowed by the constitution to have disfranchised them.EQUITY requires them to give up as much of their own as they have deprived others of.—WE differ -As others do-concerning the best mode of government—BUT no one has ever attempted to subvert that which is established or even wishes to do so—AND all contribute cheerfully to support it.-Our brethren the quakers seem to consider established priests as privateers---AND their church as a kind of letter of marque vessel --ALLOWED by authority indeed to plunder a supposed enemyAND to make reprisals--BUT having no equitable -CONSTITUTIONAL claim on their property. The notion is certainly just-PERHAPS not prudent to act upon it-HOWEVER it is no way hostile to civil government--for they submit when civil governors interpose,


The property of the dissenters is very considerable. -PUBLIC property consists of funds

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