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acter I have to assume. I will not anticipate the conduct I am to pursue ; at present I feel composed. Again and again have I examined my heart. It has no guilt.-Would it be a crime to take away my Life circumstanced as I am ? No! But you already have my ideas upon suicide. Innocent! what need I care for the shouts and hissings of a rabble? Innocent! what dread can I have of an Hereafter? The opinions of the wisest are often erroneous,and should mine be incorrect, common justice would excuse the wanderings of the imagination. Should I have gone astray, it was unintentional : Truth has ever been my object and the giver of all things to criminate me for undesigned error should first disprove his own criminality. For, “ Had he the power and not the will to set me aright, he is malicious. Had he the will and not the power he cannot be omnipotent.”

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To the hands of the good Miguel I entrust these pages. And now, my dear Charles, I must bid you a long Farewell! Had I another desire upon earth, it would be to learn that you are united to Eliza.Poor Eliza! mayst thou never know thy history! Charles ! once more adieu ! but ere I bid you an eternal farewell, let me implore with my latest breath, your protection of Eliza. Be her guardian friend, and husband! But, I demand your solemn promise never to reveal to her the fatal secret of her birth.


In a theatre the eyes of men,

"After a well grac'd actor leaves the stage,
"Are idly bent on him that enters next."

T was the intention of the Editor, to have laid before the Public a continuation of his life; but remembering the observation of the Duke of York in the Play, he has in consequence given up all idea of it for the present. He pledges himself, however, to resume his narrative at no very distant period, should what he has already written experience that reception he is vain enough to anticipate.


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