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people for support in his public acts; and none was ever so nobly and enthusiastically sustained. Party spirit, of course, misrepresented his character and actions, while he was at the head of affairs; but the moment he resigned the reins of government, his merit and ability were almost universally acknowledged; and when death had set the seal of immortality upon his name, it was unhesitatingly enrolled among the great and good of all ages. How unanimous was the verdict in his favour, the discourses contained in this volume will show. They speak one language-that of unqualified eulogy.

The editor of this volume is bound to acknowledge with gratitude the courtesy and favour with which his design has been regarded, and the prompt and cheerful aid which he has received from all quarters. Persons at a distance have forwarded materials for the work, unasked, and all whose assistance has been solicited have responded to the call with alacrity.

The memoir of General Jackson, prefixed to the eulogies, though necessarily brief, has been compiled from the most anthentic materials, and gives a summary view of the great events and actions of his life. It was deemed essential to the perfect understanding of the eulogies, which frequently refer to the events of the General's life, as universally known. However well known they may be, it was necessary, in order to render the present work complete in itself, that a memoir should be included in it. The editor believes that it will be found sufficiently minute and accurate to shed the necessary light on the frequent allusions which occur in the eulogies and discourses, and to render the whole work the most complete view which has ever been presented of the life and character of Jackson.

The editor is particularly indebted to R. B. Castleman, Esq., Clerk of the Court at Nashville, and his deputy, Mr. Phineas Garrett, for furnishing a certified copy from the record, of the will of General Jackson, as well as to A. V. S. Lindsley, Esq., of Nashville, for his kind offices in relation to the obtaining of that invaluable paper.

To all who have in any manner contributed towards the successful completion of the , work, the editor returns his grateful thanks. They will have the satisfaction of knowing that they, as well as the editor, have contributed towards the erection of a literary monument to the memory of him, whom his countrymen will ever delight to honour.

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