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A touch of his to smoke the mountains make.

I'll to God's honor consecrate my lays, And when I cease to be I'll cease to praise.

Upon the Lord, a sublime lofty theme, My meditations sweet, my joys supreme. Let daring sinners feel thy vengeful rod, May they no more be known by their abode.

My soul and all my powers, O bless the Lord,

And the whole race of men with one accord.

JAMES THOMSON (1700-1748).


O PRAYSE the Lord, call on his Name,
'Mong people shew his facts.
Sing unto him, sing psalmes to him!
Talk of all 's wondrous acts.

Let their hearts joy that seek the Lord:
Boast in his Holy Name.

The Lord seek, and his strength his face

Always seek ye the same.

Those admirable works that hee

Hath done remember you:

His wonders, and the judgements which
Doe from his mouth issue.
O yee his servant Abraham's seed:
Sonnes of chose Jacob yee.
He is the Lord, our God: in all
The earth his judgements bee.
His Covenant for evermore,
And his commanded word,
A thousand generations to

He doth in mind record,

Which he with Abraham made, and 's

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He suffred none to doe them wrong:
Kings checkt he for their sake:
Touch not mine anoynted ones; none ill
Unto my Prophets make.

He cal'd for Famine on the land,
All staffe of bread brake hee.
Before them sent a man: Joseph

Sold for a slave to bee.

Whose feet they did with fetters hurt:
In yr'n his soule did lye.

Until the time that his word came:
The Lords word did him trye.
The King the peoples Ruler sent,
Loos'd him and let him go.

He made him Lord of all his house:
Of all 's wealth ruler too:

At 's will to bind his Peers: & teach
His Ancients skill. Then came
Isr'ell to Egypt: & Jacob

Sojourn'd i' th' Land of Ham.
Hee much increast his folk: & made
Them stronger than their foe,
Their heart he turn'd his folk to hate:
To 's servant craft to show.


Moses his servant he did send:
& Aaron whom he chose.
His signes & wonders them amongst,
They in Hams land disclose.
Hee darkness sent, & made it dark:
Nor did they 's word gain-say.
Hee turned their waters into bloud:
& he their fish did slay.

Great store of Frogs their land brought forth

In chambers of their Kings. He spake, there came mixt swarmes, & lice

In all their coasts he brings. He gave them haile for raine: & in Their land fires flame did make And smote their Vines & their Figtrees: & their coast-trees he brake.

He spake, & then the Locusts came: & Caterpillars, such

The number of them was as none

Could reckon up how much, And ate of all their lands herbs: & did Fruit of their ground devoure.

All first borne in their lande he smote: The chief of all their powre.


With silver also & with gold

He them from thence did bring:

& among all their tribes there was

Not any one weak-ling.
Egypt was glad when out they went:
For on them fell their dread.
A cloud for cov'ring & a hre

To light the night he spread. They askt, & he brought quailes: did them

With heav'ns bread satisfy,

He op't the rock and waters flow'd:
Flouds ran in places dry.

For on his holy promise hee

And 's servant Abraham thought. With joye his people, and with songs Forth he his chosen brought. He of the heathen people did The land on them bestow: The labour of the people they Inherited also:

To this intent that his statutes

They might observe alwayes:
Also that they his lawes might keepe.
Doe yee Jehovah's prayse.



PRAISE ye the Lord, for He is good, His mercy lasts the ages through: What tongue can tell His mighty acts Or utter all His praises due?

Happy are they who judgment keep; Who never from Thy law depart; Who love the ways of righteousness And serve the Lord with perfect heart.

Regard me with the favor, Lord,

Thou bear'st Thy people; visit me With Thy salvation, that I may

The welfare of Thy chosen see.

But we have with our fathers sinned; Have from Thy testimonies swerved; Our covenant with Thee have broke;

And all we suffer have deserved.

Mindless of signs in Egypt wrought,
Rebellious words our fathers spake
At the Red Sea; He yet them saved,
By His great power for His Name's

The Sea dried up at His rebuke: He through its hidden depths them led

That seemed a low and level plain,

Solid and firm beneath their tread.

When safe upon the further shore, The waters, which for them were cleft,

Closed over the pursuing foe,

Not one of their whole number left.

Then they believed His words; they sang His praise, but soon His works for

gotSelf-willed, impatient, they made haste, And waited for His counsel not.

They lusted in the wilderness,

And tempted God-on having bentDispleased, He gave them their request, But in their souls He leanness sent.

Then Moses envied in the camp,

And Aaron, made high priest to be; Earth oped-with Dathan swallowed


Abiram and his company.

A fire was kindled, and consumed Korah and all his wicked crew. In spite of judgments Israel still

Remained rebellious and untrue.

They made a calf at Horeb; thus

They changed their Glory for, alas! The molten likeness of an ox

That chews his cud and feeds on grass.

They God forgot, their Saviour, who
Had graciously, to set them free,
In Egypt done great things for them
And terrible by the Red Sea.

Therefore He said: "I'll them destroy!" But nevertheless allowed to plead, Moses His chosen-who in the breach Before Him stood to intercede.

Yea, they despised the pleasant Land;
And they discredited His word;
They daily murmured in their tents,
And hearkened not unto the Lord.

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