Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania, Հատոր 13

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Էջ 10 - The said land to extend westward five degrees in longitude, to be computed from the said eastern bounds ; and the said lands to...
Էջ 533 - VICE-PRESIDENT and the SUPREME EXECUTIVE COUNCIL of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS by depositions taken according to law, it appears that...
Էջ 749 - States are not only happily rescued from the dangers and calamities to which they have been so long exposed, but their freedom, sovereignty and independence ultimately acknowledged. And whereas in the progress of a contest on which the most essential rights of human nature depended, the interposition of Divine Providence in our favor hath been most abundantly and most graciously manifested, and the citizens of these United States have every reason for praise and gratitude to the God of their salvation.
Էջ 682 - Congress, by which they have offered five years full pay, in lieu of the half pay for life, which had been before promised to the Officers of the Army.
Էջ 475 - We are unanimously of opinion that the State of Connecticut has no right to the lands in controversy. We are also unanimously of opinion that the jurisdiction and pre-emption of all the territory lying within the charter boundary of Pennsylvania, and now claimed by the State of Connecticut, do of right belong to the State of Pennsylvania.
Էջ 656 - That the president and supreme executive council of Pennsylvania be informed, that the authority of the United States having been this day grossly insulted by the disorderly and menacing appearance of a body of armed soldiers about the place within which Congress were assembled, and the peace of this city being endangered by the mutinous disposition of the said troops now in the barracks, it is, in the opinion of Congress, necessary that effectual measures be immediately taken for supporting the...
Էջ 95 - WHEREAS by depositions taken according to law, it appears that several evil-disposed persons have conspired to obstruct the execution of the Laws in the County of Luzerne, and have violently...
Էջ 435 - An act for vesting the estates of the late proprietaries of Pennsylvania, in this commonwealth.
Էջ 469 - Pennsylvania, beginning Eastward on the River Delaware, as far Northward as the said Ridge or Chain of endless mountains as they cross the Country of Pennsylvania from the Eastward to the West.

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