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Thus it is written; and moreover told How Gabriel, watching by the Gates of gold,

Heard from the Voice Ineffable this word

Of two-fold mandate uttered by the Lord:

"Go earthward! pass where Solomon hath made

His pleasure-house, and sitteth there arrayed,

Goodly and splendid-whom I crowned the king

For at this hour My servant doth a thing

Unfitting out of Nisibis there came A thousand steeds with nostrils all a-flame

And limbs of swiftness, prizes of the fight;

Lo! these are led, for Solomon's delight, Before the palace, where he gazeth now Filling his heart with pride at that brave

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SOLOMON AND THE ANTS. OF all the Kings of fallen earth, The sun has never shone

On one to match in power and worth With ancient Solomon.

Master of Genii and of Men,

He ruled o'er sea and land; Nor bird in nest, nor beast in den, Was safe from his command.

So past he, gloriously arrayed,
One morning to review

The creatures God on earth has made,
And give Him homage due.

Well busied in a valley near,

A troop of Ants perceived The coming pomp-and struck with fear

Death close at hand believed.

They cried: "What care the kings and Priests

That here in splendour meet, What care the Genii, birds, or beasts, For us beneath their feet?

For what are we to them, and who Shall check their mighty way? Fly to your inmost homes or rue The glory of to-day."

The son of David's wondrous ear
No haughty mood beguiled;
He, bent the Ant's small voice to hear,
Beneficently smiled;

And prayed: "Oh God! the great, the good,

Of kings Almighty King! Preserve my progress free from blood, Or hurt to living thing!

Comfort these humble creatures' fear;
Let all thy servants know,
That I thy servant, too, am here,
Thy power, not mine, to show.

That, 'mid the tumult and the tread
Of myriads, I will guard
Secure from hurt each little head,
As thou wilt me reward."

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My story teaches (every tale should


A fitting moral) that the wise may find In trifles light as atoms in the air

Some useful lesson to enrich the mind,

Some truth designed to profit or to please,

As Israel's king learned wisdom from the bees!

JOHN GODFREY SAXE (1816-1887).

SOLOMON AND BALKIS. SOLOMON King of the Jews and the Queen of Sheba Balkis Talk on the ivory throne, and we well may conjecture their talk is Solely of things sublime: why else has she sought Mount Zion, Climbed the six golden steps, and sat betwixt lion and lion?

She proves him with hard questions: before she has reached the middle He smiling supplies the end, straight solves them riddle by riddle; Until, dead-beaten at last, there is left no spirit in her,

And thus would she close the game

whereof she was first beginner :

"O wisest thou of the wise, world's

marvel and well-nigh monster, One crabbed question more to construe or vulgo conster!

Who are those, of all mankind, a mon

arch of perfect wisdom Should open to, when they knock at

spheteron do-that's his dome?"

The King makes tart reply: "Whom else but the wise, his equals Should he welcome with heart and voice? since, king though he be, such weak walls

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The truth-compelling Name!—and at once I greet the Wise-Oh, Certainly welcome such to my courtwith this proviso:

The building must be my temple, my person stand forth the statue, The picture my portrait prove, and the poem my praise-you cat, you!"

But Solomon nonplussed? Nay! "Be truthful in turn!" so bade he: "See the Name, obey its hest!" And at once subjoins the lady

-"Provided the Good are the young, men strong and tall and proper, Such servants I straightway enlist.which means ." but the blushes stop her.

"Ah, Soul," the Monarch sighed, "that wouldst soar yet ever crawlest, How comes it thou canst discern the greatest yet choose the smallest,

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