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"Now must thou seek Another home, a realm more joyless

far, And into exile go, in nakedness And want, shorn of the bliss which

thou hast known in Paradise. And since with evil mind Thou didst commit this crime, I do

decree That Death, at last, shall break the

golden bond Which now unites thy body and thy

soul. l'enceforth thy days shall pass

in arduous toil

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And of the treasures of the Earth, He

gave With open hand; and for their use

He bade The denizens of Earth and Sea in

crease And multiply, and trees bring forth

their fruit. Sin-stained, they thenceforth sojourned

in a land

More sorrowful, a region and a home More barren far of every earthly Good Than were those blissful Seats from

which alas By Sin they were expelled.

CAEDMON (Died 680). [Translated from the Anglo-Saxon dia

lect and edited by S. HUMPHREYS GURTEEN, in 1896.]




856 C. E.


gave order

She doubted not His gifts How, rampant and raving, he roused In this spacious realm; readily then with his urging she found

The bench-sitting barons to clamor Favor from the famed Prince, when blithely. she felt the most need

So the hateful one through the whole Of grace from the greatest Judge,

day that God the Creator

Deluged with wine all of the drinkers, Might free her from fear. To her the

The strong-souled wealth-lord, till in Father in Heaven,

stupor they lay, Glorious one, granted this boon, be- So drenched all his dukes as if death cause of her great faith

had them slain Aye in the Highest. Holofernes (so Glutted with good things. The prince

heard I) A wine-bidding wrought well, with To fill for the feasters until the day wonders uncounted

faded, Made ready a banquet; to this the bold The darksome night neared them. Then captain

the pernicious one Summoned all his chief servants; with Bade the blest maid be brought in speed they obeyed,

haste, The bearers of bucklers; came to the

The ring-adorned, to his resting-place, brave lord

The bracelet-laden. Forthwith obeyed The fighting folk-leaders.

That was the fourth day

they, Since that Judith, in judgment wise,

The servitors, what their sovereign

bade, The elf-bright damsel, erst had sought

The mailed warriors' master: marched him.

they quickly

To the guest-hall, where Judith they Then they to that supper went to sit.

found The o'erweening to the wine-feast, all Prudent in mind, and promptly then his comrades in woe,

The buckler-bearers began to bring Bold byrnie-warriors. There

The virgin bright to the vaulted tent, bumpers deep

Where Holofernes, hateful to God, Borne oft to the benches, with bowls Rich in power, always rested, and beakers

Nightly reposed. There was of pure Full to the feasters, and fey they re- gold ceived it,

A finely-wrought fly-net round the folkThe spirited shield-warriors, though leader's

their sovereign weened it not, Royal bed hung, that the baleful one, Fierce ruler of heroes. Then Holo- Leader of legions, through it might fernes,

look The gold-friend of men, was in glee On every one that entered therein, o'er his cups;

The children of heroes, but none Laughed he and shouted, he bawled him and he called,

Of human kind, unless the haught one That men far off the mirth might hear, Perchance invited some valiant soldier How the stout-hearted cheered and To

to council. To the couch stormed,

they brought




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